Unknown Agent

I can change my face when needed, only my co worker and where I work really knows who I am. want to know me really well you need to work with me not friends with me. I can read what you are saying by looking at your lips, I know 30 languages and I can turn guns into pieces and I can remake them back without looking. guess you know what am I or who am I? i'll give you a one answer ,

Im a SPY !


8. What was that (Part 2)


As I walk making my self calm I saw Niall and he gestured to me to sit beside him. I walk towards him and my hands were shaking as hell. That's why I hate it when I got angry. "You heard it all don't you?" I said asked him and he nodded and dip his feet and legs into the water. "So by the way let's all just forget what happened in there. How's life by the way?" He asked staring at the trees around us "Pretty good, well there is always Ups and Downs. " I said in a Irish accent. "It's fits to you, your accent." He said and I look at him and he look at me. "So how's your life?" I ask him and Take out a one stick from Marlboro black and Light it up. "Well I- hey don't don't smoke." He said and grab the cigarette and threw it. "Why? " I asked "it's bad" He replied and patted my head. "So back to what I was saying.  Well it's pretty good too, it's hard tho when you have two jobs, but it just piece of potato for me because I have inspiration and beautiful fans that is support us through our singing career, and that love us." He said and smiled at the last sentence . " yeah it really does ." I said and I remember my Mom. She got shot when we are eating to a restaurant, and it's just last year. Pretty fresh and is not ready to heal the wound in my heart. The memory is pretty fresh inside. My mom is my inspiration, that's why I can only see them twice or once a year. Or else they will get killed. 


"Hey don't cry, it's okay let it all out. I'm here." Niall said in a soft voice and warp me in his arms. I felt safe and unharmed, it's the same way as Harry hug me it's the same way. Warm, safe, comfortable and strong. I hug him back digging my face on his neck and close my eyes. 

Then Image of Harry comes out. Memories of him, of us flash backs. The way he laugh, smile, protect me, keep me safe, warp me in his arms, comfort me, compliment me, wipes my tears off my face, hug me, hold me, keeps me warm, cuddle me, and kiss me. All the bad, good, sad and Happy memories came back. The way we watch Titanic and just cry there watching it, tell each other corny jokes, we laugh our ass off at nothing, and many more. I remember it when he used to bought me strawberries and banana or grapes when I'm on my monthly (really? That too? Sorry for that) the way he make me smile when I'm really on my bad mood in that monthly visits. (Sorry If I'm making you girls uncomfortable. But really damn my self) every Saturday to Monday he is always in our house helping me and us do house chores. Help me to cook or anything and we will just cuddle in my bedroom at night. When my mom really likes him. When he introduced me to her mom and her boyfriend her mom really liked me every Thursday I'm always in their house. 


All the memories are flooding back, all the happy moments. I open my eyes and the tears rolling down my cheek. 

And Niall let go of me and I saw his eyes his lovingly eyes are crying "A-are you alright.?" I asked him wiping his tears rolling down his cheeks "yeah, it's just. Don't worry about me" he said and wiped my tears off my cheeks. Those eyes are like a eyes of an angel. He tried to smile at me and wipe again the tears off my cheeks. And pulled me into one more hug and walk away. Leaving me here staring at the trees in front of me. Then I just keep thinking why is he crying?



the tears is just flowing down my face, I keep wiping my tears off but there's a new fresh tear rolling down again and again. When I first saw her in the concert I fell Inlove with her, when I heard that they will be in our bus I'm happy. Inside of me jumping up and down, it feels I'm exploding. 

Then I hugged her seconds later I heard her saying Harry's name that when the tears building up in my eyes and my sight got blurry. She thought I'm Harry who is hugging her. I need to let go and think somewhere else. It hurts so much, it really hurts inside. 



i ran to Ciara and saw her just staring to the tree. I snapped my finger and I got her attention. "Let's go to Louis' room." I said and pulled her up . 



"what was that? We are here to do our mission, not to beat each other. Thank god that you are okay." Said Louis in a brotherly voice and check my arms and hands. "Look at these, thank god it's just scratches. What if the fans saw it? " Louis said cleaning my hands with a alcohol "Don't worry it's fine. I need just couple ice and few days and the scratches will heal." I said and drink my water. He just shake his head. "You are really Inlove don't you?" He said asked "if you just heard him what he said. You will really beat the shit out of him" I said and drink again my water. 


"Hey do you want to change or not?" Said Eleanor in a soft caring voice. "Yeah Im gonna change upstairs, you want to join me pick my dress?" I said asked her but my voice is cracking from crying. "Yeah sure." And she smile and I smiled back. "Forget all what happened today, huh. After we stick this little gps at her back we will go clubbing okay?" She said rubbing my back "okay" i whispered and she hug me. And we walk out at their room.


