School rivalries

Roxanne Graden is just another girl at East High, East high has this huge rivalry with West High. Well she's a wildcat , at a football match she meets Justin Bieber , the star player of the lions , which is West High . They fall Inlove but they can't be together , what would they do ? Could they have a secret relationship ? Read to find out ...


9. Jealousy


When I woke up I had tear stained cheeks, did I fall asleep crying or did I cry in my sleep? To be honest I don't even remember what I was dreaming about, but due to my tear stained cheeks and soaked pillow it must've been something really upsetting , it was probably a dream about Justin and Sarah. Yes I am super jealous of Sarah , but I have no reason to , because she's a super sweet girl and she deserves to be with Justin. 

Tears started to stream down my face again, but I wiped it away and I started talking to myself' "stop crying Roxy , don't be so weak , you just met him. Besides you have to put a smile on your face , you seeing your best friends today" I kept relating that and eventually I started smiling. I really do miss my best friends, it would be super awesome to see them again.

I got out of bed then did my usual routine, shower , dress, hair, makeup, breakfast then go to school.

I arrived at school about ten minutes earlier than I usually do , which means school starts in approximately twenty minutes. I parked my car in my usual parking spot then got out. When I got out I heard giggling, I know I shouldn't be a busy body but I couldn't help it. I turned my head in the direction of the giggling , my heart dropped when I saw Justin leaning against his car with his arms wrapped around Sarah's waist, their faces were only inches apart and they were acting all flirty. I thought they didn't have feelings for each other, and I'm sick of that 'we-only-did-it-to-make-our-parents-happy' excuse, because I don't see any of their parents around here.

I don't want them to see me but I have to walk past them to get into the school. Maybe they won't notice me since they so into each other. I locked my car then made my way past them'  "yes , I did it" I muttered under my breath a little to soon because I heard Sarah's voice "OH HEY ROXY" dammit .

I walked towards the happy couple "oh hey , I didn't notice you two there" I lied. Justin stared at me, I guess he had a look of guilt on his face.

"It's okay , do you wanna come with us to Starbucks ?" She asked 

"Sorry I can't, if anyone sees me with Justin then I'm dead. I already spoke to you to long , bye" before any of them could answer I ran into the school, hoping that no one saw me talking to Justin , well I didn't actually talk to him. I made my way to my locker , grabbed my books then locked it again . Just then someone stood behind me , I turned around to see John and Tony staring at me .

"We saw you talking to that Bieber kid" John hissed . I have to admit , I am a but frightened .

"I wasn't talking to him assholes, I was talking to Sarah . I didn't plan on talking to her, but she called him over. Now get out of my fucking way" 

"What did you just say to us?" Tony hissed, but before I could answer i felt a sharp pain hit my cheek. I could taste my blood and I could feel my face starting to throb. Did that jerk just punch me ? . I was currently laying on the floor, because I lost my balance when he punched me. I started feeling dizzy , then before I knew it , I passed out.

I woke up on a bed , in a room filled with medicine an doctors equipment. "Oh good you're up" I turned around to see a lady with brown short hair and hazel eyes smiling at me. She had a nurse's uniform on so i guess I'm in the nurses room.

"Yeah thanks, how long have I been out"

"Almost the whole day , school ends in thirty minutes, but you're welcome to head home if you want" I nodded then got out of bed, a sharp pain shot through my cheek, causing me to wince In pain. "When you get home you might want to put an ice park on your face, oh and you can stay home tomorrow and the day after if you want"

"Thank you" I grabbed my books that were neatly piled up in the corner of the room. I walked out of the nurse's office and over to my locker. I put my books in my locker then made my way to my car. I got in then drove home .

Once I got home I immediately put an ice pack on my bruise, atleast the swellings going down. 

I made myself two minute noodles , then sat down infront of the tv. I just wanted o watch tv until Sofia comes, which is in about half an hour, but she likes coming half an hour earlier than she says , so she should be here any minute. 

I heard a knock on the door and immediately ran over to it , thinking its Sofia "OMG I MIS-" I cut myself off in mid sentence when I saw who was actually standing there ... Justin.

