"If you cant figure out where you stand with someone, it might be time to stop standing and start walking." -anonymous

Sorry if it seems kinda bad and a little too fast past, but it was my first fanfic! :)


7. cray cray

Jessica's P.O.V.

Omg.  My phone dinged.  Normally, I wouldn't have given 2 fu*ks, but since my phone number is with someone really famous, I'M GONNA GIVE 2 FU*KS.  I looked down at my phone.  But I was soon disappointed when I saw who it was. Emma. Great, but who was I to think that Niall Horan was gonna text me. He's probably having it with someone else right now. Probably.  Well whatever I'm just gonna look at Emma's text and forget about Niall.

"hey gurlll! Remember how my bf is here and since I don't get to see him a lot? Welllll, I'M MOVING BACK WITH HIM TO NEW YORK!!!! AHHHHHHHH!''

''Omg Grace!  Emma is going back to New York to live with her bf!" "What! She's crazy!  Should we go help her pack?" "No.  She has her Boy Friend" "Fine, but if she asks and gets mad because we didn't help her pack I swear to god I will-  Jessica? Jessica why are you crying? JESSICA!  "I-I got f-f-fired tod-day." "Oh Jessica! Why are you crying over losing a job?" I stood up and wiped my tears away.    "I'm gonna go take a shower" I stomped out of the living room, making sure I didn't run into any walls cause it was dark in the hallway.(Haha I do that sometimes) I grabbed my pajamas for when I get out.

Grace's P.O.V.

Well that was strange of her to get up and walk away from a problem. Omg! I have a perfect idea! She could work at Nandos now that they were hiring cause they fired a lot of people(Not me yaya!)"Jessica! I'm gonna go get us ice cream and some movies okay!" I yelled "Okay" yelled back. I was halfway out of the door when I heard a scream and a mans voice and a loud thump.  What the hell?!?!

Authors Note: Ahhhh! a cliffhanger! mawahahaha! ahhhh whatever.... SOooo shoutout to Grace( Yes shes a real person btw) hahahhahhahahhaahahahhaha I have no comments I feel so alone! :( whateves! Peace out for now! You know what imma call the peps who read the story? MY BITCHES! hahhahaha SO PEACE OUT MY BITCHES

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