School rivalries

Roxanne Graden is just another girl at East High, East high has this huge rivalry with West High. Well she's a wildcat , at a football match she meets Justin Bieber , the star player of the lions , which is West High . They fall Inlove but they can't be together , what would they do ? Could they have a secret relationship ? Read to find out ...


14. Pre-party

Roxanne took a quick shower, then made her way over to her massive closet. She stood in the middle of it, staring at the clothes.

What do you wear to a little girl's party ?

She wondered to herself. Then she spotted a beautiful pink, short dress. It's cute and it's the color most girls adore. She match the dress with pink heels, this is what she looked like :

Once she slipped the outfit on, she made her way over to her dressing table. Roxy allowed her long, brown hair to caress down her back, then she plugged in her curling iron, waiting for it to heat. Once it was hot enough, she slightly curled the tips of her hair. She unplugged the iron and placed it back in its bag.

Roxanne pulled her make up bag out of the draw. She doesn't use alot of make up, besides there's no one to impress, so she just used pink lipgloss, mascara and eye liner. 

She then placed on a couple of bracelets, a necklace, pink studded earrings and a ring on. She grabbed her phone and purse then headed opposite to the party.

she knocked on the door, and Roxanne found herself facing a smiling Justin. He studied her outfit "you look gorgeous"

"thank you can I come in" 

"sure, but first... You have to hug me"

"sorry Bieber, but no can do" then Roxy pushed past Justin, as Jazmyn came running towards her. Roxy picked her up and hugged her, spinning her in the air."Happy Birthday princess, here's your present" Roxy said, handing over a pink gift bag. Jazzy thanked Roxy then ran back towards her friends.

"What's the wild cat doing here?" Roxy turned around to find Chaz and Ryan staring at her disgustingly , and in a way that made her feel unwelcomed.

"guys, leave her alone. My little sister adores Rox, so just no bullying her today" Justin defended. Roxy.

"Rox? WWhy'd you call her that and WHY are you defending her" Chaz asked, clearly confused and angry. Justin looked back and forth at his two friends and Roxy. He doesn't know what to say, because he doesn't wanna lose either of them, but he forgot that he already lost Roxy, he also doesn't wanna hurt her more than he already did.

"because..." Justin started. But before he could finish he made a quick bolt for the stairs and ran up to his room. Chaz, Roxy and Ryan followed him but they were too late because he already made it to his room and locked the door. The three of then banged on the door but all Justin said was "I'm not coming out until the three of you can be civilized with each other just for today, so that the four of us can have fun together. I know all f you love Jazzy , so please don't ruin her birthday by arguing. Just tolerate each other today, do it for Jazzy" . The three of them thought hard, but finally agreed to be nice to each other today.


short chapter

i know you hate me. I'm so sorry.

im going to e busy with finals, slim dead





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