First Love

Why does he always stare at me?
when he does i feel like we are the only two people in school but does he really like me ? or does he stare past me and see someone else?

I just Like him so much...

Zoe is just one of your normal school girls but she really likes a mysterious guy yes you guessed it Harry styles hes one normal guy. what will make them end up talking to each other will he end up ever feeling the same or is he just another one of those normal guys.

(This story is when harry wasn't famous)


2. Let's hang out

Zoe's P.O.V 

I woke up feeling something heavy on the bed and the bed kept moving i thought i was dreaming until i opened my eyes to see Heidi jumping on my bed giggling she was so cute "morning zo" Heidi said plopping down besides me, "morning heids" she gave me a cuddle and a kiss on the check we were like best friends except she was my sister. 

"I'm hungry" said Heidi sitting up and looking at me for a 3 year old she sure did know a lot of words. "well we better get you something to eat then shouldn't we" Heidi nodded and got off the bed, i quickly made my bed while she went downstairs to wait for me. 

when i got down stairs i made got some cereal out for Heidi and me put some in a bowl and poured the milk she ate away happily, i ate my breakfast fast then put my bowl in the sink Heidi came up and gave me her bowl to put in as well since she couldn't reach. I picked her up and we went up stairs to get ready. 

I dressed her in some tights a dress and a cardigan and put some shoes on her to then we went to my room so i could get dressed i told her to sit on my bed while i was getting dressed. The good thing about Heidi was that she always listened to what i said. I went into my wardrobe and picked out some leggings and a long top to wear as well i put some uggs on as well i felt like being comfy today.

I walked out of my closet and walked into my bathroom with Heidi following i put some tooth paste on her tooth brush and sat her up on the vanity so she could reach the tap, i put my hair up into a messy bun and washed my face then put some make-up on. after i was done i did Heidi's hair i tied it up leaving hair underneath to fall and i stuck a little bow in to make her look even cuter. 

we ventured back downstairs i packed both of our bags then we were ready to go we walked out the door locking it on the way out then got in the car, i dropped Heidi off and said good bye and drove to school. When i got there i parked in my usual park and got out I said hi to Nicole and Logan then he pulled up i felt butterflies arise in my tummy when he got out of his car and smiled at me then he walked off to where his friends were. 

"what was that" Nicole said looking at me while raising an eyebrow, "oh well um he popped me in fb chat last night and we had a convo and yea" "holy shit" Nicole said smiling "that's so cute" "ha ha thanks". The bell rang and it was time to go to class 

The day went by slowly but last period we had dance i was so excited to see harry i knew he probably wouldn't want to talk to me but it was nice having him in one of my classes, when we arrived in class we got dressed and the teacher said she wanted a boy and girl to warm the class up today. No one raised there hand so the teacher had to end up picking the students. 

"ok then um could Zoe and Harry please take the warm up since you are both lovely dancers", i was busy talking to Nicole when i heard "Zoe and Harry" i turned around and looked at my teacher. "sorry miss i wasn't listening what did you want" "I said could you and Harry please lead the warm up. 

I felt my checks instantly turn red Harry came up to me and offered me his hand to lift me off the floor, my heart was racing at a million miles per hour Harry gave me a smile then we walked up to the front of the class. Nicole looked at me and sent kissy faces in my direction which made me even more redder. 

The music started to play Harry started running around me having to follow him around when he stopped he looked at me at and i just randomly started doing star jumps "wow smooth" i thought to myself after a couple more dance moves the class was ready to go the teacher said she wanted pairs again today but it had to be "boy girl" partners. 

Great who was i going to pair up with that's when Harry came up to me "hey i was wondering did you wanna be my partner" i looked at him with wide eyes, "yeah sure" the teacher said this was a practice for who she wanted to pick for the Vast dance competition. The music started and harry grabbed my hands we started to move in a way that i couldn't describe our bodies moved in the same way and we were dancing like there was nobody else in the room. 

after the music stopped we took a step back from each other smiling, "well i know who i want for the competition and that is Zoe and Harry" everyone clapped and congratulated us "well done" Harry said looking at me " hey well done to yourself as well" i said laughing. "i'm really glad i got in with you this is going to be awesome". i just smiled at Harry and nodded i couldn't say anything except just stare and smile. 

