Open Land - a Harry Styles fanfiction

A story about a Danish girl and a British boyband member, who are two of the hundreds of thousands of people who got chosen by society to test out a new global experiment, after choosing to participate. A experiment experts think can prevent war and prejudice, and create world peace and understanding between different countries and cultures. The two of them have to spend 30 days in the open, outside civilization. Alone.


1. Prologue - The experiment

"The year is 2014, and the new global project, or experiment if you want, will be tested for the first time. After this first trial, we hope to already see big results. 
We will be choosing thousands of couples, which all consist two completely random people from two different countries - between all ages. The two partners will be called GP14's - Global Partners 2014.

Keep in mind that this is not forced on anybody, you can refuse in time, but when your GP14 is drawn and you haven't refused yet, there is no going back. 
You and your GP14 will have to live side by side out in the wilderness, alone, for 30 days. This will make you communicate differently and eventually make you learn to understand each other, and make you more open minded about other cultures - If the experiment works that is. 
You will be put out into a deserted environment, away from civilization, where you have to find food, water and shelter yourself. Of course you will have a special remote control on you at all times, so that you can call for help in case of emergency. There will be offered security guards if feeling threatened by your GP14, and an interpreter to translate if needed. 

If you are one of the thousands of chosen, you will receive a letter with further information. Of not chosen, you are welcome to volunteer.
I wish you all good luck,"

Yea that's the speech which was held in every country on earth- well almost. 
My dad is a politician here in Denmark, so of course he would never let me refuse when I got chosen. My entire family was thrilled.
I was more sceptical - especially when I found out that my GP14 was Harry Styles.

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