Give Me Love

Lindsay Styles has always had a great relationship with her twin brother Harry Styles. She's a party go-er and gets in trouble all the time. When her and Harry go to college she meets a boy who is completely different then her. Will she change herself for him or will she keep going on with her bad ways?


1. Brother

I stumbled into my pitch dark room once again. I was beyond drunk. I tried to find the switch in my room but ended up making lots of noise instead. I continued to walk forward in the pitch dark. I suddenly found myself on the floor, I tripped over my suitcase I've been packing for college tomorrow. All of a sudden my lights turn on. I turn around and see my brother standing in my doorway. He looked exhausted and his curls were sticking up everywhere.

"Hi, Lindsay..." He dragged out the I in hi. He was always a slow talker. I looked at him with regret in my eyes. My eyes were bloodshot, my makeup running down my face. Harry walked over and held his hands out to help me up. 

"What are you doing coming home this late especially drunk? What if mum or Tim caught you?" He was such a caring brother. He grabbed pajamas out of my dresser and handed them to me.

"I don't know..." I said taking off my little black dress and high heels and threw on my pajamas Harry handed me. He walked me to my bed once I was finished and tucked me in and kissed the back of my head. I was asleep by the time he turned off the lights in my room. 

I woke up the sun beaming in my eyes and to the sound of Harry opening and closing my dresser drawers. I sat up in bed and stared at him take my clothes and fold them into my suitcase. He constantly kept pushing his curly hair from out of his face. I hear our mom yell from downstairs; 


"Okay mum!" I yelled back, scarying Harry a little bit. I guess he didn't realize I was up yet. 

"Thanks for your help last night Harry and thanks for finishing packing my bags." He nodded and gave me a little smile revealing his dimples. Something I wish I had. I had the brown curly hair, the beautiful green eyes, the crooked smile but not the dimples. 

Harry zipped up my suitcase and got up off his knees. I got up and changed into the set of clothes he left at the end of my bed for me. He had left a black tanktop with lace down the back of it, my favorite pair of jeans, and my worn out black vans. I walked to my mirror and fixed my makeup. I put on heavy eyeliner and decided to leave my hair down showing off my crazy curls.

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