Across The Hall (Sequel to Girl Across The Street)

Veronica now lived in a very nice apartments building where some of the richest and most famous people lived. She now had the money too afford it after her singing career launched and is dong well. While on break from touring she moved in to the luxuriate apartments in south London what she didn't know what that One Direction lived there aswell, especially not knowing that the love of her life who she ran away from was now living there to. It was time to come face to face with Harry Styles.


2. Dinner and a late dessert

I was just about ready, Eleanor clued me in to not wear something to fancy but nice and casual

I was going to wear a fitted grey maxi dress with crosses all over it and some black Jeffrey Campbell heels and sparkly and dangling black earings and a simple gold cross necklace. I had straightened my hair and curled with my curling wand, i did a natural eyeshadow and some foundation and very light pink powder on my cheeks and used the pink babylips with some clear gloss on top. I pinned a black bow on top of my head holing back my fringe. I was excited to see harry and nervous at the same time.

*Knock Knock* *Knock Knock* 

It continued until i opened the door. and step back to admire Harry, his hair,his body, he had tattos he was like a foot taller and looked good, sorry not good hot. A part of me wanted to skip dinner and go straight for my desert right now. I gasped out lout and smiled "You look good Harry" "You look beautiful as always,Verona." " Uh," "Sorry, you probably hated that nickname. "No, no, its not that I haven't been called that in a long time and I miss it, especially miss when you called me that." "I miss it to. Look i've-' I cut him off and pulled him inside by his tie and pushed the door closed and grabbed his neck and kissed him, it wasn't like anything i remember, i could feel a Disney World firework show inside me and butterflys and that only meant one thing to me, yup i still love him. "I wa-" " Don't talk let me talk now, please" I begged. He nodded in agreement as we walked to sit on the couch. 'Okay, i kinda sorta heard what you told Louis, earlier today about what happened that night." "Oh, so do you forgive and believe me," "Yes, I do forgive you, and I am sorry i slapped you, if I hurt you. I wanted to tell you also that even though you hurt me I never have and never will stop loving you." "yes! (he danced a little) Okay, this might be sudden but, will you be mine, and i promise I will never hurt you like that ever again, I love you so much, and I had hopes and dreams the day would come when you said you still loved me, but i just hope that you want to be mine., will you?" "Yes of course I love you too. Lets play a game with the rest of them though, pretend like none of this happened just for tonight or as long as we can go with out getting caught.?" He raised his eyebrow then smiled ahh those dimples if one thing hadn't changed about this boy and i think never will is his smile and ahh those dimples "Take a picture it will last longer." he caught me off gaurd bringing me out of my stare "Okay lets do it."




Everything went great nobody knew nothing, i was so sad to hear that Amy left Niall because she could deal with his sudden fame and women attention. Liam and Daniella were getting married, Louis and Eleanor aswell, Perrie announced she was pregnant to everyone for the first time, Zayn didn't even know his eyes teared up a bit but he was overjoyed to become a father.We all drove home and by now everyone was already inside their individual apartments except me and Harry were left on the lift , just as Zayn and Perrie got off the lift and the doors closed and the second they did was the second I was being held by Harry once again. "I miss this" He spoke "I know me to, i just wanna stay like this forever. We got to our floor and we walked out hand in hand. We go to out doors and stayed quiet, but not awkwardly we smiled at eachother and both of us blushing like crazy. "Okay goodnight." He said turning to go in and i went in to my apartment and closed the door. *Knock, Knock Knock**

"yes, Haz" He didn't say anything he just kissed me and pulled my thighs up causing me to wrap my legs around him this kiss was heated, he licked my bottom lip asking for entrance and it was granted, our tongues were massaging eachother as we moved in sync and " Ahem" he let me down and I sighed a little disappointed because I wanted that to last forever  we turned to see who was at the door it was Eleanor and Will. "Seriously you guys, already??" She laughed and Harry scratched the back of his and " Its been three years, i've waited long enough Eleanor." "Okay fair enough" "Goodnight" Harry said and walked by eleanor kissing her head and scruffing Will's hair a bit and kissing him on the forehead. "So, Veronica, this is Willy." "Hi there, do you know who I am Willy?" I asked him he smiled big and nodded yes "really from where, because i don't think we've met" he laughed, when he did he looked like a spitting image of Louis, his eyes crinkled and his nose scrunched a bit and he held his tongue between his teeth. "Your the lady from the screen" "Why yes I am, come in you two."



Will was now sleeping in eleanor's arms, I had tired him out which she was thankful for she told me how hard it was to get him to sleep now, we had gotten caught up officially and i spilled everything to her and her to me. "Verona" "Yes, Eleabear" "I'm pregnant again" "Thats great, you've done such a good job with this one that the next will be a piece of cake." "Haha that what Lou said to, right before he got me-" "Uh eww i dont want those kinds of details to scar me for life" we laughed she got up i hugged her goodbye and she left with a three year sleeping in her arms she looked like she was struggling that was when she got to the lift the doors opened and Louis stepped out and grabbed in from her, he held him upright against his shoulder and one arm around her waist as he rubbed her tummy then kissed her lightly. "You guys are so cute." "He turned and looked a little bit embarrassed because I had seen that. she whispered something in his ear and he lau ghed and turned to me "Wow, Im surprised you and Harry aren't fucking right now, at the rate you too move.' "ahh shut up if it wasn't for little miss late night visit I could be haha but im glad she came by." "Eww not those kinds of details," she mocked me from earlier "so why don't you do it now" Harry spoke from his door as he opened it "Use protection please, we don't need a third baby coming, just kidding" they walked in the elavator "So the offer still stands you wanna have some desert, now" "Nahh(his face frowned)" I pulled my door shut and pushed him into his apartment and closed the door "Double lock it Louis has a key" I bolted and locked the door shut "Are we actually going to have sex or are you going to just tease me by being here." I walked past him amd pulled him by one finger to his bedroom, I pushed him down so her was sitting on the bed. I walked over to his dock and put his phone one and played V.I.C twerk it and began to dance and twerk infront of him and on him being sure to rub  my crotch on his i could hear little moans escape his mouth, he pulled my dress up and as i unbutton his shirt



I think you can guess what happened next.


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