Young Love (A Logan FanFic)

Logan is on tour with his band Big Time Rush when he sees a girl unlike any other. But then can't find her again. He starts to believe that she isnt even real when something horrible happens that could prove him right or wrong.


1. The End is Always Just a New Beginning

"Its the only life you got so you gotta live it big time!" sang Big Time Rush "Thank you guys thuis has been an amazing time hope to see all of you guys again!" yelled the boys as they finished the last concert to their Summer Break Tour.


"That was AMAZING!" said James as he and the rest of the members bursted into their dressing room.

"No kidding I cant wait to tell Alexa about it." added Carlos as he started to dial his.

"Yeah I'll go and tell Fox!" exlaimed James as he left the room to go and greet Fox (his pet dog).

" Who can I tell about the concert?" asked Logan knowing he wouldnt get an answer.

"Well you dont have any pets or a girlfriend and its too late to call and tell your family about it... so I dont know." told Kendall as he left to go to the tour bus with James and Carlos.

Tour Bus:

Everybody except Logan is asleep.

"Come on! Somebody has to be online." mumbled Logan as scrolled up and down and typed hello to all of his friends hoping he would get answer soon. Eventually Logan fell asleep and yet still no answer, it was like he was all by himself.

That Next Day (in the state of Rhode Island):

"Come on Logan! Quit worrying about this! You are not alone we are here!!" yelled Kendall as he gestured Logan over towards the rest of the guys so that they could all help him.

"Okay. Fine.  But just remember that you guys all have pets and Carlos has a girlfriend so Im the only one without a pet or even a girlfriend so in a way I am alone." he said as another fan came up to them for an autograph.

Right after that autograph he and his band members all went to go find somewhere to eat when somebody bumped into Logan.

"Im soo sorry" the young said as she looked at him upset.

"Its fine." said Logan as he gazed into her eyes and thought that he wouldnt be alone. Just then the girl ran away as if she was scared.

"Did you guys see her?!" asked Logan as he still looked forward and hit Carlos in the stomache waiting for an answer.


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