Love Trouble (1D Not Famous)

Destiny Flores is the princess of a small little kingdom in near London. She is a sophisticated 18 year old girl who forced her parents to let her go to a public school. But what if her BFF from the past comes back for her and that she learns that she was engaged to a different boy from birth? And what if her fiancé's two other triplet brothers fall for Destiny, too?


2. Chapter Two!

(Destiny's POV)

        After school had finally ended, I made sure none of the my bodyguards were following me to the place Liam wanted to meet me. I had to do a lot of hiding and running in order to avoid them considering that they were all around the school. Turning a sharp corner, I saw one of them and quickly hid my face in my hair successfully acted like an innocent, little shy girl. Passing me in my little disguise, I smirked. I slid my hair behind my ear and smiled.

        "I guess drama class isn't a waste of time after all," I stated with a grin. Suddenly remembering why I was avoiding them in the first place, I ran to the back of the cafe and saw Liam leaning against the wall with his hands in his pocket. He saw me and waved as I ran to him and started leaning against the wall next to him.

        "Being a princess isn't easy is it?" He suddenly asked. I looked at him and he looked really familiar. Like I've met him somewhere before. I bent down to catch my breath.

        "Yeah. Especially if your parents are over protective," I said sarcastically. I stiffened as I heard Liam chuckle. I could have sworn I heard that chuckle before.

        "Liam? Why do you seem so familiar to me? Have we met before?" I blurted out without thinking.  Before Liam could even answer, I felt a sharp pain in my neck and every thing turned black. 


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