Unknown Agent

I can change my face when needed, only my co worker and where I work really knows who I am. want to know me really well you need to work with me not friends with me. I can read what you are saying by looking at your lips, I know 30 languages and I can turn guns into pieces and I can remake them back without looking. guess you know what am I or who am I? i'll give you a one answer ,

Im a SPY !


9. Silence is Beauty , shhh!

"Ahh we're here, Sophia's dress and jewelries shop." I said as I go out the Car. It's really nice car. Hope we can keep it (hehe) "please park these cars nicely and perfect !" We said to the two boys who will park our Cars. They just nodded and go in the car. "You ready?" I asked Eleanor. "Yeah Im ready" she nodded and said it and we go in the shop. "Wait ma'am can I check your bags ?" Asked the security guard "yes sure. " we said with smiling and he checked our bags "you may go in." He said amd let us pass. 


"Welcome to Mi amore della salve Dress and Jewelries, i've been waiting for you girls." Said a girl wearing a ballgown dress with feathers on the tube top and with diamons on the skirt of her dress. "What is the names of this two girls?" She asked us, me and Eleanor looked at each other and smile at her. "Rose Dawson" I said as I put my nude lipstick on we changed our make ups and we wear wigs now. Eleanor is wearing a Black with a pink ombré and me wearing just a Blonde hair our wigs are just on the same length . It stops at the middle of our back, "Velvet Dawson" Eleanor said while smiling "whAt a beautiful names you have girls, Im Sophia Roberts. The owner of this beautiful world." While she said the beautiful world she was talking about those dresses around and the jewelries. You know what is great about this wig that Im wearing It's a human hair. "Girls Your Father Jack  Dawson, reserved this oppurtunity to meet me so Im gonna guide and show you all the best dresses we have." She said and she started walking. 

"Jack Dawson? Jag kan inte tro Louis. och han låtsas vår far, men det passar." ( Jack Dawson? I can believe Louis, and he pretend our father, but it does fit.) I said to Eleanor in a swedish language, and she giggled. "


"Ja, men sanningen är att han är min pojkvän." (Yeah, but the truth is he's my boyfriend) she replied and I giggle too. We are talking swedish because we don't want Sophia what we are talking. "So girls where are you from?" She asked us while we are walking up stairs. "our mother is Sweden our Father is Britain" I said and we giggle "oh so you are Swedish British?" She said it but it sounds like a question. 

"Yes we are." Eleanor said "but we live here now, we are new here. We moved here last week." Eleanor said "oh really, I can't believe. Because you girls have strong American accent." She said and she open a door to our left side. "We are fast learners." Eleanor said. "Here we are girls. The room our best gowns and jewelries. These gowns are high quality and really suit a girls , like you. " she said and look at me. "These are diffrent than the other dresses down stairs." She said while I look at the gowns. "Yes they are , because these gowns are for reserved costurmers." Sophia said "so just pick what ever you want, and what kind of gowns, dresses, or jewelries. You two I like your dress by the way." She said and walked away leaving us here looking at the gowns. 


"Yeah I like your dress." Eleanor and Me said in unison and we laugh. Oh me wearing a black dress the sleeve are lace and the skirt of this dress is silk and the top is silk to. And I'm wearing a leopard print heels and and I'm just carrying a purse. Eleanor is wearing a dress that stops above her knees this dress is over all laces and the nude dress inside is a silk. And he is wearing a vintage white pumps with a flower design drew on it. And her bag is hand bag and it's color white with signature design of Gucci. And she is wearing a watch and a gold earings. 


"I like this color yellow but this one here is nice too." I said while holding them up infront of me. "Yeah I like the Yellow too, and it will really fit on you because your skin is like Niall's skin. It will really define your skin color." She said and smile. "But if you really go dark, go dark. It your skin will look more whiter." She added "what do you think about this one?" She asked me and hold up a orange floor dress it's just simple but elegant. It's orange sheath floor length one shoulder dress. 

"That is PER-FECT" I said and she pass it to me "I'm gonna Try this on." I said and walk at where is the fitting room. 



