Is the key to happiness falling in love? To fall in love with someone that means the world to you, cares about you, and protects you. What if it was... unexpected...?


20. Saying Good-Bye

Author's notes ~ Hi everyone! Well, I finally had some free time and will update today. Remember to please comment your thoughts, like and favorite this movella, and fan me!! It would mean sooo much to me. Anyways, here is Chapter 20, enjoy my Royal Cupcakes. <33

~ Lina's Point Of View ~

Today was the second day of break and Louis, Harry and I were heading to our place for the rest of break. Eleanor, Zayn, and Perrie were going to visit Paris for the week, so they would be coming to ours next week.  Niall, on the other hand, was going to visit his family in Ireland for the whole break. We were going to miss him, but he really missed his family back home, so he decided on going. He was going to leave this afternoon along with Eleanor, Perrie, and Zayn.

It was 3 in the afternoon and I was alone in my dorm with Harry. I was getting my clothes ready so I could take them back home when we went. Harry just laid on my bed watching my pack my things. I tried to block my face when he took a picture of me, "Harry, don't take a picture!"

He chuckled a bit, "Why, you look adorable."

I threw my tank top that was in my hand, "Shut up. I'm not adorable."

He held up the tank top and took a look at its lace texture. I always wore a colored tank top under it so it would cover my bra, obviously.

He just continued to smile while he looked at it, "This is a cute top, and don't argue with me. Your are very adorable."

I agreed with his and didn't argue anymore, but I snatched the tank top from his hand, "Thank you."

He sat up straight on my bed and rested his back on the wall. He was wearing sweat pants that were hanging down which reveled his black Calvin Klein underwear. He kicked off his shoes by the door, which meant he was in his socks and was wearing a white V-neck that kind of showed his abs. In conclusion to his outfit, he wore a light gray beanie which hid his curls under.

He obviously caught me staring at him, which made me get out of my thoughts, "Am I entertaining you with my body?"

I giggled, "What can I say? You have a nice body."

He smirked, "So do you."

I finished packing all my stuff and zipped up my bag. I only left an outfit just in case we went anywhere today before we headed back home.

"Harry, I'm going to take a quick shower, so I will be done in about 10 or 15 minutes." I headed into the shower.

He nodded, "Okay, I will wait for you out here."

With that, I stripped off all my clothes and turned on the warm water.

~ Harry's Point Of View ~

She closed the door behind her and I heard her turn on the shower. I turned on my phone and opened up twitter. I was shocked at what I saw.

'@LeaBrianss @Harry_Styles Harry, can we please meet up someplace? I would like to talk to you alone. And if you would like to, bring Niall with you. I think you know where I'm going with this...'

I quickly DMed her.

To - Lea Brians

'Lea, who are you?'

Luckily, she was online at that moment.

To - Harry Styles

'Don't fuck with me Harry. You know exactly who I am.'

To - Lea Brians

'I swear I don't. And could you please explain to me what Niall and I both did to you?'

To - Harry Styles

'So your telling me that you don't remember tying me up to a fucking pole outside of a bar while you and Niall went and had fun?'

To - Lea Brians

'Okay, I kind of remember now, but Niall and I were both drunk. We didn't know what we were doing. We are both really sorry.'

To - Harry Styles

'Doesn't matter anymore, I kind of forgive you. But I still need to talk to both you and Niall.'

To - Lea Brians

'Why? What happened?'

To - Harry Styles

'My mom and dad both found out and I over heard them talking. They said that they were going to try and find both of you and turn you both in.'

To - Lea Brians

'What?! How did they find out?'

To - Harry Styles

'Remember Michael, my ex?'

To - Lea Brians

'Yeah, I think so.'

To - Harry Styles

'Well, after we broke up, he kept hurting me and using me for sex. One day, I declined to have sex with him so I hit him. He got really pissed so he told them.'

To - Lea Brians

'I'm so sorry for that. But thanks for the heads up about your parents. I will tell Niall immediately, but for now, stay safe and please keep me posted on everything.'

To - Harry Styles

'Yeah of course, and I don't need to see you two anymore.'

To - Lea Brians

'Alright, well I have to go. Thanks for everything and sorry for what Niall and I did to you.'

To - Harry Styles

'Okay, bye.'

With that, I closed twitter and locked my phone. Just then, Lina came out of the bathroom with the laced top that she threw at me and a pair of blue skinny jeans. Her hair was fully brushed and held in a side braid. She smiled at me and walked towards the mirror. She applied her mascara, eyeliner, and foundation. I watched her carefully as she finished, even though I knew she knew I was staring at her because she was smiling.

"You look beautiful Lina," I said out of the blue.

She walked over to her shoes and wore her black Toms, "So are you."

I smirked, "Beautiful? Really?"

She giggled this time, "Fine, your cute and adorable."

"More like hot and sexy," I fought back.

"Now you just being cheesy," she laughed as she came closer to me and leaned towards my chest. She laid her head on my chest and I could feel the smile that was playing on her lips.

We laid there for a while until she got up and took her phone that was laying on her desk. She smiled as she was looking on the screen. "Why are you smiling?"

