The Legend of Zelda; Another Hero

After saving Zelda, Princess of Hyrule, after numerous times, the quest has gotten more dangerous. The king of Hyrule searches through the towns for a companion to help Link through his adventure. No one wanted to volunteer until one girl stepped up, named Lia, who is strong enough to save the beloved one Zelda. Through thick and thin, Link and Lia go through many tribulations, and many monsters to save Miss. Zelda. During the quest Link and Lia grow a bond, which breaks Link's and Zelda's. Read this adventure to find out the exact story...


2. The Quest Begins

I wake up to the sunlight piercing my eyes. Uggghh. No, wait. Yay! I sit straight up and grab my green hat on the beside table. I pull it on my ruffled blonde hair, fair just like Link's. I jump off my bed and pick up the pot to the side of my room. I thought I would never be able to use these rupees ever. I pop them in the wallet in my pocket and trot downstairs. I walk into my Dad who then smiles at me and wraps a brown burlap belt around me, that I see has a place for my sword. Dad then turns around and reaches on the table and drops the sword into my two receiving hands. I then hold it up with one hand the steel glistening in the sunlight. I then slide it into the sword pocket on my back.


"Thank you, Dad!" I say with glee.

"Your Welcome, Lia, be safe on your travels and please find princess Zelda as soon as possible, so no harm will be done upon her." He replies and leans in for a hug.

I decrease the distance and wave good-bye and open the door to go outside. I see Link coming across the tan path, all ready. "Okay, so where should we go next?" I ask. We are now walking north of the village and traveling to North Hyrule field where Link is leading.

"We shall go to North Hyrule Field, where Zelda went missing, and where the guard was killed... I'd suspect that there would be monsters there I'm guessing." I shiver at the thought, when he finished his sentence. 

"Alright." I reply.


We exit the the town by getting past the guard, who we had to show our spin attacks to. Link's the expert, but I have some tricks up my sleeve. I see a couple Octoroks and Link pulls out his shield, me now realizing I don't have one. I will have to find many rupees to be able to purchase one. Nut soon. He holds out the shield to each different colored one and lets the brown tan rock bounce back off the shield hitting back the creature, making them disappear. I then see one aiming for Link and pull out my sword to hit the spitted rock back at the horrid thing. I have succeed and prevented Link from losing a piece of heart.

"Thanks" He mouths as he holds out his shield being cautious of our surroundings. We soon reach the place where the guard was probably killed seeing that the spot where he once lay was... different. I go closer to the tree seeing a wierd patteren. 

"Link over here, could this be an opening. Remeber when Master Swordsman of Hyrule told us that different and unlike patterns on walls and trees that it might be an closed opening and we would need a bomb to open it?" I ask very curious sliding my fingers down the bark.


"Yes, indeed, I have a bomb bag, that holds ten, so we would have to be wise."


He answers. He takes out his bag and pulls a bomb out. I take it from him and put it by the markings. He holds out his shield once again, while I pull the trigger and jump behind the protection as well.


"Yes!" I come from behind the shield and jump up. "Yes!" I shout again.

"Good Job, Lia." Link says sarcastically while winking.

"Why, thank you Link?" I reply with the same tone.


I enter first noticing torches lit on either sides. So we won't need to find a lantern right away. I continue to walk and we bump into some spiders along the way. We find some pots, and get lots of rupees. The other end of the seemingly tunnel leads to what looks like, Lake Hylia. I love this place. I used to come here with Link all the time when we were quite smaller.


"Look." I break the silence and see a mysterious fog or mist type atmosphere over the lake, like what Link described after he finished the quest with the twilight curse on Zelda. 

He moves closer to the mist, leaving me behind. Some creature appears leaving the mist behind. "Who approaches the Great Gaati, son of Gannon, cousin of Vaait?" Link goes closer. 

I soon follow behind. "Have you the one who has taken the beloved princess Zelda?" Link asks clutching the handle of his sword on his back, him with rage. I am soon following his actions mad too.

"Yes, clever one and who are you and your friend?" The apparent person named Gaati asks.

"Where is Zelda?!" I demand. Link takes out his sword. "Exactly, where is Zelda!" Link continues my demand.

Gaati then disappears and I turn around and circle to see where he went. I am then swept off my feet my mouth covered. I turn and see the same to Link. Some large creature has a hold on us. The monster has his arms on our noses and mouths too long, making us pass out. All I see is... nothing...

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