Is the key to happiness falling in love? To fall in love with someone that means the world to you, cares about you, and protects you. What if it was... unexpected...?


18. Last Day

Authors notes ~

IM SO EXTREMLY SORRY FOR NOT UPDATINGGGGGGG! I have school to attend and well that includes homework, projects, studying, and so on. To make that up to you all, here is an extra long chapter for all my Royal Cupcakes!!! Don't forget to like, comment, and fan!!!! Enjoyy!


~ Lina's Point of View ~

It was Friday, the last day before break. The lovely West Bridge College gave all the students that went here a break every semester. I guess it was a gift because we got to do anything we wanted, but stay at the college. They gave us 2 months off while foreign students came and explored the campus. The foreign students were all from America and came to England to explore different colleges. During these two months, the students would be staying at our dorms and learning stuff that we learned. Pretty cool I guess.

Class started at 12 today and it was only 9:30. I always woke up early, but I was used to it. I decided to text Louis, knowing that he would be laying in bed, on twitter, reading random tweets and tweeting random tweets.

From - LinaLove

' Hey Lou '

From - LouBear

' Hey cutie '

From - LinaLove

' What are you doing? '

From - LouBear

' Nothing, just on twitter. '

Typical Louis.

From LinaLove -

' As always. Anyways, did you tell everybody about coming to our house and hanging out? '

Louis and I were planning on getting everybody to come to our house that we didn't sell yet to just hang out together. We were planning on selling the house when we really needed the money. Since both our parents died, we got their will, which included money that Louis and I both split up. We were okay at the moment.

From - LouBear

' I will tell them today, but are you ready to go back? '

From - LinaLove

' Yeah, I'm ready. We both went there once to get Mom and Dad's will, I can go again. '

From - LouBear

' Good. Well anyways, I'm going to go hop in the shower. I want to surprise El with something I bought her yesterday when I was with Harry. '

From - LinaLove

' Wow, look at you. Can I see what you got her? '

From - LouBear

' It's the diamond bracelet that Mom always wore. Are you okay if I gave it to her? '

From - LinaLove

' Of course I am. I have plenty of other accessories that Mom gave me. Give it to her, she's special. '

From - LouBear

' Thanks Lina. Love you. '

From - LinaLove

' Love you more Lou. See you later, bye. '

From - LouBear

' Bye. '

With that, I locked my phone and laid it on my bedside table. I got up and hopped into the shower.

Five minutes later, I was out. I wasn't that dirty, so I didn't want to take that long in the shower. I had about 2 ours left, so I decided I wanted to curl my hair. I blow dried my hair and got my curling iron out of my drawer.

It didn't take me that long to curl it. When I was done, I looked at myself in the mirror. Wow, Mom was right when she kept nudging me to do my hair. It turned out really nice. I went over to my closet and picked out some clothes. I picked a pair of denim shorts and my Bob Marley t - shirt that I tucked in. I wore my black converse and looked at myself in the mirror once again.

Wow, I looked better than I thought. Perrie woke up at 11 o'clock and without a word, went inside the bathroom and turned on the shower.

I left with my iPhone in my hand. I started to walk out of the room, when my phone beeped.

From - SexyH Xx

' Hey lovely. '

From - LinaLove

' Hey. '

From - SexyH Xx

' Good morning babe. You should come over. '

From - LinaLove

' No, I can't. I have to go to the library. '

From - SexyH Xx

' For? '

From LinaLove -

' I need to finish my drama homework. '

From - SexyH Xx

' Oh, well then, I will meet you there. '

From - LinaLove

' See you there. '

I locked my phone and slid it into my back pocket.

* * *

~ Louis' Point Of View ~

It was almost 12 and I was heading over to Eleanor's dorm. I wanted to give her the bracelet before we went to class.

I finally reached her dorm and knocked. Danielle opened the door and let me in. She started, "Looking for El?"

I nodded, "Yeah, have you seen her?"

She smile, "She headed to the library."

I smiled, "Thanks so much Dani."

With that, I left and headed to the library.

* * *

I entered the library and searched for Eleanor. I finally found her looking for a book. I also saw Lina and Harry sitting at a table doing some homework. I completely ignored Lina and Harry and put my full attention to Eleanor who was smiling at me, "Hey Lou." She said with a kiss.

"Hey love," I replied with the box with the bracelet I my hand.

She smiled, "What's that?"

"Just a little gift for the love of my life," I smirked.

I opened up the box before she got the chance to reply.

"Lou, is that for me?" She questioned as she examined it with it in her hand.

I grinned at her, "Yeah. It was my mothers bracelet. Lina let me give it to you since my mom gave all her jewelry to her."

She gave me the tightest hug, "Thank you so much. I love you Lou. And don't forget to give a thanks to Lina."

"Don't worry about Lina, I already thanked her," I smiled.

I helped her put the bracelet on her small wrist, "Do you like it?"

She grinned, "I love it."

I gave her a kiss on the lips and looked through the book shelves with her.

~ Harry's Point Of View ~

"So Miss. Liar, you now decided to tell me you were playing Juliet?" I asked with a smirk.

She smiled, "Well, I wanted to keep it a secret because I wanted t see what you would do."

"Well, I didn't really do anything about it because Mr. Jeff told me their was no one else who played the role of Romeo as good as me, so I kind of had to do it. Whether you played Juliet or not, I would still be Romeo," I replied.

She laughed a little, "Well I want this role very much. Louis told me it would be fun and plus, my mom taught me a few acting tricks I should use if I ever became an actress."

"Oh well, we will have a good time. Trust me and your brother, this will be a great play."

"Lets wish for the best," she nearly whispered.

With that, the bell rang and everyone went to class.


Author's notes ~

Yeah, I know it isn't that long, but I wrote this at midnight, so I was very tired. Anyways, I hope you all liked it. I hope I can update maybe tomorrow. I will try my best making it a long chapter. Please like, comment, and fan me!! It really motivates me into writing more. By the way, you all should read 'Crave You' by MarcelLover It's a really good fan fiction. It only has 5 chapters, but they are really good. I recommend it to all of you! Love all of my Royal Cupcakes!!

Much Love ~ Mrs. KristenaStyles <3


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