if you only knew

.............. read it and find out


2. another year i hell "school"

Hello my name is Madison "class say hi Madison" Mrs.grace said. Well nobody said anything but this one kid the cutest guy in the class he was on the football team. He was that guy that would date a cheerleader one of those jocks. Well anyways as the class laughed at me for being my self he actually said hi well whatever probably just trying to be nice. So i just walked back to my seat and sat as everyone else went up everyone said hi to one another except me. I thought and realized cause i was myself i wore boot cut jeans with a black long sleeve shirt. And everyone was wearing shorts that show there whole ass and a tight tight tight tight tank top pink black red the basic "cool kid style" or as i call it sluty style. The rest of the day was bassicaly a boomer everyone was annoying just a few more years until im out of this hell hole. i got home and went straight to my room and layed done on my bed. 

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