Unknown Agent

I can change my face when needed, only my co worker and where I work really knows who I am. want to know me really well you need to work with me not friends with me. I can read what you are saying by looking at your lips, I know 30 languages and I can turn guns into pieces and I can remake them back without looking. guess you know what am I or who am I? i'll give you a one answer ,

Im a SPY !


11. Early in the morning. [Part 1]



I got woke up by a poke on my nose." What?"  I said and cover the warmer up myface. Just leaving my eyes peeking. "Babe, Im sorry what I did last day. It just, im bad keeping my cool." Peter said stroking my hair. "Past is past, what time is it?" I ask him opening my eyes. "4 in the morning. Why?" He said seriously. I look down and saw Sophia sleeping "would you please move Sophia here on my bed. She can just sleep there." I said and close my eyes. "How about you? Would you like to sleep here on my bed?" He ask me looking at Sophia. "Why don't you just put Sophia on your bed and sleep here beside me. But! No monkey business. " I said and close my eyes. "Okay." He said and open my eyes and watch him untying Sophia's hand. Once he untie it he tie it again infront of her, then her feet he untie it and tie it together. 

He carry her up and gently drop her on his bed and pull the watmer up to her body. 

Sophia has red hair that stops under her breast. She always wear red lipstick but now that lipstick is smudge. I can't believe my bestfriend is my enemy, "you can sleep now, i will not bite you." I said to Peter and he lay down beside me. And hug me and pull me closer to his body. "No. Monkey business." I said reminding him again I felt him nodded and I close my eyes.



5 am in the morning, I don't know why I woke up this early. Me and Louis have laptops so if one of us is busy or doing something we can watch Sophia. The camera place at the top of the mirror door so I can see the two beds where Sophia is sitting. W-wait what? 

Where is Sophia the camera is on night vision wait, what? How? Sophia is sleepng on the other bed. The I look at the other bed there they are the two is cuddling. 

I told him not to touch Ciara again.  

I can't take it anymore I closed the laptop and  stood up, Niall is sleepinh peacefuly on the bed. I open the curtain just looking out the window and decided to go down stairs. 



Some annoying sound is ringing. I open my eyes look at my phone beside me. 

It's Bob calling me, i answered it "what?" I said weakly and husky. "Good morning Agent, rise and shine we are here now infront of you watching you and Peter cuddling. And It's just 5:00 am in the Morning." He said and I look down at my feet and saw him standing. I ended the call and remove the warmer off me and stood up. He opens the ligths and I squint my eyes, "I like darker places." I said as I cover my eyes with my palms. "Rise and Shine." He said "what? It's early in the morning." I said huskily "yes, I know. We are here to pick up Sophia. Where is she?" He ask me and I point where Sophia is sleeping. "Untie her." He said seriously and I walk to her and Untie the ropes. I wake her up she gasps. "What a horrible dream, t-thank you Ciara you woke me up." She said and hug me I look at Bob awkwardly "ah yeah No problem, so you wnt to see your father?" I ask hef like she's just a little girl that on't know what is happening around her. "Yes, i am." She said and smiled. I hold her hand up and she stood up. "He will take you with your father, don't worry it's just hours apart." I said and she slowly walk towards Bob. Bob just nodded and she holds Bob's right hand and they walk away. "See you soon, Agent." Said Bob and walk out the door. 


"This is unbelievable." I said because how can Sophia forget about what happened last day and yesterday. I decided to get some water down stairs. 



As I walk down the stairs I heard talking. Just whispering when they heard my footsteps they started shhing. I just ignore them and walk to the kitchen.

i reached the Kitchen I look up and saw Harry and Paul staring at me. "What?" I ask them and they look at my clothes. "Goddamn it" i whispered to my self, im just wearing gym short and a fit black tank top. "Ah, uhmm, I need to go now. I just need some coffee. See you in the morning." Said Paul excusing him self, and not looking at me. "Goddamn , I forgot to wear my robe." I said and I was gonna go back to stairs but "You can use mine." Harry said in his deep raspy voice.

I turn around to face him. "No it's okay, I'll get mine." I said and walk but he hold my right arm gently, and put the robe on my shoulder. "It's okay, you can use mine." He whisper near my ears. I just nodded slowly and wear his robe. "Thank you." I whispered back to him. I can feel his presence he is just inch away from me. He is on my back "no problem." He response and he put his hands on my hips, slowly moving his hands to my stomach "wish you can remember me now." He whispered slow and it's teasing me his voice is teasing me, and it turns me on. I hate it. 


He slowly pulling me to his body I can feel his hot breath blowing to my neck. "You are much taller now, I can tell." I said looking at the wall like its the interesting thing in the world. 

"How can you say that? " he said it slowly and deep. "Because I'm not wearing heels." I said and smirk. ( sorry I'm corny) he just chuckled "but you got taller." He said hugging me gently. "Stop teasing me Styles. It will not turn out good." I said and I smirk but I know he cannot see my face. 

"I'm not teasing you Hayes, You Are the one who is teasing me." He said huskily, that that voice I miss hearing it.

"Let's don't play, shall we." He said kissing my neck "stop" I said seriously but he didn't stop. "I said stop." I said a little louder. He stopped and hug me tightly "I know it turns you on." He said raspy and deep. It really turns me on and I hate it "yes it is, and I hate it. Because you still really know how to turn me on." I said 

He slowly turn me around to face him.


Now we are facing each other  "I know you can remember me, I love you." He whispered and look into my eyes "the shine in your eyes is now gone, but there's sadness and loneliness" he said Looking down at me. He is still hugging my body "I miss you, giving me warm every night " I said slowly rubbing his arms. He just looking into my eyes and slowly lean in.  He kiss my lips just a smack then he repeat it teasing me. "Don't tease me now, let's loose it control" I said cheekily smiling and I hug his neck and he kiss me.

 He hug me tightly and and deepening the kiss. 

He walk forward and pressed me to the wall, we stop and catch our breath "You still remember me." He said and lean and kiss me again. He let go of me and put his hands on the wall and me between his hands we kiss and we kiss till we let go. "Let's not do it here." He said and carry me. "Where? " I asked "to the 2nd secret room" he said cheekily. I didn't know that there's another secret room.  He walk where the Movie room and open the door , het gently put me down on the sofa and there's a shelf that full of book. He pulled one book and the black wall open. " let's go" he said and I stood up following him. The walls automatically closed and there's a stairs going down we walk down it and there's a door. 

He open the door and there's a White bed it's a king size bed it's simple but really elegant. There's couches too. He carry me again and start kissing me again. "I miss you." He said between the kiss. 

"You don't even know" I said between the kiss and I felt he smiled. He is walking while he is carrying me and he lay me down on the bed. "Later say thank you to your robe" I said jokingly and he smiled again between the kiss. He is on above me his hands on the bed we rolled and now I'm above him. "I miss you so much" 



sorry for not updating yesterday. I got really busy yesterday, and I'm really tired yesterday. So this just the part one. Hope you like it wait there's more this is just the part on. 

What will happen? What do you think? So don't forget to comment, like and Favorite :D thank you for liking , reading and favoriting this book. Read my new movella Light to Dark it's all about Rose Dawson (Sophia Roberts) and its about Love,Friendship and Betrayal.  

That's all Don't mind the haters You are PERFECT ! I LOVE YOU <3

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