The bell rang to say that it was the end of class and the end of the day. But the teacher wanted me and Harry to stay behind so we could discuss with her the song and dance. I got really worried because i needed to pick Heidi up Nicole came over to me and said that she would pick Heidi up for me and bring her hear while i practice. I gave Nicole a huge hug and thanked her she said no worries. 

Me and harry got to work with the teacher she showed us half of the dance we practiced it a couple times then we were able to leave Harry walked me out to the parking lot where our cars were parked. 

Nicole walked over carrying Heidi "Zoe" she yelled wriggling out of Nicole's arms and ran to me "hey baby girl how was kindy" 'good" she said smiling "that's good" i gave her a hug and she looked at up at Harry "thanks Nicole" i yelled out "no problem" she yelled back. 

Harry was starring at me with wide eyes i knew he thought she was my daughter only because she looked like me. "is this your daughter" Harry said "what's a daughter" Heidi asked looking at me "No Harry this is my little sister Heidi and Heidi a daughter is someone that a mummy and daddy have" "but we don't have a mummy and a daddy do we Zo" Heidi said looking at me.

"no sweetie" Heidi just nodded "oh im really sorry" Harry said rubbing my arm my checks automatically went red "who are you boy" Heidi said staring at Harry, me and Harry just cracked up laughing "what so funny" Heidi said with a grumpy face. "nothing sorry sweets this is my friend Harry" Heidi looked at him then said "Hi Harry boy my name is Heidi" god she was cute.

"hello Heidi" Harry said smiling "well we have to go it's getting late and Heidi needs an early night ill see you next week ae" it was a Friday so we had the weekend yay "yeah sure thing hey um can i have you'r cell phone number so we could maybe text if that's ok with you" OH MY GOD HARRY just asked for my number ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. 

"oh yes sure thing" yay played it cool "its 0279214568" Harry typed it in my phone then said smile i was about to ask why when i smiled and he took a picture of me and Heidi "i needed a picture to go with the contact" Harry said smiling. "oh right" i said laughing "well ill text you some time tonight aye" "sure thing see ya Harry" "see ya love bye Heidi" "bye hawwey" we both laughed then Harry got in his car and drove away. 

I stuck Heidi into her seat then got in the drivers seat and drove home. When we got there i got Heidi out of her seat and we went inside i lifted her up onto the kitchen table thinking about what to make for dinner i ended making pasta with chicken, Heidi really liked this dish after dinner i gave Heidi a bath then i had a shower and i put Heidi into her night clothes and put her to bed. I ended up reading her a bed time story. 

I went downstairs to watch a movie i didn't know what to watch so i ended up with Pitch Perfect it was so funny. half way through the movie my cell started to ring it was a unknown number i didn't know if i should answer it or not, but then i thought that would be really rude so i answered it. 

Zoe: Hello 

Harry: Hey love it's Harry 

Zoe: Hey what's up 

Harry: Well i was wondering if you and Heidi wanted to do something tomorrow 

Zoe: Oh that's really sweet yes sure what did you have in mind 

Harry: Well i thought maybe a day at the beach and get ice cream and then maybe the park for Heidi 

Zoe: Oh that sounds so cool im sure Heidi would love that 

Harry: oh awesome well can i get the directions to your house and ill pick you guys up tomorrow

Zoe: oh yea sure its 1239 hardy road 

Harry: oh sweet that's just like 4 street's away from me well ill see you tomorrow then at 11- am 

Zoe: oh sure thing see you then bye 

Harry: bye love 

When i got off the phone i had the biggest smile on my face ever it was so sweet of Harry to ask us to a day out, i finished watching my movie then went to bed thinking about tomorrow Heidi was going to have such a good time and plus i really liked Harry so maybe us spending more time together might get us more closer. 





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