First Class Strangers

Louis and Zayn fanfic! Two best friends meet the most unlikely people on their way to London. Little do they know that this ride will change their lives.


1. Shoved

Kirsten's p.o.v.


   I was walking through the airport, arm in arm with my best friend, Emily. We had been through thick and thin and I still decided to be seen in public with her. We were walking to our gate when someone in a hoodie with the hood up pushed through our arms,then another came rushing through. I saw three other male shapes in black and gray hoodies too, but they had all decided to go around us.

   I said "HEY! Watch it! Can't you see us walking here?!" The first one that pushed through us looked back, and all i saw was his eyes. His perfect eyes. They looked green... A perfect shade of sea green. Then I realized that he had been abruptly rude and hadn't given a damn about us. I looked over at Emily and said, "What an ass! Arrogant and rude!" she looked at me and stated simply, "Now, who does that remind you of?" I stared back at her, and gave her a message with my eyes. 'Whatever!'

   I knew I would never be so rude as to walk right through two people. I realized that we were stopped right in the middle of the walkway so I tugged on Emily's arm and pulled her towards the gate. There it was, D5. they had just called the First Class customers. I remembered that was us! we were both staring at our phones and mindlessly handed the attendant our boarding passes. She said "Have a nice flight!" falsely bright and cheery.

   We found our seats and they took our coats and gave us little plastic wine glasses of water. We sat, me in the isle and her by the window seat. I took to figuring out my television. I had sat in Economy Class before, in fact that's where i usually sat. I just had so many airline miles that i could get two First Class seats. I heard a small cough, and I looked over and saw the black hooded male.

   He said to Emily, "Excuse me? Miss... That's... My seat... The flight attendant over there is being, stubborn." Emily's face wasn't one that was pleasant. She was mad as hell. She started to get an attitude about her.

   She responded with a fiery "Who do you think you are?! Why can't we just switch seats?"

   The strange person looked over at us, and said, "Why don't you go ask that attendant over there."

    Emily stormed off, the stranger awkwardly stood and waited until she got back. Emily came back with an angry flight attendant behind her. She told me that she had to go sit in the other window seat by the other rude person. Of course, she whispered that last part in my ear. We sat down and got situated. After we took off my TV would work. I watched some movie i payed no attention to. The stranger next to me kept sneaking glances over at me. I thought it was a little weird, but i didn't want to be as rude as he was, so I kept my thoughts to myself. My movie was over and apparently so was his. He looked over at me and said with a voice like music, "What's your name, love?"

   I really don't like strangers calling me love, especially rude ones. So I responded with a stinging retort, "What is it to you?" He looked taken aback. I was glad for that. Everyone needs someone to not be a push over. He responded with a less energetically "Sorry, I was just wondering. We have a long time on this flight." I realized too late that he was trying to be polite. I instantly felt bad for my sarcasm.

   "My name is Kirsten, Kirsten Jade. Whats yours?"

   He looked me straight in the eye and said, "Louis, Louis Tomlinson"

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