Is the key to happiness falling in love? To fall in love with someone that means the world to you, cares about you, and protects you. What if it was... unexpected...?


1. First Day


          Stranded in the middle of no where, I find myself alone. Stranded by myself. How did I get here? How do I get out of here? " Lina! Lina! Lina!" I hear someone call at me.

          I woke up from my dream to find my brother Louis calling my name, "What do you want?!" I hiss at him.

          "You're going to be late for your first day of college," he answered leaving the room.

          I got up from my comfortable light blue flowered bed and enter the bathroom. I striped all my clothes off of from my tanned body and get into the shower. I turn the water on and feel the hot water stream into my hair and all over my body. I started to wonder how college would be like, but just then I heard Louis call to me again, "Lina, come on you have 20 minutes to get fully ready!"

          I smirked, "I'll be ready by then, don't worry."

          My brother Louis and I were twins, but I was older by exactly a minute. Unfortunately, we still have to go to the same college together.

          I get out of the shower and get ready. I wrapped a towel under my arms and another towel in my hair. I was looking for something to wear. I grabbed a long sleeved, sparkly dark blue shirt, black pants, and my dark blue converse. I dried my curly brown hair with my towel and let it dry. Looking myself in the mirror, I thought about some finishing touches so I applied some mascara and lip gloss.

          I grabbed my stripped black and white shoulder bag and head down stairs where my mom and Louis were eating breakfast, "Told you I would be ready," I looked at Louis as I joined the two.

          "Mom, why does she have to attend the same college as me? It's bad enough that I'm related to her," he snorted to my mom.

          Before my mom was going to respond to him with one of her brother and sister lectures, i interrupted her, "It's not like I'm going to hang out with you. Besides, we aren't even going to have the same classes together."

          "I hate being your twin," he said sarcastically with a fake smile on his face.

          I put on the same fake smile as him, "That makes two of us."

          I could tell that my mom was a little irritated, but she was used to it since it was an everyday thing between Louis and I. She shook her head while looking at the two of us, "Louis, be nice to your sister. That goes for you to Lina. You two are going to the same college for the next four years whether you like it or not. Got it?"

          "Got it," Louis and I both answered in unison, rolling our eyes.


                                                                   ~ COLLEGE ~

          My mom dropped Louis and I to the college, West Bridge College. Oh my gosh. This place is huge!!! I thought to myself.

          "Bye mom," Louis and I waved goodbye to my mom after we got all our things.

          Moving to a new place is hard considering that I don't know anybody here. Louis and I said our goodbyes as we separated to go see our rooms and meet our new roommates.

          I entered my new room and I already saw my roommate unpacked, and laid down on her bed reading a book, "Hi, I'm Lina," I introduced myself to her.

          She looked up from her book and smiled at me, "I'm Perrie." She went straight back in the book again, not paying attention to me anymore.

          As I was unpacking my clothes, the door opened. I looked over to see Perrie hugging a guy that just came into the room. he looked at me and smiled, "Hi, I'm Zayn. And you are?"

          I smiled, "I'm Lina. Nice to meet both of you." I kept hanging my clothes. Perrie and Zayn laid down on her bed together, snuggling and watching videos together with earphones on.

          As I finished hanging up my clothes and making my bed, I started to hang a couple posters on my side of the wall. Apparently one certain poster caught Zayn's attention, "You're a fan of Michael Jackson?" he asked me.

          I got down from the bed and nodded at him, "Are you?"

          He grinned at me, "Big fan."

          I smiled at him, "He's a legend."

          "I know right? What's your favorite song of his?" he questioned me.

          I stood there silent while I thought of a song, "Thriller Night is my favorite song of his. What about you?"

          He smirked at me, "I guess we have a lot in common."

          I smiled at him as I grabbed my laptop from my bag.

          "Zayn, do you want to go look around the campus with me?" Perrie questioned Zayn.

          Zayn nodded at her and looked back at me, "Do you want to join us?"

          I looked back at him and noticed that Perrie looked a little annoyed. I smiled at both of them, "No, I rather stay here and finish unpacking everything"

          Perrie smiled and mouthed 'Thanks' to me. It was obvious that she wanted to spend some alone time with Zayn so I just smiled at her as they headed off entwining their hands together.

          For the rest of the day, I started to explore the campus and tried to get use to the campus. I met all my teachers before 6 P.M. Today wasn't bad after all. I thought to myself as I headed back to my room.

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