Broken Pieces

Rose and Harry used to be inseparable. As Rose's older brother, he always looked out for her and they did everything together - not a secret kept from either of them. But when Harry became famous, he practically forgot about Rose. She didn't even receive a text or call from him on her birthday. What happens when the boys take a break from the tour and all stay in the ginormous house that Rose owns and used to share with Harry? What happened to Rose while Harry was gone? Will things go back to the way they were? Or are there too many broken pieces to put the puzzle back together?


23. You Can Trust Me

"What's wrong?" Louis asks me, as Zayn walks over to me. 

"I'm tired," I answer, trying to force a normal tone into my voice. I grip the kitchen island to keep from passing out. My vision blurs around the edges again. 

Suddenly there are strong arms lifting my up and I'm in Zayn's arms. I know there's no sense in trying to escape because I wouldn't stand a chance anyways and right now I'm feeling weak. He walks to the living room slowly, glancing up every couple of seconds so that he can focus on me. 

"What's wrong luv?" He whispers. I shake my head, closing my eyes. "Rose," He says a little louder. He sits on the couch and pulls a blanket over us, me still in his arms. The boys haven't followed us in. 

"You don't know me," I say, eyes closed. 

"Are you lightheaded? Dizzy? Tired? Hungry? Thirsty? Tell me what's wrong doll," He tells me.

"All of the above," I respond, letting myself snuggle into his warmth a little bit. 

"Why luv?" Zayn questions.

"I'm not telling you," I force myself to say. 

"Well that's a tad harsh. Liam is going to make you some pasta ok? We're just going to relax," He says. 

"Let me go," I whine. 

"You saved my life the least I can do is help you with yours," He replies, reaching for the remote and turning the tellie on. 

"Just let me go!" I find the courage to struggle out of his arms and stand up, but the dizziness begins again. He stands up and I grab his shoulders for support. 

"I understand that you don't trust anyone. It's pretty clear considering what happened. But I can help you. You can trust me," He says, pushing a loose strand behind my ear. For some reason, I feel that it could be true. I nod and gently and slowly, he picks me up into his arms again and then sits down. 

"What's really bothering you?" He asks gently, looking straight at me. 

"I can't. I can't open up. There's too much stuff and it's been too long," I look away replying. 

"How long has it been?" He questions. I would protest him, but I'm too tired to protect any secrets that aren't major. 

"Since One Direction," I whisper, thinking of my big brother who used to take care of me. Now all that's there is a self absorbed pop-star who cares nothing about anyone else. 

"So it's about Harry," Zayn replies, keeping his voice low. 

"Not all of it," I respond, snapping back into a "conscious" state where I can regulate what I say. 

"What'd you do while we were gone?" He asks, knowing that in a minute I'm going to cut him off from answers. 

"I slept," I tell him honestly, actually meeting his eyes. 

"Well I'm not sure why you need so much sleep, but I think it's a good idea," Zayn says, pulling the blanket tighter around us. Liam comes in and gives me a plate of pasta. All of the boys watch me eat, worrying. 

We put on a film and each time I try to escape Zayn's arms he pulls me closer and I sigh. Gradually, I begin to fall asleep and pretend to actually fall asleep in order to see what happens. "Something is definitely wrong," Harry whispers. 

"I can tell. Do you know anything about a black box?" Zayn replies quietly. It takes everything in me not to stiffen up or reply. 

"No why?" Harry asks.

"I saw it under her bed but before I could see what was inside she saw I had it and got completely defensive over it," He responds and I feel a pattern being traced on my back. 

"We'll figure it out tomorrow. And to be clear Zayn," Harry pauses, "after everything that she's been through, I really can't stand to see her get hurt again...if you know what I'm saying," He finishes. I clench my teeth together. 

Zayn carries me up to my room and lays me down in bed. I keep pretending and act like I fell asleep with my arms locked around his neck. So, instead of Zayn walking away or even unlocking my arms, he lays down next to me and pulls me right up against him. 

I'm too tired now to move away and I'm not one hundred percent sure that I want him to go away. 

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