If You Spread Your Wings.

(Sequel to "The Unexpected Miracle.")
Kira has grown up, maybe too fast for Justin's liking.
So when she takes over her mother's job, danger starts filling the air. But love brings her back to reality.
It always ends in some sort of way....


3. Three.

Kira's P.O.V.

Today is the day I start at school.
Bot gonna lie, I think I'm going to die in nervousness. I'm not even joking, this situation isn't really common, if you haven't noticed. 

I was dressed in white skinny jeans, black t-shirt and black high tops. 
Everything was so... tight. Quite annoying if you ask me. 

But I had to 'impress' him, why don't you send a slut? 
Like seriously, everyone has their own perfections, mine not being a whore. 

My hair... it was alright, I guess. 
I had braided my bangs to the side, the rest in curly-waves. 
And of course... makeup. The most awful moment of my life, putting it on. 

I only had mascara and eyeliner, which I'm thankful for. 

I had my black leather jacket, since it was mid-November, snow almost starting. I had a white scarf draped around my neck, as I was waiting for my so-called 'friend' to arrive. 
Suddenly, the door opened, and she came in. 
She had bangs, blonde hair, and extreme curves. 

"Hey, I'm Delilah." She smiled, in an australian accent.
"I'm Kira, but you'll have to call me Asya." I chuckled. "Aren't you British?" 
"I moved here three years ago." She explained, as we left the house. 
"Right, we should get going." I smiled. 

We learned a lot about each other, she's such a funny girl. She just makes me want to cry. She's sweet and nice, I could tell we were going to be good friends. 
"I don't even know what he looks like." I sighed, as we took a seat in the bus. 
"He's one of the tallest, and everyone fears him. He's hot and mysterious, everyone wants him, but he just pushes them away." She smirked. 
"How am I supposed to get him?" I whined childishly. 
"By standing out." She shrugged. 
"Sure, I'll put a banana costume." I groaned. 

She laughed and the bus came to a stop. 
I jumped off, not caring about the small flight of stairs. 

In matter of seconds, all eyes were on us. Well, directly staring at me. 

Never seen a new student. 
"Why are they staring at me?" I whispered. 
"Because you're new, and guys are staring somewhere else than your face." She hushed quietly. 

I laughed loudly at her comment, perverts these days. 
Soon, I had my schedule, and I was at my locker. 
"Why is she with the fat ass?" I heard a slut snicker. 
I didn't even turn around. 
"Maybe cause her head isn't stuck in her 'fat ass' like yours." I said harshly. 

Everyone made 'oh' sounds, the new girl's got attitude... With stubborn parents, it sure didn't make a sweet and innocent little kid. 
It made me. 

"Who do you think you are? I think your head isn't in the right place." She said, walking up to me. 
"So is your ego but you seem to put it to use. Very unnecessarily might I add." I spat and walked away hearing the small crowd laughing.

Delilah following behind. 
"Thank you." She murmured. 
"Any time, it's my pleasure embarrassing sluts." I nodded, smirking. 

She chuckled silently as we walked to Art. Something I'm actually good at... 
Sorry, but school just isn't my thing. 

I sat in the back next to Delilah, she was such a nice and funny girl. 
People just didn't take time to get to know her better because of her 'looks'. 

Life these days...

"Hi class. It looks like we have a new student..." The teacher said. "What's your name?"
"Asya Smith." I smiled lightly. 
"Welcome to East Story High. I'm Mrs. Chandler." She nodded. 

Who names a school like that? 
I mean, like, seriously. 

"So, today, I have a special assignment. You'll have to right a word, no matter which one, and design the background." She explained. "Get started."

I decided on the word 'Danger'. 
The letters were like flames, as for the background, it was like smoke. 
I admit, I did a pretty good job. 

I looked at Delilah's and smiled. She had chosen 'Fun'. 
"Woah, your thing is amazing." She pointed at my sheet. 
"Thanks, I like yours too." I chuckled. 

She nodded sarcastically, rolling her eyes in the process. 
"It's very..." I hesitated. "Colourful." 
"I've never been good in art, you can laugh." She chuckled.

The bell rang and we all gave our assignments to Mrs. C. Her new nickname for me, since I didn't want to say the whole thing. 
Delilah and I sat at the back table, not wanting any attention. We were sitting next to each other, so we had a perfect view of everyone. 
"So, you going to Alex's party?" She asked, taking a bite of her sandwich. 
"Do I have a choice?" I chuckled, taking a bite of my salad. 
"Well, no but, just trying to act normal." She smiled. 
"What about you?" I asked. 
"I usually don't go, because I'm a loner, but I found someone to go with." She nudged me. 
"Call me your loner buddy." I laughed. 

