If You Spread Your Wings.

(Sequel to "The Unexpected Miracle.")
Kira has grown up, maybe too fast for Justin's liking.
So when she takes over her mother's job, danger starts filling the air. But love brings her back to reality.
It always ends in some sort of way....


6. Six.

Alright guys, I'm really mad right now. My internet bugged for a couple of seconds and I finished the whole chapter, and everything erased! 
I really want to kill this damn MacBook right now, but I'm keeping my calm, here goes nothing, again...
Kira's P.O.V.

Alex and I had been hanging out a lot this past week. We were getting closer, and I was falling in love. Correction, I was madly in love. 

He was so sweet in caring, a side of him only I could see. Since, sometimes, he could be this arrogant and mad person. 

This proves that people aren't always what facade they show to the world. It shows that they're scared to show their true self, knowing someone could judge them. 

I was getting ready for our second date, excited about what he had in store this time. The last one was truly a success. He had taken me to a very chic italian restaurant, and we took a walk on the beach afterwards. It was truly amazing. 

I dressing in dark high-waisted skinny jeans, a black loose top that I tucked in and my black TOMS. I clipped my bangs to the side, letting my natural beach waves fall down my shoulders. Deciding on a natural look, I simply applied light foundation, thinking nothing more about it. 

I still had half an hour to kill, so I decided to kill time by calling my mother, knowing her advices were simply the best. 

"Hello?" Her sweet voice rang through my ears. 
"Hi mom." I murmured. 
"Oh, hi sweetheart." She exclaimed. "How is everything going?" 
"About that..." I trailed with a sigh. "I'm in love, mom." 
"Everything is going to be fine sweetheart, but you have to know that you can't keep him forever if you lie. You have to tell him the truth, lies almost costed me your father. Know that the truth is always for the better." She said quietly sobbing. 
"Thank you." I muttered.
"Good luck sweetie." And with that said, she hung up. 

I had to tell him sooner or later. But I just didn't think it would come so soon. I had already known Alex for two weeks now, was it even possible to fall for someone that fast. It seems like it...

The sound of the doorbell pulled me out of my thoughts, making me jump off my bed, running down the wooden stairs. 
I skipped happily towards the entrance, gently opening the front door. I made sure to lock Satiamova's house, keeping the key in my back pocket. 

I took a moment to analyze what he was wearing. He had on black skinny jeans, a white loose shirt exposing his collar bones and a black blazer. His curls were styled up, making him look very attractive. 

We both walked to his Audi, him opening the door for me. Such a gentleman. He hopped in his side, smiling brightly at me. 
He wasn't supposed to drive since he only had his temporary permit, so let's pretend I'm a year older and that he's driving next to an adult. 

We pulled up to a dock, multiple boats floating freely on the beautiful small lake. I smiled widely at the sight. 

He brought me on the dock where a nice modern looking boat was. 
"Is it yours?" I asked curiously. 
"My father's." He smiled, showing his adorable dimples. 

One day, I will die at the sight. 
He jumped in, rubbing his hands together in excitement, looking up at me. I approached the border of the wooden dock as he extended his arms, resting his hands on my hips. He helped me in the boat, gently placing me to my feet. 

"Thank you." I chuckled. 
"Anytime." He smirked, raising his eyebrows. 

I playfully slapped his shoulder, laughing lightly. This is why I absolutely love him, he's so easy to get along with. I can just be myself... with the wrong name of course. 

He started the boat, the engine roaring to life. I smiled at the sensation of wind blowing though my hair, it made me feel like a bird. 

I looked at him as he concentrated his eyes on the water, it was already pitch black outside so he had to turn the small light on. 

"Can I drive?" I shouted through the loud sound of wind. 

He stepped back a little, motioning me in front of him. I grinned sheepishly standing in front of the wheel. 
His chest pressed against my back, his massive hands gently laying over mine. We drove for a couple of minutes until this small island came into view. 
I saw that we were driving towards it so I smiled widely, it seemed so peaceful. 

He didn't sail the boat to the dock, he just drove it on the sand, which made me giggle in confusion. He took the key out of the ignition jumping out of the floating object. He helped me once again, as we both looked at the view for a few seconds. 

