School rivalries

Roxanne Graden is just another girl at East High, East high has this huge rivalry with West High. Well she's a wildcat , at a football match she meets Justin Bieber , the star player of the lions , which is West High . They fall Inlove but they can't be together , what would they do ? Could they have a secret relationship ? Read to find out ...


1. Prologue


Hi , let me just tell you a bit about myself . I'm eighteen years old and a senior at East High . We're called the lions . My name is Roxanne Graden , Roxy for short .

No I'm not one of those popular girls that thinks they too good for this world , those people really make me sick . I only have two friends , but sadly they left our school . One is homeschooled and the other one moved away because its too dangerous here .

I hate Stratford, Ontario . It's the worst , I mean c'mon , the schools have a rule that you can't hang out with kids from other schools . If you are caught doing that then you'll get expelled .

But it's not like anyone would hang out with anyone that doesn't go to their school , because all the schools have rivalries with each other . 

The worst rivalry in Canada is the one with my school and the lions from West High . We hate each other so much . If you are seen hanging out with a lion then you'll get beaten up by your school mates , dangerous right? That's why my friends left .

Anyway since I have like no one to talk too , I always get lost in my thought , kinda like I am right now . Until John , a footballer had too ruin it by shouting at the principle .

"Sir ! We can't just let this go " John said .

"I'm sorry Mr.Oakley , but the big game is Friday , I don't need any other footballers getting hurt . " the principle replied .

"But those stupid lions have to pay for what they did "

"If you want them to pay , then beat them at Fridays game , now go on "

John walked away angrily and disappeared into a huge crowd . Wait , a crowd ? What's that for ?

I decided to find out what this is about , so I walked over to the crowd and pushed passed the people . There I saw Todd , our star footballer , laying on the floor , his unconscious .

I gasped and put my hand over my mouth , I knew exactly who did this , the lions . 

This is low , even for them . Yes we hate each other , but for the to come too our school and knock out our star footballer just before the game is so not acceptable .

-end of the day-

Everyone was still talking about what happened . I was currently in history , the bell should be ringing any second now . Just as this intercom went off.

"Good afternoon students . The coach has requested that the jocks meet him in the gym NOW! Have a good day" 

The jocks got out of their seats just as the bell rang . I grabbed my bag and walked over to my locker . I put my books in then locked it .

I walked passed the gym , but stopped , I was kinda curious about what they were talking about . So I pushed my ear against the door .

"So the doctor says Todd will be unconscious for atleast three days" I'm guessing that's was the coach.

"But coach, the game is tomorrow night"

"And it's the biggest game of the season , we need him to get to the championships "

"I'm sorry guys , you gonna have too play without him" 


"No buts . Todd may be the best player, he doesn't make the team . I believe you can do this .

"Thank you coach , but we still have to get the guy who did this too Todd back ' but no one knows who did it"

"I do , I saw everything" I heard one of the players talk , probably Zachary .

"Now tell us so we can beat the sh-"

"Language John" said the coach.

"Shirbet outta him"

"Okay it was stat Bieber kid"

"I got an idea , too get him back"

They started talking about the idea , I gasped when I heard it . Poor Bieber , even though I don't know who he is and that his a lion , I felt sorry for him.

Then the door opened , I tried to run but the jocks saw me . Shit .

"Where do you think you're going"

"Why were you eavesdropping on us"

"I swear if you tell anyone about this you're gonna die"

All of them started shouting at me , I'm so damn scared of them . I mean who isn't , they don't joke when they say they will beat you up . Girl or not !

"Who's she gonna tell , she has no friends. She's a loner"

The jocks laughed then walked away .

I ran too my car and drove home .

When I got home I did my usual routine eat, homework, watch tv, eat and sleep . My mom comes home late . Don't even ask about my dad , I don't wanna talk about it .



Hey guys and girls .

How'd you like the fort chapter ?

I know I have like three other stories that I still didn't finish , but I had this crazy idea too write a new one .

The more favs , likes and comments the sooner I'll update 

Oh and how do you think the jocks will get Bieber back ? Hurt him ? Poor Bieber 


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