Scott and Lydia's baby


4. Derek -_-

Days went by that turned into weeks, me and Lydia just pulled together even closer and no one had really found out yet it’s not like I can just tell someone and even stiles as if I can just walk up to my best friend, tell him that I slept with the love of his life and got her pregnant …uhhh what am I going to do.

As for me and Lydia I didn’t even know if we were even together as a couple, like sure we hung out and we had a lot to deal with but, like we don’t do that kind of “dating “stuff.

I know I’m supposed to be an alpha and stuff but I’ve still got a lot to learn, like what is this baby going to turn out like, its mom is uhh I guess a dead people finder, and its dad is a werewolf.

…Crap I’m going to have to talk to Derek…

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