The Fate I chose

I ran with all my strength, thinking I finally lost them. I started to get my breathing under control and suddenly everything went black. My name is Angel I'm 17 years old a junior at Eagles High in Florida. I was just a girl who loved to go shopping, hanging out with friends, and crushing on the most popular kid at my school. Derek, he is super cute. My life was great I was enjoying my teenage years and I was on my way to getting a scholarship. Until the "New Kids" showed up and I discovered their secret...I'll never forget that day.
I can't. I won't. It was the day that changed my life completely... *credit to MissQuirky for the cover


2. a big suprise

(Angel's POV) 




Why do people say no offense...right before they offend you? I ask myself this question almost every single day. You see...right now I'm standing in front of the principals office. You know sometimes I just wonder why people hate me so much. I don't like a lot of people at my school and I try to be invisible and not cause attention but

"little miss popularity" won't leave me alone. She said something that pissed me off and now I'm in the principals' office because I broke her nose but, between you and me...she deserved it.

She has been picking on me since the fourth grade...that's a long time. I don't know what happend I never hit her but...when she said what she did I felt a lot of anger, rage, pain and just lashed out. I couldn't help it and now I'm gonna get in trouble for it.

Here comes the principal and...OH CRAP!!


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