The secret I keep

this is a story about a girl who has a secret the world cant know about...she's a Halfling half-demon half-angel, I bet your thinking what the..? Aren't they like enemies or something well yes the are but you cant chose who you love now can you? opposites attract perfectly describes this situation. The girls name is phoenix and she's 17 years old. She has been hiding all her life in the human realm her parents thought it was safer there than in the otherworldly realm where they are currently king and queen but how you ask well her dad is king over demons and her mother queen over angels like I said opposites attract. ah yes forgot to mention two things she a princess (which I'm guessing you probably figured that out) and she was sent to the earth realm because she's in terrible danger but that shouldn't be a problem when you have your protector with you but what if the protector is missing...what if he never showed up when came with to see what happens. You won't regret it!!


2. The present

  Phoenix's POV (at age 17)


    The truth is I just wanted to be with my mother in the supernatural realm. What do I get instead..? Hiding all my life, creatures and people trying to kill me, and I'm always on the run the worst part I'm in the human realm. I've been here since I was 12 I am now 17 you do the math. I wish things weren't so complicated but in the life of phoenix that isn't going to happen. So right now I'm on the run because a morhi demon is chasing me a morhi demon is a big slimy smelly...blob. Yeah weird I know. Why is it chasing me well I have a price on my head and yep he's going to try to capture me. Keyword TRY to

capture I'll let that thing touch me!! hahaha you got another thing common blob. shit all that talking to myself stopped me from paying attention and know I'm at a dead end. well crap!! I'm gonna have to fight it now, it's getting goes nothing.


   Wait what is look like someone a person at this time at night it's already 2 am suns about to come up in about 17 minutes. It looks like it's a...uh-oh it's a werewolf. Wait a sec why is a werewolf trying to help me...? or is he going to try to take me for himself? Well he's got another thing coming, if he's distracted enough with the morhi blob then I make a run for it I just got to look for the perfect timing to make my escape. Okay he's fighting the blob I'll count down from 3 ok here goes nothing. 3...2...1 I'm running for my life. My feet pound on the side of the building (yes I'm running up the side of the building) perks of being a Halfling. Just as I get to the top of the building suddenly arms encircled my waist and I'm pulled me against a chest.


(to be continued)



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