Bucket List (One Direction Fiction)

Seventeen year old Ashley Collins is diagnosed with a life threatening disease without a cure; cancer.
Given only a few more years to live Ashley decides to create a bucket list of everything she's ever wanted to do. The list contains one hundred different activities. None of which are attending a concert for a band she has never heard of.


1. Chapter One

I kneel in front of my toilet. Blood drips from my mouth, the pains in my chest get worse and worse every time I move. I can barley breath. It's like having an air tight bag over your head as someone swings a baseball bat into you.  I just want this to end. If I could, I would jump from a cliff into an ocean, and let the salty waves carry me a far as the edge of the earth.    I'm almost tempted to tell my mother, although I know exactly what would happen. I would end up in a hospital. I hate hospitals. Sick people, needles, people poking things at you. Lazily, I pick my body up off the floor with some help from my shower curtain. I drag myself to the mirror and stare in. My face drained of all colour, except the purple bags under my eyes from lack of sleep.  I draw cool water from the sink tap and splash it on to my face.  After wiping the drops from my eyes I trudge back to my room, each step shooting an agonizing pain through my body. After what felt like hours of walking I make I to my room.   I throw my body on to my bed, not caring my short is soaked with water.                        




I open my eyes to a thin rat of sun leaking in through the window. I watch the little specs of dust dance around on it before getting up.  I go though my usual morning routine; down four pain killers, eat and apple, go to school. After grabbing my bag, I head outside. I step into the damp fall air, the smell of wet leaves and rain finds its way into my nostrils. I inhale deeply and slowly walk down the street to my bus stop.   I stand next to a girl who looks to be about fourteen, a freshman I presume.   I shuffle my feet around until the traditional yellow school bus screeches to a stop.  I board it behind the girl, and make my way to the only empty seat. I throw body into it and sink down, I little more than I should. Every seat on this bus is broken, so you could probably sink so far you end up touching the floor.  The bus is filled with an assortment of children. Not only from the high school, but also the elementary school.  The bus is always filled with noise and flying objects.  It's divided into sections. In the back we have the stoner's and the former drop outs who decided to come back. In the middle we have the reasonably sane students and the nerds. And in the front is where all the kids under the age of fourteen sit. So you can imagine how the poor bus driver must feel.    The bus stops every so often to pick up another student. Eventually the bus is filled over capacity and it's time to head to the school.  I watch as it slowly turns into the drop off zone.  I instantly jump up and attempt to get off first, but of course that fails and I end up dead last. I hop down onto the grass and make my way to the front doors.  I find myself in a crowd of kids, I push my way through and find my locker. I reach out for it and pull myself from the crowd.  


"Hey Ash!" Says Linda, my best friend.  


"Hey!" I reply with a smile.  


We only met this year, because we had a locker next to each other but now we're inseparable.  I quickly spin the lock around to my combination and pull it open. I neatly place my book on the shelf, and hang up my bag.  I pull out my Algebra II book and place it under my arm.  


"So. Have you heard?" She asks, a smile spread across her face.  


"Hear what?" I say adjusting the placement of my book.  


"One Directions going to be in the town over for their tour!" She squeals.  


"Uhm. Who?" I ask confused.   


I don't think I have ever heard of 'One Direction' before. She looks dumbfounded   


"As in, Liam, Niall, Harry, Louis, and Zayn." She explains. Poorly.  


"I still have no idea what you're talking about." I reply, smiling at her shocked expression.  


"They are only the hottest boy band ever." She tells me, pointing to a small poster of, who I am guessing is One Direction.  


"Oh." I chuckle, "Sorry...."  


"Whatever...anyway, I'm going to see if my mom will buy me some tickets to see them because my birthday is coming up. And I need a friend to come with me, so...." She trails, implying she wants me to attend with her.  


"No." I say.  


"Ugh! Yes!" She fights.  


"I don't even know who they are. What I I hate their music?" I question.  


"Do you like pop?" She asks, blinking.


  "No I don't."   


"Ah! Please! It will be your birthday present to me. I'll even pay for your ticket." She begs.  

"That is, of your mother will let you." I say arching a brow.  


She rolls her eyes,  


"Just c'mon Ash." 


  I ponder this go a little bit. I mean, what's the worse that could happen if I go.  


"Okay fine." I say giving in.  


"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" She yells, wrapping her arms around me.  


"But." I interrupt, with a smirk "You have to come to the next concert I go to."   


"But you listen to such boring music she groans.  


I waggle eye brows.  


"Fine." She mumbles.  


The bell rings, directing us to our first class.  We exchange goodbyes, and head our separate ways.  I step into the large classroom, and climb the stairs to the back.  I sit down in an isle seat and set my book down.  Within about ten minutes the classroom fills up, and the teacher walks to the front of the room.  


"Today we will be using our graphing calculators. So I advise you take them out..." She drones on in a monotone voice.

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