Open Land - a Harry Styles fanfiction

A story about a Danish girl and a British boyband member, who are two of the hundreds of thousands of people who got chosen by society to test out a new global experiment, after choosing to participate. A experiment experts think can prevent war and prejudice, and create world peace and understanding between different countries and cultures. The two of them have to spend 30 days in the open, outside civilization. Alone.


2. My GP14

It was raining the day I found the letter in my mailbox. I knew it was the letter right away - since it was addressed to me. Jennifer Marie Jensen. I had already been informed that I was chosen, but this letter contained the name of my GP14. 

I took it inside and pulled out a chair. I sat down with the letter in front of me for a moment, just breathing in. I didn't call for my parents or my sister. I wanted to be alone with this. 

When I finally decided to open the letter, my hands were shaking and I could feel my heart was throbbing in my chest. I tore the envelope, and scanned the stiff piece of paper for a name. 

It said "Harry Styles" near the bottom. No that couldn't be it I thought. I took a look again, and I wans't mistaking. It said "The name of your GP14 is Harry Styles, London, England."

Frustrated, I started to read the letter again from the top. A small laugh escaped my lips, I couln't hold it back. I had hoped not to be put together with some old man or a little African kid or something. I mean it's not like England is that different from Denmark - or that far away for that matter! At least he speaks English. 

I read the letter two more times, and then put it down finally. It said we were gonna be put somewhere in England, but my dad already told me that they wont be telling us exactly where. Escape isn't the point anyway, and if you were to reach the civilization they would just tell you to turn around and head back in the direction you came from. So why tell us?

I was never really a One Direction fan, but it's not that I don't like them. Their music is ok, and they aren't ugly either. My younger sister adore them and talk about them all the time, and maybe that's why I never really took them seriously.

At first my mum and sister didn't believe me when I told them, but my dad just looked worried. He is the stereotypical dad, who doesn't want his little princes to be anywhere near boys. My sister started jumping up and down when I showed her the letter, and my mum just said; "I guess you're lucky then,". I just hoped that he wouldn't be all diva.


When I met him at Heathrow Airport in he shot me a cheeky smile, suggesting that he was happy he'd been put together with a girl. He was wearing a red and black lumberjack shirt over a white tanktop - the outfit he'd be wearing for the entire month. I gave him a smile that never made it to my eyes, but he didn't seem to notice. I had just got off the plane from Denmark, and I was not in the best mood, so I did not care if I was rude or not.

The ariport was crowded with people like us - chosen ones. Some looked excited, some looked nervous. I guess I just looked tired. Harry and I shaked hands and were directed outside to the cars. 

- "You're from Denmark, that's not very far away" he looked amused by this, and his green eyes looked into mine.

- "Yea," I answer, fully aware that I wasn't very friendly. 

- "Have you been in England before?" 

- "No," 

I wasn't in the mood for smalltalk and I think he got the idea, so we drove in silence for a couple of  hours,  

Though I found that he seemed pretty genuine -  for a famous person, Not that I have really met any.


Finally we made it to the helicopter, that was gonna take us the our location. I'm not very comfortable flying in an airplane, let alone a helicopter! I think Harry was a bit nervous too, just better at hiding it.

It wasn't so bad, but the noise was overpowering, and I tried not to look out the windows in case I'd faint or something. The flight lasted only like half and hour anyway.

We stepped out of the helicopter, and I saw heath as long as my vision could reach, with spots of heather plants here and there, and withered grass scorched by the sun through year and years, but when I turned around there was a small forest of big beech trees as well. 

This was not normal English land. I sat down, touching the earth we were supposed to live on for the next 30 days, with my hand. It was sandy, which means ocean - that would explain the drought here. Not many plants can grow in sand, there is not enough nutrition in the earth. It's like living on bread and water. I learned that in geografi, and swore it was useless knowledge.

Then the crew took off and left us alone in the open.


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