All I want is Lou

All Avery ever wanted was for Louis Tomlinson to be her boyfriend. And having her bestfriend be Niall Horan she felt like she had a chance. But her life took several unexpected and horrible turns. Does it turn out the way she wants? And does she get the guy? Read more to find out!


4. Hospital.

The ride to the hospital is about 15 minutes, but those 15 minutes were the longest 15 minutes ever. I got to the hospital parked my car and me and Niall ran inside.

"Uhm what room is Maggie Jennings in?" I asked the lady at the counter.

"What's your relation to her?"

"I'm her sister.. Avery Jennings."

"Room 210 Miss. Jennings."

"Thank you." I said as me and Niall ran to the elevator. I looked at the directory to see what floor the 200s were on. We got in the elevator and pushed the floor number. When the door opened I ran out and down the hall to room number 210. It was at the end of the hallway. I went to open the door and a large but strong man stopped me.

"Avery, You cant go in there." I looked up to see who was holding me.


"Happy Birthday Honey." I pushed out of his arms and punched him in the stomach. But he didn't flinch. I went over to my mom who's eyes were red and puffy.

"Why can't I go in there?" I asked her.

"They are doing tests on her to see what disease she has."


"I'm sorry to say that she does." The doctor said coming out of the room.

"But. What kind of cancer does she have?" I asked.

"She has Leukemia. It should really start to affect her within two years and three to four years it should.."

"Kill her?" I asked. The doctor just put his head down. "Well can I go in to see her?"

"Yes you may." The doctor said.

"Alone?" I asked facing everybody. They all nodded their heads. I slowly walked in the room. Maggie was sleeping. I walked over to the chair next to her bed and sat down. I looked at her and started stroking her soft little hand.

"hmmm.." she said waking up.

"Shhhh its ok.. its just me." I said

"Avery? Where are we?" she asked. Tears started forming in my eyes. Does she remember? Do I have to be the one to tell her?

"Babygirl, we are in the hospital." I said. The tears were falling down my face.

"oh. Yeah. I'm sorry you had to find out on your birthday." she said.

"Don't be sorry. Its not your fault." I said.

"So I only have three years?" I couldn't hold back anymore. I started sobbing. I could barely breath.

"Honey, in those three years we will do everything you ever wanted to do."

"When can I go home?"

"You can go home right now." the doctor said.

"Do you want to go with me and Niall? or mom?"

"Can I go with you?" I looked at my mom and she shook her head and Niall walked in.

"Hey Mags!" he said and his eyes were also red and puffy.

"Hey Niall!" Maggie said. "Happy Birhday!!"

"Thanks sweetiepieee!" Niall said.

"Lets get you out of bed and go sign you out!" I said. Me and Niall both helped her out of bed and walked her outside of the room. My mom grabbed her hand and started walking with her to the elevator.

"Can I see my daughter too?" we heard my dad yell.


"Maggie just keep  walking." I said. The elevator came and I heard my dad running down the hallway. I pushed the floor 1 button and the close door button a bunch of times. We got to the lobby and hurried out the door. Once we got to the parking garage my mom got in her car and Niall, Maggie, and I got in my car. I followed my mom out of the parking garage and we drove home. once we got home, I saw Emily, Nicole, Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Harry standing on the lawn with flowers, teddy bears, and chocolates. Maggie got out of the car and ran up to each of them receiving her gift, and giving them each hugs and thank yous. She then ran inside to put all of her stuff away. Niall got out of the car and gave each boy a hug. I then got out of the car and walked up to them. I stood like 3 feet in front of Emily and then burst out in tears. She grabbed me and brought me into a hug. They all gathered around in a group hug trying to comfort me. I soon broke the hug and just stood there.

"Lets go watch a movie." I stated. We all walked inside and they sat on the couch. "Maggie come downstairs we are going to watch a movie!" I yelled up the stairs. She was holding the teddy bear that Harry gave her. She had always had a crush on Harry. She ran into the living room and sat down right next to him.

"Hey you have the teddy bear I gave you!" Harrry said smiling.

"I know! what should I name her?" she asked.

"Whatever you want to!" Harry said.

"hmm.. How bout.. Darcy?!?" she said.

"Well I happen to love that name very much!" He said.

"Then its official! Her name is Darcy Anne Jennings!"

"She's perfect!" Harry said hugging Maggie. I walked in with popcorn and sat down next to Maggie. I put the popcorn on the table and niall grabbed two handfuls full of it.

"What movie do we wanna watch?" I asked.

"Toy story!" Liam shouted

"Finding Nemo!" Niall shouted

"Love actually!" Harry shouted.

"Grown Ups 2!" Maggie shouted.

"WEEE HAVE A WINNERR! DING DING DING!!!" Louis shouted. We all laughed at his stupidity. I got up and put in grown ups two.



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