I saw a Black floor length dress half sleeve and the top of the dress is a laces with a tube top in it and the skirt of the dress is all black. Simple and Perfect. "What do you think?" Ciara asked from behind and I turn around and "Wow, PERFECT" I whisper and she smile. "I think I found the one, it really fits me my curves and my body shape." She said turning around. "Me too I think I found the one. Let's move to her and start the You know." I said wiggling my brows. "Yeah sure I'm just gonna change" she said and go back in. 


"Let's go." She said walking out the fitting room "woah that was fast, I didn't expect that. That was 3 Minutes." I said shocked. 


"Why, you didn't train how to change clothes fast?" She asked me "yeah they didn't train me, that's why next year I'm gonna go to IMFE where is just near I can just drive. Not like here from England to here." I said looking at her. "So I think you are going to be my Partner in crime next year." She said and wink. "Let's go and start what we are gonna do." I said and we walk out the room. 


"Oh wait I forgot something, the Hologram. I. Gonna stick this tiny little friend Up there at the ceiling and turn it on." She said and  I just nodded and I walk. 


"You ready ?" I asked her we already wear our mask and our spy suit. We need to be Unknown to her. 


She turn off the lights at the first floor and we heard gasps. "Let's go." I said and we ran where Sophia is. 

She was at behind a cabinet at the first floor. I ready the the emergency mask that we already made and I wait to Ciara to finish her move. 


"don't move or I'll cut your neck." I said In a lower voice and place the knife near her . "Really? You are PATHETIC" she response with a hint of sarcasm. "Shhh, Silence is Beauty my dear, shhh." I said and let the knife touch her neck skin. She gasp "I'm more trained than you Sophia, your customers are dead. We put threw them away. And if you don't answer my question, You are next." I said lower threatening her. "I warned you, be a good girl." I said stroking her hair. She nodded fastly and she started shaking a bit. "That's right be scared." I said and ask her. "Are you aware with the business of your Parents? " I asked 

and she nodded "why? " I asked again. "Because I need money, we need money." She answered shakily 

"you can earn money in a good way, not in a bad way." I said slowly and hold her hand at the back more harder and I heard her groan. "I think One Direction is familiar to you right?" I asked said and she nodded. "What you gonna do to them and when?" I asked pulling her hand up to her back and making her groan again. Don't worry I'm just gonna break her arm not kill her. 

She shook her head and pull her hand up more. "Bomb them, with, with their guards." She said fast "good girl, when?" I asked again "Their premiere date, at London." She said "if I broke you arm, would you stop doing that? Because you will kill millions of people." I said pulling her hands up more. 


"Yes. Yes I will" she said nodding her head. I broke her arm and scream in pain. And I walk forward to reach Eleanor. I put my knife back and I snap Sophia's neck just to make her sleep for awhile. And Eleanor put on the mask on her. We change her dress and we walk upstairs. From where the room where we get the dresses. Don't worry we already paid the dress we bought before we do this. And I push the button self distruct because if they saw that hologram they will know its us.

I remove my spy suit and change the dress that I'm wearing. Eleanor did the same and we open the lights and we walk out the shop "stop, why is she sleeping?" Asked "the bad guys, they kidnap Sophia and they inject to this customer. " I said as I fake sobbing. "They are escaping now hurry before they got escape." I said and we run as fast as we could The drivers who parked our cars are now infront of us and the cars too. Thank you and I put Sophia on the right chair and closed the door. And I open the door to drivers seat and drive away. I open my purse and takeout a injection with a sleeping drug in it and inject it to her. 


"Silence is Beauty, shhh" I said as I patt her head. 


"Mission Success" said Eleanor to my earpiece and we just giggle and chuckled. 



what a short chapter. Sorry The ending is So corny. :( I sucked at endings so I apologize.

so what are they gonna do with Sophia? What if the plan of Sophia will not stop? Is that really her plan or there's more? Ohhh if you want to find out stay tuned. 


Can't wait, can't wait.. So that's all for this chapter see you next chapter. Good bye :) I love You :) YOU ARE PERFECT !

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