If You Spread Your Wings.

(Sequel to "The Unexpected Miracle.")
Kira has grown up, maybe too fast for Justin's liking.
So when she takes over her mother's job, danger starts filling the air. But love brings her back to reality.
It always ends in some sort of way....


5. Five.

Kira's P.O.V.

"Get up Kira! You still have a mission to complete!" I heard Satiamova's annoying voice. 
"Yes! I'm up!" I called back. 

I stood up groggily, trudging towards the bathroom. I took a quick shower, whining in process. I got out, blow dried my hair, braiding my bangs to the side. They were in beach waves, so I let them like that. I didn't bother with makeup, I just wasn't in the mood. 

I dressed in black high waisted shorts, a loose purple strapless top that I tucked in and my purple galaxy Vans. 
I hurried downstairs, grumbling beautiful words at Satiamova before heading to the bus stop. I just hate having to start school all over agin. 

It's like my teenage years are never going to end, I always wished to be forever young, you know what, I'm not really sure anymore. 
Delilah was standing there, in a wet suit. Is this my imagination? Or is this actually happening? 

"D, are you wearing a wet suit?" I asked, my eyes widening. 
"Yeah, didn't find proper clothes this morning." She shrugged carelessly. 
"You are such an interesting person." I nodded, chuckling silently. 
"So, I've been told. Wait, not really." She said, doing a thinking face. 

It made me laugh, she was such a weird person. 
Next thing I knew, I was out of the bus and practically flying towards the entrance. I just have this thing where I want to get everything over with. 
"I don't know if I prefer you in a dress or in those shorts." A voice startled me, sending shivers down my spine. 
I quickly turned around to see the one and only, Mr. Bean. Just kidding, but it would've been funny... 
It was Alexander, obviously. 

My nervousness grew inside of me, making me shake a little. I quickly returned to my 'tough' self. 
"Nervous? I see." He smirked, stepping closer. "You know babe, you should know you're not going anywhere after I do this." 
"Do what?" I whispered lightly. 
"This." He said cheekily, kissing my neck. 

I bit my lip, trying to keep low. I didn't really want anyone to see this act. He smirked, looking at me one more time, and leaving. 
I touched the sensitive skin, cursing. That little bastard gave me a hickey. Delilah came rushing to my side, stopping dead in her tracks, looking at my neck. 
She just stood there, smirking. 

"He claimed you." She nodded. 
"Pardon?" I choked. 
"It means that no other guys can touch you, but him." She shrugged. 
"I wanted to make this pass as an iron burn, but I guess I can't..." I groaned. 

I walked to spanish, whining a bit to myself. 
Everyone was staring at me, staring at the oh-so-beautiful purple spot on my neck. No one dared to approach me, but Slut-amantha, sorry, I meant Samantha. 

"Did he claim you?" She chewed her gum loudly. 
"What does it look like?" I spat, walking away. 

I was not in the mood. Like, really not. I walked in my class, sitting in the back. Exactly where Mr. Styles decided to sit himself. 
"Aren't you in junior year?" I sighed. 
"I may be the super hot bad boy..." He trailed and winked. "But I do have a brain." 
"Right..." I said teasingly. 

The day flew by fast, not to my dismay, but I still found myself walking 'home'. 

"You know babe, you should know you're not going anywhere after I do this." 

His words kept replying in my mind. 
He was getting easier and easier to get, but he already got to me.


I know it's probably short as hell, but understand that I still have a social life.... I think...

-Audrey :]

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