"Oh my word, what happened to your face" he said with a shocked and a bit of anger tone.

"Tony punched me cause I was seen with you this morning . Nothing big , I knew it would happened sooner or later"

"I'm so sorry Roxy , i'll be back in soon. Don't go anywhere"

"Your soon or my soon ? Because I have to leave to fetch my friend at the airport . If we talking about your soon then she'll be waiting at the airport forever"

"I'll be back in fifteen minutes" he said, he tried to kiss me on my cheek but I dodged it. "Friends can kiss each other on the cheek" I ignored his statement and hugged him instead. I watched him as he made him way to his car then drove off.



Anger was boiling through my body . How can that son of a bitch hit my Roxy . No fucking way is he getting away with this. Luckly I know where this asshole lives, because his so damn dead. I drove fast until I stopped infront of Tony's house . I banged furiously on his door. 

"What the hell bro?" He spat . 

"I'm not your damn bro. How in the damn world could you punch a girl in the face" before he could answer I punched him hard in the face causing him to stumble backwards. I grabbed him by the shirt and threw him outside into the lawn , which caused him to moan in pain. I walked over to him and started kicking him in the stomach continuously, until I thought he had enough. As much as I want to kill him right now, I can't. All I need to do is threaten him. " if you or anyone acquainted with you touches her ever again, then your dead. I'll beat the shit outta every single one of you. Got it ?" He nodded his head out of fear . Then I made my way back to the car .

When I got back to Roxy's house there was another girl there. She had black hair that reaches the middle of her back and she had green eyes . I have to admit, she is pretty but nothing compared to Roxanne's beauty .

"Justin , I'd like you to meet my best friend Sofia. And Sofia , I'd like you to meet the guy that lives opposite my house Justin" 

Sofia and I shook hands "nice to meet you" I said "you too" she replied.

"So should we get going ? We don't want Emma to sit in the airport thinking 'where the hell is my idiot best friends' . Justin you're welcome to tag along if you want" said Sofia 

 "I don't think that's a good idea , If anyone sees me with him , the they'll punch me again or maybe do something even worse"

"I don't think you need to worry about that because I just beat the shit out of tony and I threatened him" Roxy glared at me , but it soon turned into a smile. They grabbed everything they needed then we headed to the car.

We at the airport waiting for their friend, who's name is Emma. Her flight just landed so I guess she's just getting her bags. Minutes later I saw a girl and a boy running towards us , the girls embraced Sofia and Roxy in a hug. The three girls exchanged 'hellos" and "I missed you so much" . I just stood their awkwardly and I us the other guy, but Roxy noticed that .

"Emma I'd like you to meet my friend Justin . Justin this is my best friend Emma"

"Nice to meet you Justin . And I'd like to introduce my step brother, Harry"

"When did you get a step brother !" Sofia asked shocked 

"Last year . He insisted on coming with , so I just brought him. He said he'll stay at a hotel"

"His welcomed to stay at my place If he wants to" Roxy generously offered

"Thank you" harry said "I'd be honored to stay there, the best thing about it is that I'll be seeing you every morning" Harry said , then he kissed her on the cheek where she was just punched , but the swelling went down so you could hardly tell that she was punched. Roxy started to blush a light shade of pink as Harry continued to flirt with her, I don't even know the guy but I already hate him .

"Okay love birds , time to get home. The two of you can continue this at the house"  Sofia said , dragging Harry and Roxy back to the car. Emma and I followed behind. Harry wrapped his arm around Roxy's waist which resulted in me getting even more angry, two can play at this game. I texted Sarah and told he to come over to my house , I'm on my way home. 

I know that Roxy is trying to make me jealous . She's not the type to just fall for someone she immediately lays eyes on , well except for me. But she and I started off as friends , now she's allowing this Harry guy to touch her waist and kiss her cheek. She wants to play the jealousy game , well GAME ON GRADEN.


Oo Justin's jealous .

What's Justin gonna do to make Roxy jealous ?

Opinions on the Harry character?

Will tony nod his friends still beat Roxy up after Justin threatened them?

Opinions on Roxy being jealous of Sarah and Justin ?

Shoutout to His Boo again , cause she's the only one that commented.


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