If You Spread Your Wings.

(Sequel to "The Unexpected Miracle.")
Kira has grown up, maybe too fast for Justin's liking.
So when she takes over her mother's job, danger starts filling the air. But love brings her back to reality.
It always ends in some sort of way....


14. Fourteen.

Samira's P.O.V.

This was the last secret location to check, and I had not found a single hint of where she could be. She was well hidden, he played a nice one. He thought a bit more strategically than we did, since we were kind of last minute. 

I had been checking on Perrie and Elliott, as Zayn's demand. He didn't want to call since he was afraid to back down. I agreed since I kind of understand him. When Kira was four years old, I had a mission here, in Russia. I had to leave her behind for a month, Justin was the only one to convince me I had to stay, even though he missed me as much as I missed them. 

From: Samira.
To: Justin, Zayn, Alex, Kira & Harry. 

Nothing here. 

From: Harry.
To: Justin, Zayn, Alex, Kira & Samira.


From: Alex.
To: Justin, Zayn, Kira, Harry & Samira. 

Searched everywhere. 

From: Justin.
To: Zayn, Kira, Alex, Harry & Samira.

Sorry mate, clean here.

From: Zayn.
To: Justin, Alex, Kira, Harry & Samira. 

Truly and utterly sorry. Tokyo's clear.

From: Kira.
To: Justin, Zayn, Alex, Harry & Samira.

Found her.

My heart stopped. My daughter had found her. My phone started buzzing like crazy, Zayn organizing a flight in extra for her to come back with Kira to East L.A. Harry and Alex were thrilled, by the texts they were sending, I think they were more than overwhelmed. 

Kira's P.O.V.

My final stop. It was the church where they married. They can't possibly be there, I mean, it's still the church. Christian or not, I don't think he'd be dumb enough. It was now night time, I had my flash light in my left hand, my other pushing the nicely designed door open. 

The designs in the church was simply amazing. Statues were spread here and there, the benches in old wood. It was very old looking, charming. I pointed my flash light in different directions, looking in every single corner. 

There wasn't anything, after such a high hope, nothing even came out of it. It's not the fact that I'm sad I didn't found her, it's the fact Alex's feelings are being crushed whilst I'm not by his side to comfort him. The fact he's capable of doing something he'll regret, I just don't think I'd be able to live with myself if that ever happened. 

A soft whimper snapped me out of my thoughts, my gaze snapping a poorly lighten staircase, probably leading to the basement. I saw someone slowly appearing making me jump behind the nearest statue. Satiamova was there. He looked around, almost finding me, before exiting the beautiful church. 

I quickly stood up, as quietly as possible. I'm well aware that he wouldn't leave her alone without being watched. I saw big men at the bottom of the staircase, wearing black and smirking as I appeared from up the cement stairs. 

I clutched on my gun, taking it out slowly. I walked down the stairs, both of them blocking the entrance to another room, I guessed it was. 

"Height and strength isn't it, Kira. It's the mind."

Remembering my father's words, I charged my pistole and shot both of them straight in the stomach, making sure not to kill them. Even if I should have, never would I even dare to kill a human being. No one deserves to die, even if sometimes, they kind of do... 

Looking around the newfound discovered room, I spotted a women with a bag covering her head. Rushing to her side, I slowly took the bag off of her head, her facial features now exposed to me. No doubt, she was beautiful. She had jet black hair, dark brown eyes and tan skin. Italian, I'm pretty sure. 

She struggled words behind her cloth, which was covering her mouth. I hushed her, seeing silent tears streaming down her face. I calmed her down and slowly untied her ropes, her cloth following as I pulled it off. 

"I'm not here to hurt you." I whispered, guiding her up in the church. "I'm here to bring you home."

She nodded, wiping her tear stained cheeks. As soon as we were out of the beautiful church, she gave it one last look, and I instructed her to run. So we did, and we did until we finally reached the hotel I was staying in. 

As soon as we reached my room, I double locked the doors, made her sit on the bed and gave her a wet cloth. She slowly passed it over her face, cleaning the dirt off. She looked up at me, smiling gently. 

"Who are you?" She murmured with a slight accent. 
"You might've heard about Justin?" I raised my eyebrows, her head slowly shaking. "Bieber?" 
"Ah!" She nodded. "What about him?" 
"I'm his daughter." I chuckled. "And we learned that you were still alive, you have a lovely son waiting for you at home, Mrs.Styles." 
"Let's go home." She nodded. "Thank you, very much. I don't know what I would've done without you. Call me Karina." 

I smiled at her, telling her it was time to leave for the airport, since we were going home tonight. Her eyes lit up like me on Christmas, I passed her her clothes that Harry gave me especially if we were in this situation. She took a quick shower, used my makeup and changed. 

I admit, she was a beautiful women. It was undeniable. No doubt why Harry fell in love with her. As we stepped in the small taxi, I explained her everything she had missed, including the mission and how Alex and I were together. 

She was teasing me, which put a smile on my face. Even in the worst circumstances, she seemed to take things pretty well if you ask me. As soon as we were sat in our seats, she smiled at me before slowly drifting into sleep. 

From: Kira.
To: Alex. 

We're coming, your mother is as beautiful as ever. 

From: Alex.
To: Kira.

Just as beautiful as you. Thank you, I'll never thank you enough. 

From: Kira.
To: Alex. 

In less than an hour, you'll see her. Have you ever seen her?

From: Alex.
To: Kira.

I did... But I just can't wait. Get some rest, I miss you xx

From: Kira.
To: Alex.

I miss you to... xx

Closing my phone, I smiled and joined Mariana in her peaceful sleep. Dreaming felt peaceful, unlike the eventful past weeks. I just wanted a normal life, which I just can't seem to get. My mind turned into full thoughts, making me wake up after forty-five minutes. 

I texted Delilah, who was once more freaking out. I reassured her, explained everything on a phone call since I didn't want to risk the texts and next thing I knew, we were landing. Stepping out of the plane felt surreal, even more with Alex's mother by my side. 

"Are they waiting for us?" She whispered. 
"They're all here." I smiled softly, guiding her in L.A.X.

She took a deep breath, and we passed many obstacles before finally finding them. Harry was crying, Alex was staring at her with water filled eyes. Jumping in Harry's arms, he tightly secured her in his arms. 

My heart warmed as they had a little family hug, my small grin appearing. I hugged my dad, my mom, Perrie and even Elliot, who was such a cutie pie. Alex then ran into my side, hugging me tightly, tears dripping on my shoulder. 

"Hey, hey..." I murmured. "It's okay, she's here... I'm here." 

He only hugged me tighter, thanking me thousands and millions of times. Running my hands through his curls, I smiled as his breathing calmed down. He slowly let go, Harry still in Mariana's arms. 

After everybody meeting each other, we all left the airport, everyone in a cheery mood. I had small Elliott in my arms, which I love to bits. The ambiance in the van couldn't be more cheering than it already was. 

We were one, big, happy family.





-Audrey :]

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