First Class Strangers

Louis and Zayn fanfic! Two best friends meet the most unlikely people on their way to London. Little do they know that this ride will change their lives.


3. Coming Home

Emily's P.O.V

   Sitting and talking to Zayn was pure bliss. I was a fan and I was a Zayn girl, weird I know! So when he first told me his name, I almost lost it. I almost had a heart attack. I could've died! I also felt like I had to just listen, even though I could recite almost everything he was saying to me almost word for word. He was just talking about the X-Factor, when Kirsten jumped up and scared the shit out of us! I jumped up and so did Zayn. Kirsten just sat back down on to her knees and burst out laughing! I threw my pen at her, which I had been fiddling with throughout the whole flight. She apologized without being very sorry, but I knew it was just a joke. I sat back down and we talked some more.

   "I don't think I've ever seen anyone as beautiful as you..." He trailed off.

    I wanted to say that I've loved him for years, but I'm not sure he knew I was a fan... I was undecided, so I said "You must not have seen very many girls..." I said it with a small chuckle which was supposed to lessen the awkwardness, but only increased it, sadly. I think he saw what was supposed to be said...

    I heard slightly raised voices and looked over at Kirsten and she was making large hand gestures. I knew her so well, I knew that this is what she did when she was mad or irritated.

   "...Just another fake promise.." I didn't want to eavesdrop, but she was talking to LOUIS TOMLINSON for God's sake!!! I thought she would thaw soon, but she crossed her arms and angled her body over towards us. I just gave her a look that said, 'Are you serious right now?!'. Sometimes she pissed me off. She refused to look me in the eye, which she did when she knew she was doing something wrong. I think I know her too well... She turned to her screen and turned on Monster's University. Louis was over there smirking. He had seen her screen. I hoped he didn't let her see that smirk, he would have no lips left.

   I turned back to Zayn, and said, "What happens when we get off this plane?" He gave me this look, full of emotion, but I couldn't discern one that stood out.

   "We keep in touch. You  give me your number, I give you mine." he said. At first he said it like it was obvious, but then he realized what I was thinking. I let it go. I put my number in his phone, and he put his in mine. I decided that I wouldn't text him first, that was his job. I felt the plane lowering, and I sat up, stiff as a board. I hated heights. Well, mainly the going up and down. But I gripped my armrests as tight as I could. Zayn saw my fear and put his hand on my back. It wasn't awkward, it was actually pretty sweet. It only helped a little. We touched down and the plane shook and I almost screamed. I looked over at Kirsten, she was reading her book, perfectly at ease as we slowed down too fast for my liking.

   The First Class passengers were called to exit first. I saw that Louis had a huge grin on his face, and I wondered what happened with those two. As we exited I knew I needed to go to baggage claim, but as soon as we stepped off there was a tidal wave of people! I got separated from Zayn, and I couldn't see Kirsten, or Louis, or any of the other boys. I got pushed one way and I wasn't sure where to go so I followed.

   I heard a shriek of my name, A very loud "EMILYYY!!!!!!!!! EMILY! WHERE ARE YOU?!??!!" I tried to call back to her, but I wasn't even half as loud as her. I started waving my hands frantically, then she turned around and saw me. People had realized that nobody was dying, but they still let her through to me. She ran up to me and scolded me like I was a child. "Emily! I know you've never been to a huge airport, but this isn't abnormal! You have to stay with me. I'm sorry I didn't say anything, but you were in front of me, so I thought I could keep sight of you. I should know better! We have to go to baggage claim... which is this way..." she said, pointing the way she had come from. I got angry, I was older! Only by a year, but she shouldn't treat me like a child! As I thought that I knew she was only worried about me, and that she had done this before, a lot.

   "I'm really sorry, I didn't realize airports came this crowded. I'll be more careful. Come on! Let's go get our bags," she grabbed my arm and pulled me the right way. I hated it when she was right. She was getting frusterated, because she knew where to go and how to do it, there were just so many people it took ten times longer. She never let go of my hand. We were not having another incident. She told me that immagrations usually took less time, but there was a seperate line for U.S. citizens and England citizens. It still took us an hour to get through there, and we still had to wait for our baggage. Stupid foreigners. I didn't just think that. We found our luggage quickly because Kirsten told me if you get something simple like black, navy blue, or brown, every one would have the same one and you would have to chase it and look at the tags. Kirsten immediately found her neon pink one, and I my bright blue one. We went out of the doors, and in to the part where you meet your family and friends. Someone had a sign held up in big bold letters 'KIRSTEN AND EMILY!' I smiled at the fact her family was so welcoming. We walked to a car and put our luggage in the back and on the drive home, we just chatted with her Aunt. She told us that her and her husband would be away a lot on business, but Kirsten reassered her that it would be perfectly fine. We showed up at their house, and I was complertely in shock. Their house was HUGE! I hadn't realized that her family was completely and utterly LOADED!

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