8. "Hey babe"

I was sitting at home on my bed doing my trigonometry homework when I got a text.
Justin: hey babe : )
Shay: babe? But hey anyways lol : )
Justin: ahah yeah, so how are you?
Shay: good I guess. And you?
Justin: good thanks for asking : ) can I see you're chemistry homework tmr?
Shay: so that's why texted me, just to see my chemistry homework. Huh? Lmao
Justin: not at all! I really texted you to see if you wanted to go to the movies on Saturday?
Shay: yeah, sounds good : )
I put my phone down by my side. I had like this weird  feeling. But a good feeling. I was excited. But no! I don't like him! He's cool and a great guy and every thing but I can't like someone that I've only known for 2 days. Or can I?  

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