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Marcel was always the bullied one in school, least popular and no girl would ever wish to be with him. However, that is about to change when Sky Brown moves into Jelano High School for senior year...READ TO FIND OUT MORE! (:


19. Chapter Nineteen: Pool with the Boys

Chapter Nineteen: Pool with the Boys 

I woke up to an empty bed. I guess Harry had to leave. I got up and went into the restroom. I brush my teeth and wash my face then I change into a green tank top, high waisted jean shorts and my black Vans. I comb my hair and put it in a side braid. I look at my reflection in the mirror, unhappy. I take off my braid and just comb it and leave it falling down my back. 

I still wasn't happy because of my appearance so I pulled my hair into a high pony tail. Ugh, I hate bad hair days! ~>:[

I frown at myself and open the door to go into the kitchen. I walk down the hallway, and bump into someone. I fell on my bum and then I look up to see Harry. 

"I thought you left!" I say and hug him tight. 

"I was gonna surprise you. I made chocolate chip pancakes," he smiles. 

"Thanks baby," I pull his neck and pull him down. Our lips meet and move in sync. His lips are so soft. Veronica clears her throat so we pull away. 

"Sorry umm Liam said if you guys wanna hang out afterschool? We're going swimming at their house," she says. 

"I live there so yeah," Harry laughs. 

"Of course!" I say happily. She nods and goes back into her room.  

"Let's go eat, I'm hungry!" I complain. 

"Come on love," he throws me over his shoulder and starts walking to the dinning table. 

"Woah I'm enjoying the view," I smack his bum. "Nice arse," I compliment. 

"Hey! Stop it little miss!" He sits me down on a chair. He goes over to his chair and we start eating. 


"Hey Sky," I'm greeted by Layla. I hug her. 

"Where's Bailey?" I ask as we pull away. 

"Sick," she shrugs. I nod and put my keys in my locker. 

"Guess what?" Layla says cheerefully - while we walk down the hall towards first period. 


"I have a novio!" She announces. 

"Aww really? Who?" I ask. 

"Mark," says Layla. 

"Aww  congrats!" I say and give her a side hug. 

Mark is a football player. A lot of girls are after him, but I guess Layla got lucky. Haha just kidding! XD 

She's gorgeous, that's why she's dating him. 


"I'm so freaking tired," I groan as I plop down on the couch. Veronica was playing on the x box. 

"I'm so gonna beat you!" I say and grab another controller. She was playing madasgascar. I race her with my character, the girrafe and she was racing with the hippo. 

"What!?" She yells in dissapointment when I beat her. I point at her and call her a loser. 

"What a loser!" 

"Are you from Loserlandia?" 

"Don't cry loser," 

"Hey stop being a meanie!" She fake cries into the couch. 

"Aww, Skwy is sowwy," I hug her. She stops fake crying and smacks me on the back of the head. 

"Ow," I rub my head with my hand. 

"Go get dressed so we can go over to the boys' house already," she orders. 

"Yes ma'am!" I salute her and march to my room. 

"What a weirdo!!" She yells. I laugh and change into my white two piece bikini set and my pink bow top with white high waisted shorts. I put on my yellow sandals and tie my hair up in a pony tail. All ready to go! :) 

"Ready!" I yell and jump on the couch. Veronica comes out in her hot pink one piece bathing suit with the back exposed, a short yellow beach dress and white sandals. 

"Woah, Liam is getting some tonight!" I tease her. She laughs and grabs the keys. 

"Let's go silly," she says and opens the door for me. I walk out to the elevator with her behind me. 


"Haaaarry baaaaby!!!!" I yell Zayn opens the door for me and Veronica. I just run inside and call out for Harry. 

"Sky baaaabyyy!!" Harry yells running down the stairs. We do the thing they do in the movies of running into each others arms in slow motion, but did it a tad dramatic.

"I love you Harold!" I say and smash my lips on his dramatically. He laughs into the kiss, but kisses back. 

"EWWW MY EYES!!!" Louis says walking in from the kitchen beghind Niall. I pull away and we all laugh. 

"Pool time!!" Harry pulls me to the backyard. A gigantic pool formed as 1D at there along with a heart shaped jaccuzzi. How cute. xD 

"Cannon ball!" Louis cannon balls into the water. I jump in after him and then Veronica, Liam, Niall and Harry jump in. 

"Aren't you jumping in?" I ask Zayn. He shakes his head quickly. I shrug and swim over to Louis and climb onto his shoulders. 

"Chicken fight!" Louis declares. I climb off and swim over to Harry. He helps me on his shoulders and we wait for the others. Veronica was on Liam and Niall was on Louis. 

"Let's do us against Liam and if we win then whoever wins gets to fight Haz," Louis suggests. We all agree and they start fighting. Niall takes Veronica laughing her bum off as an advantage and pushes her lightly causing her to fall into the water and Liam to tumble. 

"YAAY!!!" Louis and Niall celebrate. 

"Oh its on!" I say and Harry walks over to them. I squint my eyes at Niall and reach over to him. We grip onto each other's arms trying to push one another. I caught him off guard staring at my boobs since I was in a bikini (dirty leprachaun) and push him by his shoulders he fell backwards into the deep side of the pool, thankfully, and Louis pouts. 

"We won Haz!" I cheer and jump off his shoulders. Harry screams in victory and hugs me tight. We kiss, but pull away when we hear a sqeaky girl voice ask.... 

"Harry, babe, what are you doing with..that?" 


Oh gaawd. More drama? Who do you think is that girl? What will Sky do? 

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