At First Glance

At first glance he looked like the boy who sat in the back of the class hiding from the world. At first glance you wouldn't know that he had a hard life. You could tell he had people who loved him, but only a few really knew him. That's because they were there from the start, they were there when he built his walls. But I wasn't, most of the time his walls would turn people away, but they drew me closer, closer to Liam Payne.


9. Talk

Liam's POV

"Morning beautiful." I whispered as I felt Michelle stir. "I'm gonna go to the gym kay?" I asked. 

"Yeah that's fine. Do you need a ride?" She asked me. I chuckled. 

"No thanks I'm gonna run." I told her before getting out of bed. I took my shorts and tank tops and walked into the bathroom. After taking my shower I stood in front of the mirror. I saw a few of the circular scars left from the tire iron. I sighed and threw on my shirt before heading out. I walked downstairs and I felt a tug on my shorts. I looked down to see Jenny. 

"Hey baby girl." I said kneeling down to her. 

"Liam would you ever hurt me?" She asked. I scooped her up in my arms. 

"I love you Jenny, I would never, ever even think about hurting you. Do you understand?" I asked her she nodded. 

"Have you ever hurt someone?" She asked me. I sighed. 

"Jenny, yes I have, but they came after my friend and tried to hurt him. I only protected him." I told her. She nodded and hugged me tightly. 

"Would you protect Mitchy and I?" She asked. I hugged her. 

"With my life Jenny, with my life." I told her. I set her down as she ran off to her room. I entered the kitchen to see Michelle's father standing there. "Morning Mr. Ryder." I greeted him. He nodded. 

"Where are you off to this morning?" He asked me. 

"Gym, care to join?" I offered. He nodded. "Lets go." He told me. We walked out the front door. I walked right past the car. 

"You do realize that the gym is about 7 km away?" He asked. 

"Yeah a nice run, for a warm up." I told him. He rolled his eyes. "Just get in the damn car." He said with a joking tone. I got in and he started to drive.

"Liam I don't mean to be nosy but I need to know about you and your family. You know for the saftey of my family." He told me. 

"I understand, I am an only child, I used to have a brother but he died. It was after he passed that my dad started to hit me. My mum never did but she never stopped him." I told him. 

"How did your brother die?" He asked me. I felt a lump rise in my throat. I swallowed it before clearing my throat. 

"He picked me up from a party, and on our way to the hospital we got car jacked. I was beat with a tire iron and before they put a bullet in my brain, he stopped them. He told them to kill him instead. Next thing I know, my brother was bleeding out in front of me, and I couldn't do anything. With all do respect sir, if you think for one second that I would dare hurt your family you are mistaken." I said, he opened his mouth then quickly shut it. We pulled up to the gym. I got out and headed to the boxing area. I started to tape my hands. Then Mr. Ryder came up to me. 

"It's bad luck to tape your own hands." He told me. I nodded. After he taped my hands I started to warm up. 

"Oi Payne!" I heard someone call after me. I turned and saw one of my uncles. He was just like my father in every way. 

"Ross." I spat. 

"Wow my little nephew has got some muscle on ya. Your cousin says that your new girlfriend is a hot piece of ass." He said, and I felt my blood boil. He put on his gloves. 

"Why don't we spar like old times?" he asked as if he did nothing wrong. I nodded and put on my gloves. We got into the ring. "So have yeah fucked her yet?" He asked. I looked over and saw her father standing right there. I looked Ross in the eyes and we started to box. I attacked his stomach and he got a solid hit to my jaw sending me flying. 

"Ray could last longer than you." He spat. "You are a weak, waste of space. Your father is glad your gone." 

"I can't believe Ray gave up his life for your pathetic one. You can't even fuck your girlfriend." He hissed. Thats when I snapped. I jumped up and ripped off my gloves. I hit him in the face knocking him to the ground. I continued to beat his face till I was pulled off. 

"Liam stop, you're gonna kill him." Mr. Ryder said. 

"GOOD! FUCK HIM!" I screamed. I saw Ross roll over blood pouring from his face. 

"I'm gonna kill you Payne, then I'm gonna fuck your girlfriend properly." He spat. I stood up and grabbed him. 

"Listen here. You touch her and I will personally break every bone in your body."I spat before Ithrew him done and landed a solid kick to his face. I turned and walked away. 

"Liam where are you going?" Mr. Ryder said stopping me.

"I'm going to see your daughter." I said dryly. 

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