Gwen: A One Direction Fanfiction

My name is Gwen Edwards-Malik, and I'm the daughter of Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards. Since my parents broke up when I was a baby, I've been splitting time with my dad and One Direction and my mom and Little Mix for longer than I can remember. This summer, I'll be touring with One Direction. The problems: I can't stand my dad's new girlfriend, and the sheer amount of girls that love my dad and his band is ridiculous.


4. The First Concert

The first concert was on June 16th in a small-town theater in the outskirts of London that I had never heard of before. It was just like One Direction to do their first stop in a sleepy town that needed favors.

Of course, I had been forced to come, but I'd be staying backstage with Erica (the thought made me shudder) and Grace. Unlike Erica (who had at least five more cons on her), Grace had some pros going; Nice. Perfect for Niall. Pretty. I liked Grace.

This particular concert was playing ten fan favorites from the first three years; "What Makes You Beautiful", "Little Things", "Live While We're Young", "Rock Me", "Irresistible","Kiss You", "I Want", "Up All Night", "One Thing", and "Best Song Ever". When I peeked out, the tiny auditorium was filled to bursting point, not even counting the fans crowded around outside. This was insane.

I hid out in the greenroom (this theater was built for drama, not concert) and found Harry's iPhone (he'd told me to use it if need be) and found my book on the Cloud. I started reading as music filled the theater. Suddenly, I heard footsteps pass by. Thinking it to be Erica, I hid under the couch and waited for her to pass.

Someone spoke. It was a man's voice.

"Where is that girl?" the gruff voice demanded. He sounded frustrated.

I was about to call out, revealing my location, but the second man spoke. "I don't know, but if we can't get to her by the time the tour's over, our scam is ruined."

I fell silent, closed my mouth again, and scooted farther under the couch.

"She'd better be worth a lot. We need the ransom."

"Relax. We'll find her. And when we do, we'll be rich."

"Shut up, someone'll hear you."

"Right." he rose his voice and called, "Gwen? Gwen! We're security! We need to make sure you're safe!"

"Forget it. She's not in here. C'mon."

They left the room, and I was shaking. I waited until their heavy footsteps vanished and bolted out of the greenroom and to a bathroom. I locked the door behind me and sunk to the floor.

They were right on one thing; I was worth a lot of money. I was the daughter of Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards, two of the world's biggest stars. I was tempted to go onstage screaming and crying and hide in Dad's arms until he decided to go to the tour bus and take me to some hotel until the tour was over.

But that option wasn't available.

The other option was tell Erica everything.

To make a long story short, I hid in that bathroom on the cold tiled floor until the concert ended.

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