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Marcel was always the bullied one in school, least popular and no girl would ever wish to be with him. However, that is about to change when Sky Brown moves into Jelano High School for senior year...READ TO FIND OUT MORE! (:


8. Chapter Eight: Fight

Chapter Eight: Fight


I pull up to see a group of girls surrounding Marcel, it looks like he is  trying his best  to ignore them. I turn off the engine and hop off the car. Nobody is ever going to mess with Marcel again. 

"GET THE HELL AWAY FROM HIM!" I was done, they had pulled my last string. They turn around and walk over to me. 

"Or what?" A girl with short black hair and green eyes spat in my face. 

"I don't think you would want to know," I cross my arms over my chest. 

"Don't push it supermodel," another one spoke.

"Got that right you posé of sluts," I push the girl with black hair. 

"What the fuck did you just do!?" She growls. 

"Shut the fuck up already, maybe if you eat some of that fucking make up you wear all the time you'll be pretty in the inside," By now a crowd was surrounding us, but I couldn't find Marcel anywhere. 

"Watch your mouth bitch!" She got on top of me and started clawing at my face. I easily push her off and sat on top of her. I hold her hands above her head and look around at the people watching us - phones out and filming everything. 

"Don't mess with Marcel or me again. You shouldn't start shit you can handle sweetie," I slap her across the face she lets out a whimper and I am taken off of her by Niall. I put my hands up in defeat. 

"WHAT'S GOING ON HERE!" An old man comes out of the school doors looking awfully upset. 

"She attacked me!" The girl points at me. 

"She was bullying Marcel," I defend. 

"Office now!" The man orders. The bell rings and everyone runs inside. The girl gave me an evil smirk and we made our way into the building. 

"I know who you are," I whisper to Niall. 

"You don't have to whipser, everyone knows," he chuckles. I nod - still following who I'm thinking is Harvey. 

"I have to go love, sorry," he gives me a quick hug and runs down the hallway dissappearing out of my sight. I sigh and turn around to Harvey. Harvey opens the door to gis office and I go in behind the girl. 

"So Ms. Emma and Ms. Sky, what was the problem?" He asks as he sits down in his desk and neatly folds his hands together. 

"She just came out of nowhere and attacked me!" Emma says - innocently. 

"No! She was bullying Marcel and he's my friend and a guy so he couldn't do anything to her back so I decided to do something!" 

"Okay, detention for you and next time just tell an adult so we can handle it ourselves," 

"Thanks, my I go to class now?" I ask walking over to the door. He nods. 

"Not you Ms. Emma, I need to talk to you," Says Harvey. I chuckle lightly, under my breathe. Stupid cunt. -.- 

I turn the knob and step out of the office. 

"Sky!" I turn around to see Marcel leaning against the wall waiting for me. 

"Is everything okay?" He asks. 

"Yeah she got detention," I smirk. 

"Thanks for sticking up for me," he smiles. His smile made me feel a tingling sensation deep within me. OKAY SNAP OUT OF IT! 

"I-I u-ugh...y-yeah you're we-welcome," I grin. What the hell!? Why was I nervous? He chuckles. 

"Let's get to class," 



Marcel's POV 

The bell rings, yaay! Time to go home. It was time to ask her out. I need to. I know there is a 80% chance she'll reject me, but I need to at least try. I take a deep breathe and then walk up to her. 

"H-hey," I stutter. 


"C-Can y-you go to the m-movies with me l-l-later?" I ask nervously. 

"Umm.." She thinks for a while. 

"Okay Mar," she smiles. I blush and walk away. Yes! I have a date with the cutest girl in school! ^o^ 

A/N: Ooooohhhh, who was 'the girl' ? :o 

How will Sky react? 

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