If You Spread Your Wings.

(Sequel to "The Unexpected Miracle.")
Kira has grown up, maybe too fast for Justin's liking.
So when she takes over her mother's job, danger starts filling the air. But love brings her back to reality.
It always ends in some sort of way....


8. Eight.

Kira's P.O.V.

After tonight's date, I felt like I was on cloud nine. Heck, I was on cloud nine. He just made me feel so special, like I was the only girl in his world. Like I was his one and only. 
Falling back on my bed, a stupid smile spread across my face. I just couldn't help it, it seemed to make its way to my lips itself. I turned my head to the clock, my smile fading lightly. Two in the morning, damn shitty school tomorrow. 

Every time something goes right, there's something wrong to follow. Like school, that I've managed to escape once but have to do it all over again for a damn mission I won't even complete. I hope Alex doesn't either. 

Deciding sleep was the best solution right now, I took the quickest of showers and slipped into my warm, cosy bed. Finally, something relaxing. 

Next day, school. 

"So he was out to kill you too?" Delilah gasped, her eyes wide. 
"I know. Surprised cannot even describe how I felt." I agreed, taking my books out for next period. 
"I admit he does look like the type to kill, but you. And again, I admit you don't look like that type of person, so why the hell kill YOU?" He said, confusing me. 

I thought for a bit about what she said, confused. I was catching on slowly, then made a sound of realization. 

"They saw I worked for Satiamova." I chuckled, slowly walking by her side. 

She nodded, adjusting her witch gown. Honestly, I've never seen someone as creative as her, she always wears something different, quite funny. But hey, she's still my friend, I'm just dressed normally though, I prefer not standing out. 

"So, in other words, you guys are in a non-approved relationship." She smirked as we walked in Spanish class. 
"If that's how you want to call it." I shrugged, laughing lightly. 

We both sat at the back, quietly chatting as the teacher rambled about... yeah I don't really know and don't really care. The bell rang, signalling lunch, we skipped first period. English is way too boring... 

Now that I think about it, where's Alex? I don't think he'd skip school, since he had to make as if he was continuing his mission, but apparently he isn't. 

"Hey D." I called after her. 
"What?" She muttered, eating her hamburger. 
"I'm gonna skip the rest of the day, not feeling well." I lied. 
"Sure, see you later Ki-Asya." She corrected herself. 

I gave her wide eyes, indicating to watch herself. She simply nodded and I left our table. Walking out of school, I slowly made my way towards Satiamova's house, since it's where I presently live. Climbing in the tree, I went through my window, seeing it was already open. I swear I closed it this morning. 

Jumping on the wooden floor, I looked up to see men in black. Fear flashed through my eyes, the tough mens slowly nearing me. I tried to step back, my foot getting caught in on the corner of my small bedside table. I fell on the floor, quickly scrambling, trying to stand up. 

They caught hold of my arms, one of them throwing me over his shoulder, I screamed loudly, resulting for me to receive a slap on the cheek. Silently crying and dangling from the unknown men's shoulder, I shakily breathed, trying to regain my self-esteem. It seemed like everything had been lost. 

Being thrown in a van hurts, seeing the doors close, looking as your liberty vanishes in the thin air, almost as if it was nothing. My blurry vision became worse, indicating I was violently crying, the tears not ceasing. I felt the engine roar to life, soft whimpers leaving my trembling lips. 

My life was vanishing, everything was lost. I had lost myself, I had fallen in love with the target, and I had been taken away from my own liberty. 

Justin's P.O.V.

My phone buzzed, vibrating against my thigh. I slowly pulled it out, muting the T.V for a couple of seconds. Unlocking my smart phone, my anger flared. 

Protective? It seems she isn't safely put. -S

The bitch found out. He found out they fell in love, he took her. It's not hard to understand, he kidnapped her, he took her away. My baby, my own daughter not safe under my roof. I can't believe I accepted this. She got taken away from me. 

"No." I mumbled shakily, throwing my phone against the wall. 

Angry shouts escaped my mouth, slowly crumbling to my knees. Soft footsteps meant Samira had heard, her soft voice being heard. 

"Justin, what're you doing?" She mumbled, slightly frightened. 
"He found out, Samira! He found out they fell in love!" I shouted, standing up. "He took her, go damn it!" 

She flinched, letting my words sink in. She was expressionless, nothing clear upon her face. Silent tears streamed on her gentle, angelic features, making my heart jump. 

"I never thought I'd go back to him, but his son's involved too." My voice cracked. 

We had to see Alex's father, he would help us. He's an old colleague of mine, we used to be great friends, until we both went separate ways for the sake of our families. Clearly, he's had his ups and downs, we saw each other a couple of times when I went to Parker, but nothing else. 

"We have to get going, now." She whimpered, quickly wiping her moisturized cheeks. 

I nodded, quickly hurrying to our room. It wasn't normal living in England, so I had quite a fight trying to find my god damn gun, but finally found it under the bed. I placed it in the waistband of my jeans, making sure to cover it up with my shirt. 

Samira came back with a couple of knives and guns hidden on her body, even if it wasn't the time, she still looked gorgeous. We hurried to my Range Rover, speeding over the limit to his house. Parking the car in the drive way, my eyes wondered around the small cottage. Nothing had changed. Just like old times.

She stepped out hurriedly, my trembling body soon following. My body felt numb, the memories of our friendship flashing through my mind. It felt like all of our good moments were coming back, everything seemed to reveal itself from where it was locked. 

Samira breathily rung the doorbell, loud footsteps being heard on the other side. The white door flew open, revealing him. He hadn't changed one bit, maybe a bit more skinnier, since his wife died he started being depressed, I'm guessing he's alright now. To say he was shocked was an understatement. 

"Justin?" He said groggily, his sentence coming out as a question. 

We both seemed to stare at each other for so long, trying to find something that had changed. Something that wouldn't remind us of the past, but everything was flooding back, every single puzzle piece that used to be scattered was suing back together. 

"Hello, Harry." 


Sorry for such a long wait! I started school and the teachers flooded me with homework. I was totally not happy about, so sorry! I'm going to be doing some more Samira/Justin time, since it's still a Justin Bieber FanFic! :) 


-Audrey :]




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