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Marcel was always the bullied one in school, least popular and no girl would ever wish to be with him. However, that is about to change when Sky Brown moves into Jelano High School for senior year...READ TO FIND OUT MORE! (:


41. Chapter Forty-One: No Place Like Home

Chapter Forty-One: No Place Like Home. 


"Psshh," *poke*

"Psshh," *poke* 

"Skyyyyyyy!" *poke* 

"Whaaat?" I groan in my morning voice and open my eyes to see five faces crouching around me. 

"The nurse said you can leave now," Louis fists bumps the air with a hop. 

I shoot up from the bed and throw the covers off me. 

"Harry?" I ask. He hands me a pile of clothes, already reading my mind. I give him a thumbs up and walk into the bathroom. Once I change into some grey sweats, brown tank top and white sandals, I walk back into the room. 

"Leggo!!!" I say happily and skip out of the room with the boys hot in my tail. I halt when I'm standing in front of the front door. Loads of teenage girls are standing there, screaming their bums off. 






My ears are probably bleeding by now. They're just so loud. 

"I'll give Paul a call," Liam pulls his phone out and quickly dials a number. The rest of us just stare out the door's window. Niall gets a big smirk on his face and pulls the door open. At the sight of him, the screams get louder and girls shove each other to get closer. 

"I LOVE YOU!!!!" Niall closes the door and let's the mop of girls, and some guys, calm down a tad bit. He opens it back up and chuckles at the ear piercing screams. He closes it and then locks it, walking away from it and sitting in the lobby. 

"Paul's on his way," Liam informs us as he puts his phone in his jean's pocket. 

Five minutes later Paul runs in through the back door, huffing and puffing. He takes long gasps of air with his hands on his knees and tears of sweat dripping down unto his face from his hair. 

"You have to work out man," Zayn laughs at him. Paul flips him the bird and walks over to the two doors. He unlocks them then pulls them open. 

"Follow behind me," he orders. We nod and follow behind his tall, thick structure. 


"You're so pretty!!"

"What happened?" 

"Eww. Look at yourself," 

"My eyes are burning. I'm guessing you don't own a mirror?" 

Complements as well as insults were thrown at me from everywhere. I just look down at the ground hiding my smile. 

Why should I be upset or offended? 

I have everything I've ever wanted since an early age. 

My prince charming. 

Our history might not be one of those clichè love stories, but its good enough for me. 

"SHE'S PERFECT, AND I LOVE HER!" Harry yells at the crowd, making them silent. He wraps arm around my small waist and pulls me towards him. 

"Us two!" The boys give me a hug all at once. Oh, how I love their group hugs. We all pull away smiling like idiots as the crowd of Directioners 'awww's at us. 


"Thanks for everything, bye guys," a plant a sweet, loving kiss on each one of their cheeks and open the backdoor. I step out of car waving at  them and then make my way to the elevator. 

I run in and look around the living room for my laptop. I throw stuff everywhere trying to find it, but with my shitty luck, I don't. I rush into my room to find it lying on my open closet's humble of dirty clothes on the ground. 

I make a mad run to it and carry it to my bed. I lay on my stomach and turn it on. 

Once its on I go directly into skype. 

Incoming call from AyeItsVero. 

I click on accept and wait for it to load. 

Veronica's forehead pops up in my laptop causing me to laugh.

"Oh hey," she giggles as her cheeks turn rosey in embarrassement.

"Hi!" I say cheerfully. 

"How you been?" She asks, settling her laptop on a table. 

"Good, I just got my ass beaten," I laugh. Her face becomes worried. 

"What?" She asks in disbelief. 

"Emma went into my house when I was gone and when I came back she beat me up," I explain. 

"Be careful," she scolds. 

"Yes mum," I roll my eyes. 

"So had you though about college?" She asks. I bite my lip. College? I hadn't even thought about what I want to be. 

"No," I mumble. 

"Well, start thinking about it. Its good to have an idea of what you want to do with your future," she lectures. 

"Yeah, I know," I smile. 

"Vero, we're all waiting for you!" A girl's voice sounds from the background. Veronica turns around and mutters something then I hear a door close. 

"I have to go, bye Sky," she gives me an apologetic look. 

"Its okay, I understand. Bye," I smile and end the call. My heart sank. Does she have new friends? Its not that she can't, its just that I'm afraid we won't be so close anymore. 

"I shut the laptop and lay back on the mattress. 

"I stare at my reflection in the mirror,
Why am I doing this to myself? 

Losing my mind on a tiny error.
I nearly left the real me on the shelf. 

No, no, no, no. 

To loose it all, 

To follow your heart. 

Seeing is decieving, 

Dreaming is believing. 

Its okay not to be okay.

Sometimes it hard 

To follow your heart. 

Tears don't mean your losing everybody's bruising. 

Just be truth to who you are." 

I sing myself to sleep to 'Who you Are' by Jessie J. Without me realizing it, I fall into a deep sleep. 


"Morning," I hug Layla and Bailey. 

"Goodmorning," they reply in sync. 

"Let's go to class before the bell rings. I have to study for a test," Bailey pulls on my wrist and down the hallway with Layla following close behind.


"Niall over here!" I wave him over. He walks over with his tray of food and sits down. 

"Sup," he smiles at me and gives me a side hug. 

"Hi," I smile back. Ryan sits across from us, giving me a light nod which meant it is part of part two of our 'NTL' plan. The anitials stand for 'Niall the Liar.' 

"Can you come with me to the girls' bathrooms? You can just stay outside," I turn to Niall. 

"Sure," he chuckles and stands up. I take his hand and we walk out of the cafetaria after me giving a very discreet wink to Ryan who sat up and walked over to Emma to go along with his part of the plan.

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