If You Spread Your Wings.

(Sequel to "The Unexpected Miracle.")
Kira has grown up, maybe too fast for Justin's liking.
So when she takes over her mother's job, danger starts filling the air. But love brings her back to reality.
It always ends in some sort of way....


11. Eleven.

Samira's P.O.V.

Perrie's statement kept replaying in my mind, but it kind of made sense. I had been thinking all night, just trying to make out some kind of hint. I was completely and utterly frustrated with the situation. 

Standing up from the bed, I slowly walked in the kitchen, where Perrie was holding a small baby. I aw'ed, looking at his angelic features. I walked over to her, looking at the small baby boy. He looked a lot like Zayn. 

"He's so cute." I murmured, smiling. 
"He's three, and looks exactly like his daddy." She smiled, rocking back and forth. "Would you mind getting some milk? I can't go with Elliott and Zayn's sleeping." 
"Of course." I smiled genuinely. 

She gave me some money, which I immediately refused. I took my wallet and walked out. She told me it was just down the road. Walking down the dusty roads made me think, what it would be like to loose my baby girl forever. 

I quickly shook the thought out of my head, spotting the poor looking store. Poor people living here, nothing seems to be safe. I walked in the small store, the bells of the store jiggling against the opened door. 

An old and nice women greeted me, showing me where the milk was. I grabbed a gallon, thanking her. I looked around, taking a snack for later. Walking up to the cashier, I saw a boy, who seemed awfully familiar to Harry. 

My eyes widened in realization as I placed my items on the counter. Tall, black curls, green eyes. It's the exact description in his file, I examined him for a little longer, trying to build up the courage to ask him. 

"Alexander?" I mumbled. 

His gaze snapped to me, his confused glance indicating he didn't know me. He slowly nodded, his eyes wandering around. 

"Harry's son?" I gasped. 
"Uh... yeah." He said uneasily, placing my things in a plastic bag. 
"Where's Kira?" I urged. 

His head snapped back to me, his eyes wide. He ushered me as we walked back, where Kira was peacefully sleeping on a small bed. I smiled brightly and thankfully at him, slowly shaking her awake. 

"Mom?" She asked gently. 
"Yes, sweetheart. It's me." I whispered. 

She practically jumped on me, I felt my shirt being moisturized, her tears making my shirt lightly wet. Not that I actually cared at the moment. She was what's important right now. 

"Come on, let's go." I whispered. 

I couldn't carry her, so Alex did, since she was practically was out as soon as he whispered in her ear. He was such a nice guy, I understand why she fell for him now. He smiled down at her, walking behind me. Oh my God! This is so cute!

Walking down the dusty roads felt much better, knowing the kids were finally safe. We pushed ourselves up the steps, walking towards the ruined house that Zayn and Perrie own. I opened the door eagerly, letting Alex go in before me. 

"Harry! Justin!" I shouted, an excited grin on my face. 

Alex hushed me quietly, motioning to Kira. I clasped my hand over my mouth, whispering a small 'sorry'. Both of them slowly trudged in the living room, laughing loudly. Alex hushed them again, both of their gaze landing on them. 

"My baby!" Justin whispered-shouted. 

He walked over to her, smiling thankfully at Alex, who just politely nodded. Justin ushered him to our room, indicating him to place her on the bed. He then came back, Alex by his side, way taller than he is. I let out a small giggle, looking at both. 

"He's taller than you." I chuckled, Perrie joining along. 
"Please." Justin said, holding his hand out. "Don't treat me like I'm a dwarf." 

He can be so dumb when he wants to. I rolled my eyes and kissed his cheek, laughing at how cheeky he can be. He send me a playful glare, shaking his head. 

About an hour later, we were all sat around the dining table, laughing with each other. Alex seemed very mature, so he joined in a lot. I heard light footsteps, seeing Kira appear from the guest room where we were staying. 

"Hey." She mumbled in a raspy tone, pulling her hair in a loose bun. 
"Have a good sleep, sweetheart?" Justin asked from my side. 

She nodded, smiling. Looking around the table, there weren't any more chairs. She lazily sat in Alex's lap, placing her head in the crook of his neck. I smiled gently, looking at who cute they were. Looking over at Justin hesitantly, I saw him smiling. Wait... what? He was... approving this? Oh my God! Life seems amazing. 

"So, we're heading back tomorrow." I sighed, looking at Zayn and Perrie. "You guys should come, this isn't a very safe place for a baby, even you two." 

They both looked at each other for a while, before looking at us. Perrie nodded, smiling. She then took a glance at her baby boy, who was gently laid on the couch right besides her. 

"We never really had the money to leave, but we have some now." Zayn explained. "I think it's time for us to go back, anyways." 
"We can't go back in London though, neither Canada." Justin sighed. "We need another place, somewhere calm and isolated." 

I nodded my head, thinking deeply. Somewhere isolated. Russia... to evident, and none of them will understand anything, the languages are too hard to learn, it'll take them months. Even though I thought it to Kira, it's one of the most evident places where we could be. So, a big no. 

"East L.A." Harry declared. "I already lived there, nice neighbourhood, mexican part of town. You can pretty much be undercover."

We all nodded, Kira half asleep on Alex. He kissed her forehead, making her snuggle into him, my heart keeps fluttering when I look at them. They're just so cute, it's almost unbearable. It practically is actually. 

"Pack your bags." Zayn sighed. "We leave tonight." 

We all stood up except Alex and Kira, since they practically didn't have anything. Sighing, I packed all my clothes, Justin doing the same. We all left our rooms, making sure nothing was left in the small room. 

"I found a house." Harry smiled. "It has four rooms, so we'll just have to make something out when we arrive."

Nodding, we looked around the house, making sure we didn't leave anything we needed here, seeing as we didn't, I opened the front door letting everyone out, Alex still carrying Kira. She was so cute when she slept.

"L.A..." I trailed under my breath. "Here we come." 


THEY HAVE BEEN FOUND! O-M-G! If you want, you can read my new story: "Love Me." It's a famous one, the first I've ever done... PLEASE READ *Insert Justin's puppy dog face here* I mean, come on, who can resist that?


-Audrey :]


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