She turned around so she was looking at me, "Oh, Louis posted a picture of us and our parents when we were 10."

I got off her bed and walked over to her. I leaned over and looked at the picture, "You look like your mom."

She giggled slightly, "Yeah, and Louis looks more like my dad."

I smiled, "Girls with girls and boys with boys."

Her smile faded as she put her phone back down on her desk. She tried covering her face so I couldn't see the tears forming n her eyes. I grabbed her wrist and pulled it down so she was looking at the floor, "Lina, look at me."

She slowly looked into my eyes. I smiled, "Lina, I know what your going through. I know it's not easy, but we can get through this, together. I love you so much and I hope you know that. I will help you get through this, I promise."

"I love you to Harry." She smiled with a little sniffle. I hugged her as tight as I could and I could feel my shirt get a little wet because of her tears. She giggled, "Sorry I got your shirt wet."

I kept hugging her, "Don't worry about it."

~ Louis' Point Of View ~

I was still bummed that I wouldn't see Eleanor for a week. She was going to leave in an hour and I wanted to spend every second I had with her. We were both laying in my bed, watching a movie. We were watching The Last Song together and every once in a while, Eleanor would scoot a little bit closer to me even though there was no more space between us. I loved her from the moment I saw her gorgeous face. I never wanted her to leave my life because she was special and everything I wanted.

"Eleanor," I broke the silence.

She kept her eyes locked on the TV screen. "Hmm?" was the only sound that came out of her lips.

"I love you and I hope you know that," I just wanted to let her know before she left to Paris.

She scooted away from me so she was sitting up straight. I could see a smile forming on her perfect pink lips. "I love you to Lou and I hope you know that," she emphasized the word 'you'.

I smiled as I spooned her as I wrapped my hand around her thin waist and pulled her closer to me. We were literally an inch away from each other and I started to lean in, kissing her pink lips. She kissed back immediately and the kiss turned into a very passionate one in an instant. I felt her arms wrap around my neck as I slowly leaned down on the bed until she was laying on top of me.

She broke the kiss, "Louis, I am going to miss you so much."

I chuckled a little, "Don't worry, I'm going to call you everyday and plus, it's only a week."

She smiled and kissed my lips again. The kiss became passionate again as our lips moved in sync for about 2 minutes.

It was a slow kiss and I kind of liked it that way. I could tell she did to. When I broke the kiss, she was breathing harder. I just smiled and looked straight into her eyes, "You're so beautiful."

She slightly blushed which made me smile bigger. She was truly beautiful and I would never change a single thing about her. She was flawless to me which made me love her even more.

* * *

We went to the airport and Lina, Harry, and I all came to the airport with the rest of them so we could all say our good-byes.

I was holding Eleanor's hand the whole time and we were both sharing a kiss once in a while.

Perrie, Zayn, and Eleanor all showed their tickets to the airport workers. Niall's plane was leaving in two hours so he was saying good-bye to the others as well before they left.

I hugged Eleanor for a while, "I love you so much."

We let go of each other and I saw the smile that was playing on her lips, "I love you more."

I chuckled, "That's impossible." We both shared a little laugh before I gave her a passionate kiss that made the others 'ooh' at us.

Everybody hugged each other for about 5 minutes until they had to leave. We all watched them enter the plane before we left to go to Niall's plane.

~ Niall's Point Of View ~

Harry, Louis, Lina, and I all walked over to my plane entrance. Harry came by my side, "Niall, we need to talk about that tweet."

I looked at him with a confused expression on my face, "What do you mean? Did she say something else?"

Louis and Lina couldn't hear us because they were having their own conversation. He sighed, "Yeah, and it's kind of bad news."

"What did she say?" I asked.

He sighed once again, "Her parents found out what e did to her because of her stupid ex-boyfriend and she said that she over heard her parents saying that they would turn us in if they found us."

My eyes widened, "What?!"

"I was surprised when I found out to," He replied with a nervous tone in his voice.

I sighed heavily, "How did she tell you? Did she call you or something?"

He shook his head, "No, she tweeted me saying that she needed to talk so I DMed her and luckily she was already online so we talked and she told me. She said she forgives us though."

"I guess that's kind of good, but what was her name again?" I asked.

We reached my plane entrance and sat down in the seats while we waited. Harry sat next to me while Louis and Lina sat across from us talking about Paris. Harry looked at me, "Lea Brians."

I sighed, "All we can do is wish for the best."

"Niall, what if her parents find us? Then what?" He asked.

I pat his shoulder, "I don't know, but we will try to talk to them. I'm just as scared as you are mate."

He sighed and covered his head in his hand.

* * *

My plane was going to fly in 10 minutes and I was handing my ticket to the airport worker. I hugged everybody and we all said our good-byes. I hugged Harry and whispered, "Harry, don't worry, we will figure something out."

We let go of each other and he nodded, "Yeah, I know."

I smiled at all of them, "Bye, see you all after break."

They all smiled back and said good-bye. I entered the plane and waited for lift off. I was happy to see my family again, but at the same time, I was worried about what was going to happen to Harry and I. All we have to do is wish for the best...

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