Gwen: A One Direction Fanfiction

My name is Gwen Edwards-Malik, and I'm the daughter of Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards. Since my parents broke up when I was a baby, I've been splitting time with my dad and One Direction and my mom and Little Mix for longer than I can remember. This summer, I'll be touring with One Direction. The problems: I can't stand my dad's new girlfriend, and the sheer amount of girls that love my dad and his band is ridiculous.


7. The Second Concert

July 3rd in Detroit. That was the second concert. This time, though it pained me, I made sure to stay close to Erica and Grace so that the kidnappers wouldn't find me. It would really stink to spend my tenth birthday in a basement or something of the sort.

The lights dimmed. The crowd shrieked. The music started.

I sighed and sat back in the wooden chair backstage. Erica held out her iPad to me. "Ever play Angry Birds?"

Jeez. Who played Angry Birds anymore? I bit my teeth together and forced my mouth into a polite smile. "No thanks." I did my best not to hiss.

Know what the worst part is? I actually like Angry Birds.

Suddenly, I heard my name being called. By a familiar voice.

"Gwen! Gwennnn! It's security! We need to check up on you!"

No! No! No!

"I'm fine!" I called in reply.

They rushed into the room, and, upon seeing that I was with Erica and Grace, their faces immediately fell. "All right, Miss Malik, sorry for bothering you." he sighed. The two men walked away.

"That's Edwards-Malik." I muttered as their footsteps faded.

I had planned on staying awake through the whole concert, but it was late and I had a big day the next day. Eventually, when "Little Things" came on, the music lulled me to sleep.

I would later be told that I was so tired that I slept sitting up and nobody noticed I had fallen asleep until they heard me snoring. I was carried home that night, like a little kid.

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