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Marcel was always the bullied one in school, least popular and no girl would ever wish to be with him. However, that is about to change when Sky Brown moves into Jelano High School for senior year...READ TO FIND OUT MORE! (:


43. Chapter Forty-Three: Adventure Land Part One

Chapter Forty-Three: Adventure Land Part One. 


"You work here?" I ask him. 

"Yeah," his deep chuckle echoes the room. 

"Cool," I smile. 

"Shay, I'm taking my break!" He calls out and takes his apron off. A girl with shoulder length blac hair and pale skin comes out of the backdoor and takes his place. 

"All right," she smiles at us. He thanks her and we walk over to a table. 

"So are we okay?" His green eyes melt into mine creating a zoo of butterflies to roam in my stomach wildly. (A/N: Now you have two clues to who 'he' is) 

"Of course," I take a slurp from my coffee. 

"So how have you been?" He tries to make a conversation between us. 

"Fine I guess, what about you?" I ask. 

"Good," he flicks a chocolate curl off of his forehead. 

"I'm glad Haz," I take another drink of my coffee. 

(A/N: Its Hazzabeaaaaar!) 

"Its finally Friday tommorrow, I can't believe the weekend came so fast," 

"I know," I agree. 

"Harry, we need you. Its getting pretty busy in here," the girl shouts to him as she hands a coffee to a an old man. 

"I have to go, bye love," Harry pecks my lips and stands up. 

"Bye babe," I smile. He goes back to his place and puts another apron on. 

Once I finish my coffee I stand up and throw it into a trashcan. 

I shove my hands in my pocket and walk out the door. 


I arrive back home and turn on my laptop, logging on to Twitter. 


My eyes flutter open and obsorb everything around me. My eyes land on the poodle of drool under me. 

I sit up from my bed and touch the wet spot. I cringe at my sloppiness and laugh at myself. 

I lay back in bed, kicking the covers off of the bed and closing my eyes. 


"Morning," I wrap my arms around Harry from behind as I reach him by his locker. 

"Goodmorning beautiful," he chuckles. 


I look up to see Layla and Bailey kicking their feet awkwardly. 

"Goodmorning," I giggle. 

"Goodmorning," they laugh. 

"Let's get to class," I suggest. 

"Yeah," Layla takes my hand and pulls me to first period. 


"Let's kick it," Bailey turns to me with hopeful eyes. 

"Okay," I shrug. 

"Where do you want to hang?" Layla asks. 

"Wherever," Bailey says. 

"Let's go to Adventure Land," I jump up and down like a five year old. 

"You're so weird," Layla laughs as she shakes her head at me. 

"Shut up," I laugh. 

"'Cause if I were a boomerang,
I'd turn around and come back to you. Back, back to you. " 

The three of us sang the song Boomerang by Summerset at the top of our lungs. 

"Tonight's gonna be down," I high five Bailey from the back seat. 

Layla is driving and Bailey is sitting on shotgun. 

"We're here!" Layla announces. 

I quickly push open the door and run out to the entrance. 

"Waaaaaait up!!" The girls run behind me trying to catch up. I get to the ticket booth and buy our tickets. Yesturday Becky gave me my paycheck so I have some money right now. 

"You shouldn't have," Bailey tells me as I hand both of then their tickets. 

"My treat," I smile. 

"Now let's go to Supreme Scream!!!" I run over to my favorite ride of all time, Supreme Scream. 

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