"If you're hungry, I have a banana." He shrugged as we both walked towards the end of the dock. 
"I would appreciate, thank you." I laughed. 

We both sat in an indian position at the end, him cutting the fruit in half, handing me a piece. He was so cheesy. 

I looked at the view, awing as I did. The sun had already set, so the only thing lighting us was the moon. It shone over the lake, leaving the sky a dark blue colour. 
The reflection it made on the water was absolutely beautiful. 

I gently chewed on my half of the banana, looking in pure silence at the beautiful scenario. 

"This is amazing." I whispered. "How did you find it?" 
"Once my mother died, my father and I would come here to forget all our worries. Once in a while, it'd be highly needed. We would just look at the sky, knowing she was in peace, in heaven." He whispered. 

I looked at him sympathetically, smiling lightly. 

"I always think my family is messed up, since my dad refuse to move on. Sometimes, he thinks she's still here. It just scares me." He sighed. 
"Well, if it makes you feel any better, my dad had to save my mom from being killed by her own father." I shrugged. 
"Yeah, my family is a bit more down to earth." He chuckled in a raspy tone. 
"Let's make this a confession night, leave the best for last." I winked. 

He nodded, saying he needed one, I did too. We spend hours, telling things nobody knew about us, secrets and all that stuff. It's good to do something like that once in a while. 

"As I said, best for last. Don't interrupt me, and know that after this, my feelings are true, and that I'm not faking anything." I murmured quietly. 

He looked at me confused, but didn't question anything. He simply nodded silently, urging me to go on. 

"So, my mother is from Russia, she was apart of some illegal killing department. She was send out anywhere in the world, killing people. That's actually how she met my dad, he was the target once. But, anyways. Once, I got a call from her boss, Satiamova." He tensed at my words, his jaw clenching slightly. "He asked if I wanted to takeover my mother's job, I just didn't know what she was actually doing, so I didn't answer, just hung up. I told my mom and she told me to never approach him. That the world was a dangerous place, that he was only danger that she and my dad had escaped." 

He nodded understandingly, smiling in assurance. 

"So, me being my stubborn self and attracted to danger, I accepted his offer. The only result I got was being kidnapped by him, and being locked in a cement room. But, he offered a deal that I couldn't get myself to decline. I make a boy fall in love with me and kill him after two months. He had token money from Satiamova but never gave it back. So, the deal was that I do the mission, and afterwards they leave my family and I alone. I jumped at the offer, knowing that I had to escaped all of this thing." I explained, slowly getting to the point. "So, I changed my identity and snuck into his school as a new student. And quickly, he was starting to like me... But there was a catch... I was falling in love with him. Madly and deeply. I loved him, a lot for all I know. I didn't really know if the feelings were mutual, but I still went with the flow..." 

He seemed to know something was involving him, because he had this look of unease on his face. 

"That boy was you." I whispered, silent tears streaming down my face. 

He stared at me blankly, showing no sign of fear, shock or even anger. After a couple of seconds, he let out a sigh of relief. 
I looked at him confused by his actions, questionably furrowing my eyebrows. 

"It's a relief actually." He sighed, making me even more confused. "I'm kind of in the same situation..." He trailed. 

I urged him to continue, craving for the explanation. 

"I was sent out to get revenge on Satiamova, and my boss would pay the 500 000 dollars I had used to help my dad with the bills. They wanted their revenge on him, so they wanted to affect him in some possible way. They saw you with him, not really knowing what relationship you two had. If you were his daughter, niece or something like that. The only thing I had of you was a picture, and I was supposed to kill you as soon as possible. But I didn't, because I was falling in love. You were driving me crazy, so I decided to let it slide, thinking it was just a crush. But the feeling became stronger, and I kept craving for your touch. So, that's when I realized I was falling for the target. Practically like you did." He muttered. 

"Damn, 1800-Relief." I muttered. "By the way, I'm Kira." 

I hugged him tightly, knowing that this was just the start of a long and happy life. Maybe even longer than I imagined...


So, I FINISHED! This chapter took me forty minutes to write, so please, I hope you adore it because the first time I wrote it, it all erased because of my internet. 
That makes an hour and twenty minutes for a God damn chapter. 
I made sure to copy it this time ;) 


-Audrey :]

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