Suddenly, everything became quiet. I looked around to see the most beautiful boy on earth walk in, the whore I had owned earlier throwing herself at his feet. 
"I'm guessing that's him..." I whispered, in my own daze. 
"Told you he was hot." She muttered.

He had dark brown curls, that were under a khaki beanie, dark skinny jeans, black shirt and white Converse. 
As he walked past us, I could've died at the sight of his eyes. 
Fresh grass colour, almost making me faint. 
His muscles were popping, and you could see some of his tattoos on his arms. 

"I-I have to a-approach him?" I stuttered. 
"Seems like it." She smirked. "I'll help you prepare, so you look extremely attractive." 
"I better be, the dude is a year younger and seems like he's taller than a giraffe." I chuckle. 
"Wait, you're seventeen?" She asked quietly. 
"Yeah, my birthday is today, same date as him." I chuckled. 
"So you're attracted to younger boys?" She raised her eyebrows, smirking. 

I laughed loudly at her actions, as she giggled along. 
People stared for a bit, before a comment brought me to life. 

"Look, the pig is laughing!" She said, clinging to the hottie alert. 
"Oh look, the koala is gripping the tree!" I said randomly, making everyone laugh. 
Even hottie. It's so deep and... sexy. 
"Like seriously, where do you come from? Your grandmother's ass?" She said with that fake annoying voice.
Everyone laughed rudely.
"Technically that's where every person comes from." I smiled innocently. 

Delilah burst into laughter, as everyone stared at the fake annoying bitch. 
"Look, whore." I started. 
"My name's Samantha." She spat. 
"I don't exactly give a fuck, so get the fuck away from me. You're intoxicating my space." I said annoyed. "By the way, Curly, I feel sorry for you. Being stuck with her." 

I smiled knowingly at the God, and turned around to leave. 
I dragged Delilah with me out of the cafeteria. 

"He was smiling to himself, he totally digs you!" She said excitedly. "See, you stood out." 
"Seems like I'll have to return the banana costume." I shrugged. 

We both laughed. 
"I say, we skip last period to get ready. The party's at eight." She smiled. 
"It's three." I giggled. "But I don't really care, I already graduated high school."
"Come, let's go." She smiled. 

We dropped at Satiamova's house for my clothes, and we headed to hers. 
She lives alone, in a penthouse. 
I repeat, penthouse. 

"Harry's party will be on the top floor." She said, throwing her keys on the counter. 
"He lives here?" I asked, making myself a glass of water. 

She simply nodded. 
"It's five already, I want to help you prepare." I smile. 

She nodded hesitantly, leading me to her room. 
Everything was so amazing, so I walked in her closet. I picked a flashy red dress, it fell above the knees, I'd say, and some red flats. 
"Here, go put this on." I smiled. 

I plugged the curling iron in front of the small mirror, letting it heat up. She came out and I nodded approvingly, it fit her curves perfectly. 
I curled her hair, straightening her bangs. 
I applied eyeliner, mascara, foundation and red lipstick. 

"Here you go." I clapped my hands. 
"It's already six-thirty! Go dress up, fast!" She hurried me. 

My dress was black, it was strapless and it fell to my mid-thigh. 
There was a hole at my rib-cage section, except for the sides, that had a thick strap to keep the two pieces together. 
I placed my black TOMS, since I wasn't in the mood for anything else. 

Delilah let my hair in the messy waves, re-braiding my bangs, clipping it properly with the bobby-pins. She applied foundation, eyeliner and mascara. 
We were done. 

"All good?" I asked as we looked at each other in the mirror. 
"All good." She confirmed. "It's eight-fifteen, we can go. Everybody has probably arrived." 
"Alright." I smiled. 

We left and took the elevator to the top floor, as soon as we stepped out, the view amazed me. It was dark, except for the lights that flashed. 
The music was loud and people were dancing crazily. 

I dragged Delilah to the dance floor as I moved like a mad women. 
Starships came on, making me scream in happiness. Not that anyone heard me. 

"That's my jam!" I shouted to D. 

She started doing the sprinkler making me laugh. 
"He's watching you." She shouted. 

I slowly turned around to see him leaned against the wall, staring directly at me. I send him a small smirk before continuing my dancing. 

Turn Me On came shortly after, making me laugh at the title choice. 
"Make me, come alive come on and turn me on!" I sang loudly.

I swayed to the beat, laughing with Delilah. 
This is definitely one of the best parties ever. 


Imagine Kira/Asya as Ariana Grande! (I know Ariana Grande doesn't have blue eyes) 
So, thanks for reading, more in the next chapter :D

Oh! And Delilah is played by Rebel Wilson :D

-Audrey :]

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