We're Both Going to Get Hurt.

This is a Harry Styles' fan fiction.
Welp, that's all the information you're gonna get. If you want more read this story. Go on, I dare you!! Oh, and one more thing- if you have any suggestions or feedback feel free to leave comments. I'll take as much advice as I can. Please enjoy!!


2. What's happening?

Instantly after waking up to that horrible nightmare I started throwing up uncontrollably. I felt and agonizing pain in my stomach and my head was spinning. I didn't know what was going on. I tried to stand up to rush to the bathroom, but I was too weak and feel to the ground. I screamed for my dad, probably waking my brother up along with him.

My dad rush in my room. He looked angry until he notice all the throw up all over my bed side where I laid next to. He probably thought I was just being a drama queen over the pains I've been getting in my stomach for a long time.

"Oh my God!" He said, sounding worried, "Here, I'll help you to the bath-"

I saw that he looked horrified in his facical expression.

"Dad, don't scare me like that. What are you looking at? What's wrong?"

" Connor, go to start up the car and bring it around front!"

My brother Connor ran out of my bedroom door like it was his job. I was so scared. I have to no clue what is going on with my dad. This is just a stomach flu, right? I have nothing to worry about..

"Dad, stop. Tell me what's wrong."

"Honey." He said quickly picking up off the floor, "We're going to have to get you to the ER, you're really sick."

After that everything else was pretty much a blur. I think my dad grabbed a water bottle and rag as he ran out of the house with me in his arms and had my brother clean me up as best as he could while my dad drove to the hospital. I fell a sleep after that, hoping I wouldn't have that dream again.. At least I hope it was a dream.. A really bad dream and not a warning.

Hours later I woke up in one of those really uncomfortable beds in the ER part of the hospital. I sat up quickly remembering everything that had happened. Was I even still a live? everything was so bright. I started looking around for my dad, but I couldn't find him and started to panic. I sat up a little to quickly causing my head to spin when a doctor walked in looking relieved.

"Well," She began. "Aren't we glad that's over. How ya feeling, honey?"

"A little better, I guess." I said, "Why am I here? Can I go now? Where's my dad?"

"Woah, honey. Calm down. All your answer will be answered as soon as we get your parents in here."

She left the room quickly, probably not wanting to ask anymore questions. I was kinda being a big brat demanding question like that with out even giving her a second to answer any of them. Bu why did she have to say parents? I really did want my mom on my mind during all of this. I can't stand her. I don't hate her. but I don't love the witch either. Waiting for the woman to come back my eyes finally started to adjust back to normal and I noticed blood on my hands. I guess I feel and scraped something.. Nope no evidence of falling. This is weird.

"Oh my God!" my mother shouted, running into the room, "Baby girl, how are you feeling?"

"Where's dad?" I said, ignoring her little act.

"I'm right here." He looked distanced with a blank expression.

"Mr. and Mrs. Carlisle," The Doctor spoke up, ending the awkward scene going on," You're going to want to sit down."

My dad sat in a chair across from my bed not saying a word and my mother grabbed my hand sat on the edge of the bed. I snatch my head away and wiped her fakeness on my hospital gown.

"While you guys where in the waiting room we ran some test on Addison. The usual test Addison Doctor at her hospital normally runs and spotted something that we haven't noticed before.. Addison has stomach cancer. It is the forth leading cause of death by cancer.. We regret to inform you that since we are just now finding what has been wrong with Addison stomach he doesn't have much time left. We can still perform treatments on her, we just don't know how well it will work."

That was the most life changing news I have ever heard entire life. My mom started balling like a baby and asking God why he decided to take her baby away at all people. Selfish statement if you ask me and my dad he just looked down still wish a blank expression. My mind wondered around what was going on still, but one I knew for sure that cancer was going to be the ending to my story. I know exactly how I was going to die and when and it wasn't from cancer.













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