The Legend of Zelda; Another Hero

After saving Zelda, Princess of Hyrule, after numerous times, the quest has gotten more dangerous. The king of Hyrule searches through the towns for a companion to help Link through his adventure. No one wanted to volunteer until one girl stepped up, named Lia, who is strong enough to save the beloved one Zelda. Through thick and thin, Link and Lia go through many tribulations, and many monsters to save Miss. Zelda. During the quest Link and Lia grow a bond, which breaks Link's and Zelda's. Read this adventure to find out the exact story...


3. "My" First Boss, his 100th

"Uggghhh." I hear Link's familiar groan. I try to move my arms but they are in chain metal cuffs connected to the wall from the brick wall behind me. We are in a cell type contraption and I notice Link in the same cell hold across from me. It looks like we're underneath the Goron Mines. I try to break the chain pulling body from the wall but I'm unsuccessful. I then hear Link's voice again. 


"Lia, wait don't try to hard I'll get down, then I will will retrieve you." Link proposes.

"Okay, I won't." I reply, guilty.


I listen to him gather up his strength and  break the chain. He plops to the ground, his leather boots crunching the straw hay type soil. He walks towards me and pulls his sword out and breaks the chain. I fall on my knees. I get up and bruch off the straw and dirt.


"Are you okay?" Link asks.

"Yes, yea I'm fine." I reply back trying my hardest for him not to worry. We have to focus on the task at hand. 

"Are you sure, I have some spare honey and milk to replenish her hearts?" He offers.

"I'm fine! I'm telling the truth." I almost shout becoming mad at his concerns. 

"Okay, as you wish." He rolls his eyes and kicks open the cell bars. Showoff... I roll my eyes


I follow out until I bump into him, while he stops right in his tracks. Our (my) first Boss. 

I pull out my sword and protect myself using it as if its a shield copying Link's moves. The great creature jumps making the whole ground rumble. 


"What the hell is that?" I ask very curious. 

"I have no idea." He answers honestly and truthfully.

"Duck!" I shout. It picks up a rock and throws it at Link and I. How classic?


Then the thing comes towards me, while I don't react fast enough, I feel Link come at me and throw me towards the floor to dodge it. He lands on top of me and I mouth a 'thank you' and get right back up while I see it scrapped Link. Now I'm pissed. I jump and hit the rock flying towards me back towards it making it to whimper. If we continue this method a few more times it will soon decide to die.


"Link! Do the same as I just did, and it will soon die!" I shout across to him.

"Okay, I will!" He replies. 


We continue this new method and succeed it soon shoots down into a cloud of dust and disappears. Link comes running up to me and picks me up and hugs me tight twirling me around.


"You did it Lia! Your first boss!!!" He screams when he puts me down. 

"Yes, for now I did, but there is much more to come." I say and exit the opening that has appeared.  


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