The Endless Chain

This story is a romantic short story/play. It's about love, the dangers of it and how it can effect everyone. Oh, and it's in reverse order (There are 10 chapters). I used this as a final project for my English class and received an A on it. Apparently it was one of the best stories my teacher had ever read. Let's see if he's right...


10. Chapter 10

Main Building, April 21st, 2012


            Tony and his parent’s arrive at the main building and head up to the second story, to the admissions office. Tony Delmonico had been accepted into The University’s honors college and was here for an accepted student tour. Their tour guide is his future RA, Louis.


“It looks like we have enough people to get a tour group going.” Louis said, calling in the families to the center of the room. “If you’ll follow me, we’ll go explore the campus and hopefully, you’ll have a great time and decide to come here!” Louis led the group down the stairs to the center of the main floor. “We’re going to do a really quick icebreakers activity, since we only have about six families in the tour. Why don’t you go first.” Louis pointed to me. “Just say your name, major and where you’re from.”


I started the chain. “Hi, I’m Tony Delmonico. I’m from Liverpool, New York and I’m a mechanical engineering major.”


The next girl went. “Hi I’m Brittney Polsin. I’m from Hershey, Pennsylvania and I’m biology major.


Then another girl. “Hey, I’m Erika Johnson. I’m from Media, Pennsylvania and I’m a biomedical engineering major.


The only other guy in the group went, “Yo, I’m Gary Owens. I’m from Houston, Texas and I’m a chemical engineering major.


The next girl talked, “Hi, I’m Jenna Tillman. I’m from Mt. Laurel, New Jersey and I’m a biomedical engineering major.


Then there was the last girl. The one to my left. “Hi, I’m Ashley Evans. I’m from Scranton, Pennsylvania and I’m a biomedical engineering major as well.


“If you come out this way, I’ll lead you to the Dining Center.” Louis led the group on the short walk to the Dining Hall. “This is the Dining Center, or as the students call it here, the Hall. We also have food options such as TacoBell or ChickFilA.”


When we were just about in front of South Hall, some kid comes by me quickly and say, “Save yourself now, don’t come here.” I wasn’t sure if he was serious of just trying to scare me.


Louis showed us a dorm room in Robert Hall, on the floor he was going to RA, the 7th floor, we looked at Room 713. It wasn’t very big.


The weirdest thing though that happened was at the end of the tour. I was talking to my parents on how I liked campus, when two students run by me and put a piece of paper in my hands. I opened the paper up and it said, “Coma.” I shrugged, confused at why I was handed this piece of paper and then I crumpled it up. I heard my mom say “You better recycle it.”


About two blocks down, I threw it in the garbage. 

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