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I'm not exactly sure what I'm writing about. May the gods help me.


1. The New One

"Please, don't hurt me!" 
"Look at her. She's such a baby," scoffed Genevieve. She turned towards Bora. "May I bite her? Just once?"
Bora examined the cowering witch, propped up against the wall as if she wanted to sink through it, her beautiful face shrouded with fear.
"You will do no such such thing."
Genevieve crossed her arms and stuck out her lower lip. Edison could tell she was disappointed– one of their few trips into the city and she didn't get to eat.
"Edison," commanded Bora. "Knock her out. We must take her back to the House."
"Please," cried the girl. "Please, leave me alone!"
Edison forced himself to step forward. He hated catching new witches. They often never knew who, or more accurately, what, they were, and they always looked so frightened.
This one couldn't be more than fifteen years old, with a small, round face and big eyes the color of dark lavender.
He raised his fist to obey Bora's orders, but the girl, for once, was faster. She flung out her small, delicate-looking foot, landing a blow to his stomach, and scrambled away from him.
"Edison!" bellowed Bora. "What are you doing? Go after her! Miss Vanderson, put your teeth AWAY!"
Behind him, Edison heard Genevieve complaining about being hungry.
He sprinted after the witch, overtaking her easily, and seized her arm. She shrieked and flung her fists at him, and there was a pop, followed by an ear-spliting explosion which lit up the sky. Fortunately, Edison just about managed to deflect it with a flick of his wrist.
"Nice," he heard Genevieve mutter. A full-scale explosion was rare in a new witch.
He threw her over his shoulder, still screaming, and carried her back to Bora and Genevieve.
They both stared at the witch– Genevieve hungrily, Bora shrewdly.
"Well?" she urged, her steel-grey eyes regarding him coldly.
He gave her his best pleading look. "Do I have to?"
"How about I just bite her?" suggested Genevieve, her blue eyes glowing.
"Miss Vanderson, if I hear the word 'bite' again, I shall personally turn you into a whale shark!"
Edison didn't know what a whale shark was, and Genevieve didn't appear to, either, but he could tell she would much rather stay a vampire. She huffed indignantly, blowing a strand of her crimson-red hair out of her face. 
"Please, don't do anything to me!" said the girl. "I'll go with you, but don't hurt me!" Her enormous eyes, contrasting with her fair hair, pleaded with Edison over his shoulder.
He looked at Bora, and she nodded. "You will not say another word."
The girl nodded frantically. He couldn't blame her; Bora was one of the most experienced witches at the House, and one couldn't help but cower in her presence.
Edison put her down and she walked dutifully beside him, skipping to keep up with his long strides.
Despite this being an exciting trip out of the usual boundaries, the city made Edison jittery. The black buildings towered over their heads like spikes, the streets reeked of poison and there was hardly a living soul around. Those whom they did encounter were shady-looking characters who stared at them hungrily, but quickly disappeared after a warning glance from Genevieve.
"What should I call you?" whispered Edison as they trudged back down the alley towards the house.
The girl seemed surprised; she hadn't expected his attempt to be friendly. None of them ever did. 
"Gertrude," she whispered back, without meeting his eyes. Her breath puffed out in front of her in white clouds of vapor.
"Can you tell me your real name?" said Edison, suppressing a smile.
She looked up indignantly, her eyes glistening. "It's Annelies."
After a pause she added, "Thanks for not knocking me out."
"That's alright. I don't like doing it. We don't mean to hurt you, but sometimes knocking the new ones out helps to calm them."
"What do you mean by the new ones?" she asked. Her lower lip was trembling, but Edison couldn't resist marveling at how pretty she was, even for a witch.
"I'm not allowed to say any more," he mumbled apologetically, glancing at Bora and Genevieve, who were walking in front of him. "You'll see when we get to the House."



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