Is the key to happiness falling in love? To fall in love with someone that means the world to you, cares about you, and protects you. What if it was... unexpected...?


11. The Concert


          The  concert started at 8 P.M. and ended at 10 P.M. Harry texted me to get ready at about 7 P.M. so he could pick me up. I decided that I would take a shower when we came back so I just changed my clothes. I wore a pair of denim high wasted shorts, a sparkly black tank top, and my full black converse. I picked my hair up in a pony tail and put my make up on.

          I heard someone knocking at the door after I finished applying make up to my eyes, "Hey Harry."

          He smiled as his eyes looked at me from top to bottom, "Hey beautiful."

          I playfully pushed him so he could stop stripping me with his eyes, "Come on."

          He lightly laughed, "Okay." He planted a soft kiss on my lips and held my hand as we walked out together.

         We went outside and he pulled out his keys. He had a black Ferrari, "This is your car?"

         He smiled at my question, "Yes... Something wrong?"

        "Nope," I shook my head as he opened the door for me and I got in. He went to the drivers seat and started the ignition.


         When I got out of the car, I started to stretch. It was a 2 hour ride, and I was so tired. Harry came up to me from behind and hugged me by my waist, "We're here."

         I smiled as I turned around and kissed his plump lips, "Then lets go."

         We entwined our fingers together and walked to the stadium. Harry gave the man at the front our tickets and we went in. As we sat in our seats, we saw so many other people already sitting in their seats.

         "Harry," I said.

         He looked at me, "Yeah?"

         "Who's your roommate?" I questioned him.

         He looked confused, "Zayn... Why?"

         I smiled, "Because, since Zayn and Perrie are dating and you and I are dating, why don't Zayn and I switch for the night?"

         He liked the idea, "I'll ask him when we get back."

         "Perfect," I replied happily.

         After about half an hour, the concert started. The first song was 'Teenage Dream'. I loved that song so much. I started to sing along, but Harry kept laughing at my singing. I knew I was a bad singer, but he kept making fun of me.

         After 'Teenage Dream' finished, Katy said a few things to the audience then started to sing 'Firework'.


         The concert was amazing and I thanked Harry so many times. We went to Harry's dorm, luckily Zayn liked the idea and went to go sleep with Perrie and I slept by Harry.

         He opened the door, "Ladies first."

         I smiled and went inside, "Thank you."

~ Harry's Point Of View ~

          She went inside and sat on Zayn's bed. I followed her and sat behind her, "I love you so much Lina."

          She turned around and met my gaze, "I love you to."

          I got closer to her and kissed her plump pink lips for about 2 minutes. I laid down slowly while holding her waist. She was finally on top of me and laid there looking into my green eyes while I looked at her big brown ones. She was beautiful and perfect. I loved every little thing about her. I smiled, but just then, she pushed her hands up against my chest and got up.

          I got up after her, "What are you doing?"

          She looked at me, "Going to the bathroom. I will be right back."

          I smiled, "Okay."

          I got up from the bed and kicked off my shoes. I took off my pants and stood there with just my underwear and shirt. I was looking through my drawers trying to find a pair of clean short when I heard a familiar voice, "Wow, you look hot in your boxers," Lina said as she came from behind me and hugged me by my waist.

          I quietly laughed, "I was looking for a pair of shorts Lina."

          She grabbed my arm and pulled me over to my bed, "Why? Just stay in those."

          She winked at me and pushed me onto the bed, "Lina, what are you doing?!"

          She giggled and came on top of me, "Nothing."

          I looked at her as she was biting her lips, "Oh my gosh Lina."

          Lina sat up on my stomach and started to rub my chest with her small hands, "Shh... Don't say anything."

          I knew where she was going with this, "Lina, don't do this. Not now, please."

          She looked at me, "I'm not doing anything. I'm just rubbing your chest, that's it."

          I kind of felt relieved for a second, "You sure?"

          She knew what I meant, "Oh my gosh Harry! Your so dumb!" She playfully punched my on my arm while laughing.

          I laughed at her response, "Don't tell me you weren't going to start anything. I knew you were."

          She looked kind of disgusted, "That's what you thought, but that's not what I was going to do. Harry, I wasn't going to have sex with you."

          I sat up straight and had her sit on my lap, "Why not?"

          I winked at her as she pushed me, "You're so stupid."

          I laughed as she got up from my lap and looked through my posters that were hanging on my side of the wall, "What are you doing Lina?"

          She smiled, "Just looking through your posters."

          Just as I was about to reply to her, her phone buzzed from her pocket. She covered her mouth with her hand and I could see tears forming in her eyes, "I have to go Harry. I'm so sorry."

          ~ Lina's Point Of View ~

          I hurriedly opened Harry's door and left the room as soon as I could. I tried to find Louis' dorm. I finally found it about 5 minutes later and knocked as hard as I could. Louis' roommate opened the door, "Lina, what's wrong?"

          It was the blond haired boy that was friends with Perrie, "Niall, where's Louis?"

          He looked at me so worried as I kept sobbing, "In the bathroom. Come in until he gets out of the shower."

          I went inside and sat on Louis' bed. I kept sobbing while Niall kept asking me about what had happened. I ignored him every time. My mind was flooding with so many thoughts.

          I heard the bathroom door open and I lifted my head up immediately as Louis talked, "Oh my gosh Lina. What happened?!"

          He was wearing his shorts, but with no top, "Louis, I have bad news."

          He looked so worried, "What's going on Lina?"

          I hugged him tightly, "Mom got in a car accident and didn't make it."

          I could feel his tears wetting my shoulder, "Lina, is she in the hospital right now."

          I let go of him, "Yeah, but they wont let us see her, because it's to late. She died once she crashed."

          He stood there shaking, "What did she crash into?"

          I cleared my throat, "A tree."

          Niall stood there in shock, "I'm so sorry guys."

          I looked at him as my tears started to form again, "Thanks Niall."

          He came over to hug me and then he hugged Louis, "Thanks mate," said Louis.

          I went to my room to find the lights turned off. I opened them and saw Zayn and Perrie cuddling under the covers of Perrie's bed.

          I didn't even care to change into my pajamas. I went straight into my bed and tried to sleep. It was a lot to take in after both of my parents were gone now...



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