Poseidon's Realm


1. Poseidon's Realm

I sought solitude in Poseidon's realm, 

where saltwater rips and swiftness whelms, 

I weaved my way through its silks of wave, 

and plunged beneath unaware of its snare. 

Up leaped the weeds, tackling my every blow 

Caught, they dragged me to the abyss below, 

Red and blue hues were all I could see, 

as my underwater vision began to clear. 

But as I strained my eyes in search of cues 

A spectacular sight came into view: 

Mermen and mermaids galore, 

unaware of the ships ashore. 

Coral castles rise to the skies, 

Golden trimmed and diamond tiled. 

Reef flourish carpets the floor, 

with fish bustling back and forth. 

Dolphin chariots gallop around 

skimming the sand off the grounds. 

Triton trumpets his conch shell, 

charming the waves to the sea bell ... 

Combined, they create a marine heaven, 

an eternal underwater Eden, 

How much was I tempted to join their throng, 

yet couldn't deny I didn't belong, 

Mesmerized, I surrendered to my whims 

and darted off towards the land promised. 

But as I dived forwards, to my dismay, 

I was captured again and hauled away. 

Awake, I found myself astray on a shore, 

no captive of the sea's charm anymore. 

It may've been but a dream, a memory, 

to watch them waltz the ocean melody. 

But although I seemed to be miles away, 

I could still hear the ocean tune at bay. 

Singing along, I stared at sun and sea, 

and figured there was no place I'd rather be. 

I sought solitude in Poseidon's realm, 

and such an oblivion have I felt. 

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