If You Spread Your Wings.

(Sequel to "The Unexpected Miracle.")
Kira has grown up, maybe too fast for Justin's liking.
So when she takes over her mother's job, danger starts filling the air. But love brings her back to reality.
It always ends in some sort of way....


9. Nine.

Samira's P.O.V.

They both looked at each other for so long, I felt very awkward in the situation, but didn't dare to interrupt whatever they were doing. He slowly stepped aside, letting us in. It was a small house, pretty though. 

"What are you... doing here?" He said unsurely, leading us towards the kitchen. 

So, I was trying to think of a way to let it slide slowly. Oh yeah, hey our kids were out to kill each other and fell in love. Now they got kidnapped for not doing the mission. 

Absolutely not.

"Did you know Alexander was on a mission?" Justin sighed, sitting down. 
"Yeah, to kill some girl." He nodded quietly. 
"That was our daughter." I gulped. 

He snapped his head towards us, his eyes wide. So yes, it can be quite the shock I'm guessing. I think he thinks he killed her. 

"He didn't..." He muttered. 
"No." Justin interrupted sternly. 

He tensed at the thought, his shoulder slumping the slightest after a couple of seconds. Not the idea we want to make. 

"They kind of..." I trailed unsurely. "Fell in love." 
"And now they've been kidnapped by Satiamova. They were both out to kill each other and didn't." Justin growled. 
"You mean your daughter was after my son?" He furrowed his eyebrows. "And that bitch took my boy." 

I nodded silently,  small growl escaping Justin's mouth. He was getting furious, no one had exactly stated the fact out yet, which I tried to ignore, but I guess someone had to do it sometime, and it just happened to be now. 

"Do you know where they are?" Harry finally sighs, sitting on the stool in front of us.
"His secret location." I admitted quietly, it had just clicked in my head, he knew we were coming after them, he just had to go somewhere obvious. 
"And where's that?" He pushed further, leaning on his elbows. 

"Rio De Janeiro."

They both looked at me wide eyed, it was kind of far, and expensive to get to. None of us really had the money, we needed it for something else, but it wasn't an option either. We go or we loose them. That, too, wasn't an option. 

"I'll just go book our flight." He nodded, running a hand through his curls. 

The only thing on my mind was Kira, and how she was coping with all of this. She isn't ready for that sort of stuff, she hasn't been trained for kidnappings, which is the case presently. I just hope my baby's okay.

Kira's P.O.V.

I slowly opened my eyes, the warmth of the room hitting me like a ton of bricks. The fan was doing a shitty work, in other words, practically nothing. I had a bandana between my teeth, ropes around my hands and ankles, and I was sitting on the hard, cement floor. 

I wiggled around for a few seconds, discovering the situation was worthless. I was stuck here and I had to let it sink in. I then noticed a tall figure, a couple of meters away. Poor guy, he must be sweating himself off. He had black skinny jeans, a black t-shirt and Converse. I was kind of thankful about my jean shorts, tank top and TOMS. 

Soon realizing it was Alex, I struggled for words, trying to get his attention. He was knocked out, hard. Slowly easing myself towards him, I winced in pain as the ropes kept burning into my skin, leaving red burns all over my writs and ankles. 

Finally by his side, I nudged him with my shoulder, talking through the piece of tissue. It came out as weird sounds, but still awaked him. Stirring lightly, his head turned in my direction, his eyes going wide in alarm. He started processing the events, struggling to get free. 

I was finally able to shake that piece of shit out of my mouth, letting it fall on my neck as a necklace. A very ugly and non-worthy necklace. He wiggled his head around for a few seconds, his bandana falling loosely over his collar bones. 

I had to admit, he look hot right now. His sweaty skin was lightly covered in dirt, giving him a sexy look, his skin less pale than usual. Some of his curls stuck on his forehead, the rest pushed back and messily all over the place. Overall, damn attractive. 

"Are you ok?" He muttered breathlessly. 
"I'm fine." I nodded. "You?" 
"Could've been better." He groaned. 

I looked around the room, seeing a small window on my left. I saw small houses, pretty much like in the poor countries... Wait, does this mean we aren't in England anymore? Great, another damn location. Like I haven't moved around enough for a few weeks. 

"We're in Rio." I heard him sigh, his head falling back while lightly shutting his eyes. 

Groaning loudly, his head suddenly snapped up at a sudden sound. The metal door creaked open, Satiamova walking in. His smirk was disgusting, his face showing pure amusement about our situation. Not. Cool. 

"How's your holiday going kids?" He asked sarcastically. "If getting killed is fun for you guys, you've come to the right place. Wait, you didn't decide, because I'm the boss here." 

He let out a harsh chuckle, closing the door behind him. He slowly paced around the room, his hands jointed behind his back. I would definitely wipe that smirk off his face if I didn't feel glued to a freaking floor. 

"Now, now." He said, crouching in front of us. "Love isn't part of the missions you both had, wasn't it?" 
"You're the one who told me to make him fall for me." I spat, smart ass comment. 
"Now don't play with me." He snapped, a finger pointed in my direction. "The feeling wasn't supposed to be mutual." 
"Sad because love didn't agree with you?" Alex harshly said, Satiamova's face falling. "How's India, by the way? Forgot to ask?" 
"Don't you dare bring my wife into this." He growled, his face crisping. 
"Your ex-wife." Alex corrected, a smirk now appearing on his face. "She ran away from you, filing in divorce, because you, apparently, tried to kill her brother." 
"Enough!" He yelped, his hand slamming on the ground. 

I didn't even flinch, my eyebrows simply raised, a chuckle escaping my lips. Now he did not have his mind in the right place, he need some counselling sessions, or as I would think, prison years for kidnapping me. TWICE. 

"You two little fuckers will stay here for as long as I desire!" He said angrily, stomping to the door. "We'll just have to wait for parents, but wait Alex, your mother won't come for you, will she?" 

He slammed the door shut, Alex breathing loudly. Never touch a nerve with him, anger issues is not the thing he controls best. I whispered soothing words in his ear, hoping he'll just calm down for a few seconds. 

He eventually did, his head falling on my shoulder in defeat. Bringing up the mother subject is not what he deals best with. He still hasn't learned to cope with the fact she's gone, the fact that he'll never be able to see her again. 

"We're stuck." He mumbled. 
"I know, just get a bit of sleep, we'll think of something in the morning." I muttered, leaning my head against his. 


SO SORRY! These are the times I wonder if my teachers hate me... THE HOMEWORK! GAWHD! I'll try to update as much as I can, but there's not a night I don't have without homework, so if I do update, it'll probably be on the weekends only! 

Thank you for being patient, and after I finish 'Love Will Remember' and this story, I may try to write a famous one, or a vampire. I always have god damn too many ideas... Poor me, having a exploding head filled with unnecessary ideas... 


-Audrey :]




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