"how about this ? This vertical black and white stripes dress? With this ?" I said and laying them on the bed with the blazer.


"yeah, i like your style. It's classy." She said and smiles "and wear this silver closed toe slip ons, and this studed skull classy wallet bag. " she said showing the shoes and bag. "I didn't know I have those. Oh whatever." I said and bring out my case of jewerlies. "What will you wear by the way? " I asked her while I unlocked my case.

"just a white dress and it stop above my knees. I bought it at forever 21. It's pretty simple. And I will partner it up with a black peep toe pumps and some accessories." She said and lay her dress on the other bed. "I like it. It's pretty and simple." I said and Open the case. 


"Wow" said whipered Eleanor. "Yeah I know, this things are importand to us. Becaus you know. When disguising. " i said and pick up the chanel gold earings, chanel gold necklace and a gucci wrist watch. 


"Yeah it's really important, to us. And by the way. We will buy new wigs at Wilshire Wigs. " she said looking at her Iphone map. 

 "Okay, so let's start " I said and smile. 



 "What time is it?" I asked Harry while I shove a carrots inside my mouth. "About 1:00 pm" said Harry "by the way where is Niall?" I said and yelled "Niall. Niall." And I heard Upstairs "Yes?" He responsed "oh nothing." I yelled back. "I hope the girls are okay, Ciara is crying when they walk in , in here." I said and look up at Harry "Harry are you listening to me?" I shout on the other side of the dinner table. I threw a little carrot at him and he snap "I hate you." I said in a hight pitch voice. Then I felt someone threw and carrot at me. "Oh How Dare you Harre" I said and threw back the carrot. "I saw you threw it. " he said and do the tounge thing . "Now you want a Carrot fight don't you.?" I said smirking and he nodded and bring out a bag of carrots from under the table. 

"How? What?" I said confused "Magic the queen Magic." He said and threw a carrot. "Oh you don't just threw a carrot at me. " i said and threw a two carrots. And we continue throwing carrot. 

Once Harry stop we heard a heels walking down the stairs.  

Then I saw Ciara and Eleanor walking down the stairs beautifully. I stare at Eleanor "beautiful"  i whispered and she giggle


"wow" I said looking at Ciara then I remember the first time I saw her. 

"Take a picture it will last longer." She said as they walk past me. "Good luck girls." Louis yelled and wave at them. "She is so beautiful " i said and Then Louis smack my head.


"Ow, that hurts." I said and do a puppy face. "Don't look at me like that." He said and threw a carrot at me. "Ble." I said and do again the tounge thing :P 



"the cars are already parked." I said to Ciara as she threw her cigarette inthe ashtray we are here sitting outside. 

"What kinds of cars by the way?" She asked and we stood up. "Lamborghini" I said and we smiled. 


"What model you want?" She aske me and the two cars are infront of us waiting for us to drive it. "Sesto Elemento or this LP 550-2 Tricolore?" She asked me again. "I'll use this one" i said pointing to Lp 550-2 Tricolore. 

"And that leaves me driving this car." She said and we go in the car. 

"This is going to be fun." I said and we drive out the garage and drive passing he guards at the gate. "Oh shoot, Liam and Zayn" I said to Ciara through earpiece. "Shoot." Sh response and their van drove pass us. "Hope they don't saw us." She said and we drive hoing to Gucci Store and wigs store. 



"what was that?" I said looking at the rear view mirror. "Is that Lamborghini? And drove out from this gate?" Said Zayn as our Van drive in the gate. "Yeah." I said "that cars are awesome, they are Limited Edition, you know that?" Zayn said and the Van parked. "Thank you Paul" we thank Paul. And we finally can go out the car. 



"hey Im just going to smoke." I said and I sit where tne ashtray is. 

Wait what is this? "Who smoke Marlboro Black with a red lipstick on it." I whispered to my self. And they left their lighter here. I lit up my Cigarette looking at the trees around me. It's pretty calm here. I really like it. 





here It is Lovelies. Sorry it's kinda short. The part 2 and the ending of this chapter is really really sucked . And the Engagement thing is really real OMG :))) Im happy for them but. I think It's too early for Zayn and Perrie to be Married you know. 20 years old I think the right age is 27 or 29. They are too young to be married. But you know if he does really love Perrie okay Im Happy for them. 

They will make beautiful and Handsome Babies :) so that's all for that Engagement thingy so what do you think what Peter said to harry? 

Is Zayn going to find out who owns the Lighter or not? 


Don't forget to smile :D forget the Haters I Love You :D byeeeeeeee 

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