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Marcel was always the bullied one in school, least popular and no girl would ever wish to be with him. However, that is about to change when Sky Brown moves into Jelano High School for senior year...READ TO FIND OUT MORE! (:


9. Chapter Nine: The Date

 Chapter Nine: The Date

I walk down the hallway towards the school doors with Marcel and Layla. 

"So can you guys come over later to watch movies or something?" I ask taking a glance at both of their faces then looking straight again. 

"I..ugh..have a date later," Marcel mumbles. I feel my heart break a little. A date? With who? 

"With who?" I fake a laugh and nudge him on the arm with my elbow. 


Woah, hold the fudge up. Iris? As in Iris Lopez!? 

"Yeah," Marcel answers. 

"Did I just say that out loud?" I ask. 

"Yup," Layla and Marcel laugh at my stupidness. 

"Well can you come over Lay?" I ask her. 

"I have a doctor's appointment," she sighs. 

"Oh its okay, we can do it next Friday and maybe you guys can sleep  over?" I ask - sounding more of a question at the end. 

"Yeah that sounds good," she smiles. 

"How about you Mar?" I ask. 

"Y-Yeah fine," he smiles lightly. YAAAY!! I won't be alone when Veronica leaves. 

"Bye guys," I say as we reach the parking lots. I hug Layla and then turn to Marcel. I open my arms wide for a hug when I hear someone yell, "MARCY! LET'S GO BABE!!" It was that girl Iris. I feel my blood boil inside, but just smile at Marcel and change the hug to a small wave then walk over to my car. 

AsI start my car I see as Layla awkwardly hugs Marcel and then leaves in her bike. Marcel jogs over to Iris and her friends. She plants a kiss on his lips giving me a smirk. By now, tears with stinging in my eyes. No I can't cry. I hadn't cried since my parents died and then I turned stronger, I told myself that I would become strong for both my parents and myself. 

I push the accelerator and pull out of the parking lot. I hope Marcel and Iris had a good life together. I know I can find my other half, and maybe Marcel wasn't it right? 

I sit on my couch eating a small tub of ice cream, I can't eat a lot of junk food since I'm a model and I have to have a 'perfect' body. I was sitting there like a typical heart broken teenager, scratch that, sad teenager, because I WAS NOT HEART BROKEN BECAUSE OF MARCEL. Okay? Kay. 

Sooo..I sat there eating ice cream and watching Titanic, and let me tell you, it wasn't a right pick of movie. I am in my period, I got while taking a shower afterschool so I was pretty emotional right now. Ugh. /.\ 

Why can't mother nature just text me and tell me I'm not pregnant? The part of the movie where Rose and Jack are in the freezing water and Rose was shaking Jack to wake him up, but he wouldn't wake know that part, was playing and tears starting down my cheeks. Thankfully, I had brought a box of tissues in the beginning of the movie just in case. 

I took a tissue and blew in it while sobbing. 

"Why can't you wake up Jack?" 

"Don't do this to me baby!" I sob. I blow a little loud into the tissue after that and then I throw it into the trashbin. 


"Wake up dude! What's up with you sleeping on the damn couch?" Veronica shakes me. I slap her hand away and sit up. 

"What time is it?" I ask. 

"Time for you to buy a watch," she laughs. 

"Haha. That's the best joke I've ever heard," I groan and stand up. I glance at the clock on top of the tv. 7:00. Shit. 

I run to my room and throw on some black sweats, a hot pink tank top and white addidas sneakers. I put my hair up in a bun and wash the tiredness out of my face. I run to the kitchen and grab a banana. 

"Bye my big bitch! See you lateeh alligataah!!" I yell at Veronica and jog to the car. 


"Hey Sky had you seen Marcel?" Layla asks me as I enter the school. 

"Umm no..?" I trail off. All of a sudden, Iris walks in holding onto..

Marcel's hand. My jaw drops. Marcel is wearing a white v-neck, black tight tight jeans making his man part pop out more, white converse and his lop of curls lay freely and messily on his head. All heads are turned to them. Marcel walks past me and Layla and gives me a wink. Iris taps his shoulder to get his attention. He turns to her and she smashes her lips on his. 

Oh god, what has she turned him into? Wait,  he looks just can't be. Harry Styles from One Direction. 


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