Across The Hall (Sequel to Girl Across The Street)

Veronica now lived in a very nice apartments building where some of the richest and most famous people lived. She now had the money too afford it after her singing career launched and is dong well. While on break from touring she moved in to the luxuriate apartments in south London what she didn't know what that One Direction lived there aswell, especially not knowing that the love of her life who she ran away from was now living there to. It was time to come face to face with Harry Styles.


1. Moving In

I was finally able to relax after 7 months of being over in the USA and Canada, those crowds were amazing. But I am in desperate need of relaxing. I had finished unpacking boxes and decided to go do some grocery shopping since i had nothing to eat, and nothing on my walls, i guess I should go to the market and buy some paintings of some sort.

As I was leaving my apartment, the door across the hall was open, I could hear the people in there. 'I swear its her Louis and II am sure of it I could recognize her everywhere." I recognized that voice it was Harry's "Harry lately every girl you've seen with tight curls and blonde hair you think its her, its been three years don't you think its time to move one, dude." "No, i will find her and explain everything, lay everything on the table, i'll tell her I was piss drunk which i was and only kissed nichole because i wasn't incontrol of my mind anymore it was all alcohol. and hopefully, she'll at least want to be my friend and maybe someday sh will be mine again, forever this time." Louis sighed very loudly, i could feel tears forming in my eyes believeing everythign he had just said, i should've let him talk it out the next day i mean i knew he was drunk, i over reacted. I heard footsteps coming towards the door and I quickly ran towards the lift and soon after a hand kept the door from closing, it wasn't Harry, i was sure of it because of the huge bird tattto on his right arm, i looked up from the ground only to see Louis. "Veronica!!! OMG YOUR BACK,I MISSED YOU SO MUCH, EVERYONE DID!!!!!" He pulled me in a tight hug before i could reply to anything, he squeezed really tight "Lou, I can't breathe," " Oh, sorry i just missed you so much. Congrats on the tour your album is amazing, Eleanor loves it to.You should come eat with us tonight, everyone is coming, Harry too, I know you probably don't want to see him after what happened, buut he has to talk to you and wants to explain everything perfectly. You let you hair grow out it so long and purply pink. AN----" I cut him off "Louis breathe, thank you, thats amazing. I do want to see him and yes i will come to dinner tonight, and yes its a dark magenta and i just never knew how to cut my hair so we all agreed on it going long. Oh I already heard whatt Harry had to say before you came in the eleavator, you guys had the door completely open though i couldnt see you two i could hear you and heard what he said about that night and am ready to forgive and forget but i don't want to be friends." "What how come" "Because i want him to be mine right away and no one elses i spent all these years regretting letting him go and seeing stuff on the news about was just hurting and made it worse like when he dated Taylor of Caroline. I jus want him back. and Congrats to you guys too 2 tours two cd's a movie and another albumand a stadium tour coming out, and you guys were amazing at the Olympics." "Thanks love," He hugged me once more before he got off the elevator, he said he would have Harry knock on my door later at like7:30. It was 4 i had 3 and a half hours to get ready and finish grocery shopping the market would just have to wait until tomorrow. 

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